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Dust in the Prosperity Party Camp due to Statement from Communication Bureau

Prosperity Party _ Statement from Amhara region
Some of the prosperity party leaders. PM Abiy Ahmed is chairman of the party

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – The statement issued by the Communication Bureau of Amhara Regional State seems to raise dust in the quarter of Prosperity Party, sources said. The statement inscribed with strong words and serious expression was said to be unprecedented. 

Following the statement the Federal Government is reportedly sending a group of high-level delegations including Speakers of House of Peoples Representatives, and House of Federation to Gonder for an extraordinary meeting.      

The Bureau made official the stand of the Region that the nation should not be denied of its existence by captives of the bygone history and by others who gamble with future aspirations of the people. The statement strongly condemned these two unnamed bodies stating that it would be impossible to proceed with those who are promoting self-group interests, disseminating narrow self-reflection and circulating baseless narration interwoven with hatred. 

Some people say that the Amhara Region seems to come up with such frowning and strong words after enduring pressures coming from the Federal Government and the Oromia Regional State. Some are heard saying that the unprecedented blow hurled from the region might be a response to the Federal Government that had reportedly reprimanded the region to quit recruiting and drilling more special military personnel as there is no any possible threat from its arch foe, TPLF. Others are heard saying that the unfair treatment from Oromia Region has long been in the ‘more than enough’ status. These groups substantiate their arguments by touching on issues like the displacement of over one million Amharas from Oromia, the pressure put forth against Amharas not to cross over to Addis Ababa, the repeated mudslinging speech made against Amharas by the Oromia President, the political sabotage to infiltrate in the affairs of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church…    

Following the strong statement, a freezing wind seems to engulf the Prosperity Camp. That is why the Federal Government is running to hold a meeting in Gonder, the second city of Amhara Regional State. Sources indicate that probably the Premier can attend this meeting. The government is expected to use this quick meeting to divert the fire sparkles. However, unless decisive measures are taken to stop the egotistical move being witnessed by the Oromo incumbent Prosperity Party, it may be a futile measure to divert the tiny sparkle being seen from that part of the country.


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  1. Kellil is a Cancer to the future of Ethiopia and all Ethiopians, and it needs to be replaced by “Administrative provinces” based on Citizenry regardless of one’s tribe.

    The Amhara leadership needs to work to establish a common-front with the other Kellils leadership to create a majority-position to bring about a lasting solution to the current problem which TPLF engineered in 1991 to divide the Nation.

    That is the only way to reorganize and to make sure citizens of Ethiopia can live in peace and improve the living standards of all Citizens no mater their birth language is.
    It is about time, we denounce village-mindedness and demand National-leadership.

    Be well

  2. I strong,y believe that we should all exercise moderation in our discourse but hit hard exposing bigoted elements. We should learn from the fate and experiences of other African states that had governments composed of the same people or same party for several years. In such cases opposition parties were non existent or so divided that they were rendered worthless. In all those countries with such powerful unitary governments it was not easy to see a change of leadership and when it happened it was after catastrophic chaos. Somalia, Libya, DR of Congo, Guinea, Mali, Liberia and you name it. Yemen just a stone throw away from Djibouti is a nearby example. Our old country has the same ingredients. There is a strong united government that has been ruling the country for quite some time now. The opposition is so tdivided it is not worth to be an alternative. So that country has all the attributes to go belly up and all it needs is some one making the wrong and disastrous move. It desperately need a wise crew of experts that will diffuse the ticking bomb from within.


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