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Taye Dendea says “peace-building needs to be a priority”, Mulu Wongel church singed agreement with Ministry of Peace

Taye Dendea, from Ministry of Peace, and Mulu Wongel Church ( a protestant congregation)  to work together for peace


Taye Dendea, the State Minister for Peace, is talking about the need to make peace-building a priority for all stakeholders in the country.

He was speaking at a consultation forum jointly organized by Mulu Wongel Church and the Ministry of Peace in Debre Zeit (Bishoftu).

Ethiopian News Agency, state media, cited him as saying “protecting peace and further strengthening it needs to be a priority for all stakeholders.”

The Forum was focused on the theme of “building peace” in the country. 

“We are at a time when peacebuilding is very necessary to our country,” Taye Dendea added.

He emphasized that all stakeholders should make it a priority and that citizens need to understand its importance and “focus on working on it.” 

Religious institutions, schools and communities should do their part toward the goal of protecting and strengthening peace, according to Taye. 

Foiling what he called “anti-peace forces” activities in different institutions, forming peace clubs in schools starting from elementary schools to higher education and organizing peace forums are some of the roles he sees for stakeholders at different levels. It is unclear if the ministry is already working on it.  For him, most of the conflicts between communities could be resolved through dialogue. 

The goal is to share an ethical generation and build a culture of discussion.  

Mulu Wongel Church Development Commissioner, Imru Mulatu, has remarked on the importance of peace on his part. “The church, through its Development Commission, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Peace and that is contributing its part,” he said. 

It seems, based on the ENA report, the role of narratives that are motivated by extremist ethnic nationalist sentiments and legislations, including the constitutions, that are believed to have contributed to shaping ethnic based divisions that are leading to conflict were not discussed during the forum. 

In a related development, Shimeles Abdissa, president of the Oromia regional state, last week called up “OLF Shane” for a peace talk. 

The Group has proved itself to be notorious for massacring innocent civilians in the Oromo region and other parts of Ethiopia including parts of the Amhara region said the peace talk is good but it said it will only be negotiating with the Federal government – not the regional government. 


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  1. Subject: “Taye Dendea says “peace-building needs to be a priority”, Mulu Wongel church singed agreement with Ministry of
    Peace” February 22, 2023

    Humble Comment,
    Good Luck to the above intention.
    But, let us face facts ‘on the ground’ as the saying goes.
    Ethiopia is heading to disintegration of itself, by itself for interest of others.!!!
    Yes, for interest of others!!!
    The historical wisdom of Ethiopia will then be gone with the wind — for ever.
    What a classical tragedy that would be — destroying itself by itself for the benefit of others.
    Indeed, what a Classical Example of TRAGEDY!!!!


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