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Achieving Extremist Ethnic Oromo Objectives through Insurrection, Mass Murder, Chaos while preaching “prosperity gospel”

APU - Extremist Ethnic Oromo article

Amhara Professionals Union

Five years after coming to power taking over from the previous regime (TPLF/ EPRDF) and having promised to unify and lift Ethiopia out of a divisive, tyrannical, dictatorial, and ethnic regime, instead Abiy Ahmed together with his self-serving ethnocrats has plunged the country deep into a state of economic chaos, lawlessness, genocide, and unparalleled human catastrophe. Given the current downward spiraling trajectory of Ethiopia under the Abiy/Oromuma regime, it is inevitable to cause regional instability if not halted.

How did Abiy Ahmed deceive the world from appearing as a peace maker to becoming a monster who cares less for anyone else except for his own “ego” and “ethnicity”?

Many Ethiopians now believe that Abiy Ahmed is a manipulative power monger who lacks understanding and basic skills of leading a country which has a rich history, diversity, and harmony amongst its people. Numerous articles and analysts have concluded that Abiy’s quest for self-aggrandizing white elephant projects lack understanding of basic human values and needs. Additionally, his clinging to the rejected ethnic apartheid system has become a recipe for a disaster. A recent New Yorker publication “Did a Nobel Laureate Stoke a Civil War” is a prime example that indicates the many failures and sheer incompetence of Abiy Ahmed Ali.

The political organization he and the extremist Oromo nationalists created (Prosperity Party) was caught on a leaked recording laying out their “convince or confuse” strategy, which is aggressively pursued by his deputy, the so-called Oromo regional head Shimeles Abdissa. Their primary target for annihilation as Shimelis states clearly on the recording are Amharas. This strategy is a carbon copy of the defunct TPLF/EPRDF regime on steroids, with its own aggressive flavor of state capture: literally controlling and taking over of Ethiopia’s major institutions and the “OROMIZATION” of these institutions, uprooting of non-Oromos from their homes and lands by violence including genocide and confiscating victims’ lands and properties. The instability this has caused has already bred Oromo ethnic extremism resulting in regional terrorism sponsored by the so-called Oromo regional government along all its internal and external boundaries.

The primary agents that are executing these inhumane and barbaric acts are none other than the Oromo regional special forces, extremist elements of Querro, regional cadres, militias, and other nationalist Oromo groups armed and funded by the federal government all under a coordinated hands-off operation by Abiy Ahmed himself.

Since Abiy’s regime grabbed power, tens of thousands of Amharas have been brutally murdered in the so-called Oromo region. Millions have been displaced and are being exposed to subhuman conditions in settlement camps while their properties have been looted by their attackers.

Abiy Ahmed’s ethnic apartheid regime’s vicious and remorseless behavior has continued to escalate each day to where the primary offender of the so-called law is the regime itself. No one is safe in such a state sponsored anarchy and chaos which is primarily instigated by Abiy Ahmed, and the Oromo extremist dominated prosperity party he is leading.

Behind this madness, destruction and chaos is a tribal ideology called “Oromuma” which strives to achieve a homogeneous Oromo ethnic society by obliterating other ethnicities across all internal and regional boundaries through expansion and subjection of its victims as slaves to its ethno-fascist ideology.

(to be continued)

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  1. APU
    Unless you stop dreaming you will never change anything in Ethiopia.
    We lived under Amhara rule then Tigray and now Oromo rule.
    All nations and nationalities support the actual constitution which respect the right to self determination.
    Even after the separation of Eritra you stay blind and deaf to the aspiration of freedom of the majority of nations conquered by abyssinia .Look what is happening in Addis regarding Adwa celebration.
    No shared history,conflict with the official language and religion.
    Meles was right when he said what is Aksum to Gurage. Think about confederation to keep the country united.not unity.

  2. Charity Starts at Home: ሁሉ ነገር ከራስ ሲጀምር ያምራል:- “እኔ ምን አድርጌ ነው – ሌሎች የጠሉኝ?” Practice What You Preach: “እኔስ ባገሬ – እንኳን ሰው – ወፍ አለምዳለሁ!”

    Ethnic Enclave was already in place in Gojjam & Gonder [G&G] long before Egypt’s Secessionist Proxy Dogs [EPLF-TPLF] created the 1991 Ethnic Enclaves in Ethiopia.

    Most of the over 15 million Amara economic refugees in Oromia are from G&G, but I haven’t seen any Oromo living in G&G and most Ethiopians are UNWELCOME there!

    The first-and-foremost victims of the Savage OLF-OLA-IFLO* are Oromos. They have killed thousands and displaced over 3 million Oromos. Amara Media never covers that!

    ‘Oromuma’ vs. ‘Amaruma’: Why didn’t anyone call it ‘Amaruma’ when G&G flooded Addis from 500 km away? Aren’t over 60% of government employees in Addis Amaras?

    Abiy vs. Amara benefits: over 450 km of asphalt road built in Gojjam alone; got over 450 tractors, hundreds of heavy farm machinery, hundreds of irrigation water pumps, millions of hectares of irrigated farms; world-class Abbay Bridge at Bahir-Dar; Gorgora Project…

    *IFLO: Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia – defunct group embedded in OLF-OLA.

  3. Stop saying ’Extremist Ethnic Oromo’. There are no Oromo extremists as there are no Amhara, Afar, Somali, Tigre, Sidama or other other extremist ethnic groups. Yes there anre extremist groups but such despicable groups are made up of individuals who happened to be born to parents who belong to this or that ethnic background. Stop this inflammatory and totally irresponsible wholesale name calling. You are doing this from your comfy homes here among us. What you are doing is handing over barrels of gasoline to these bigoted individuals. You are making the job of those who are toiling to make these bigots irrelevant very difficult. Stop, stop, stop!!!!!!


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