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Over 83,000 Somali migrants flowing into Ethiopia

Somali migrants are taking shelter in Qoriley site in the Somali region of Ethiopia, as reported by the UN (Photo credit : UN)

By staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Over 83,000 inhabitants in Somaliland are fleeing from the conflict erupted between government security forces and opposition groups.

The conflict erupted in  Lasscanood, a Town sandwiched between Somaliland and Puntland territories, and claimed the lives of many people. A number of women and children have been fleeing their residential areas seeking shelter in Dollo Zone of Somali Region, Ethiopia, the Weekly Amharic Reporter wrote on its February 22, 2023 issue by quoting UN Global Commission on International Migration.

The Communication section of the Commission disclosed to the Reporter that until last Saturday, February 18/2023, some 14,000 households (83,000 individual migrants) crossed over to the Ethiopian border. The Somaliland migrants are now taking shelters in three Districts, Boh, Gulhamur and Danod, Dollo Zone of Somali Region, reporter indicated.  

The press release issued by the UN on Friday, 17 February 2023, indicates that the majority of the migrants were confirmed to step into Ethiopian territory last week. The refugees are reportedly sheltered in 13 sites including schools, public service rendering spots and in plain fields, Reporter said quoting its source. 

The UN said that in coordination with Somali Region Disaster Risk Management Bureau, it has been providing settlers (numbering over 1,500) that are believed to be in worse conditions, with various materials and supplies. The same will continue over the coming days to other refugees numbering over 9,000 households, UN said. 

Somali Regional Disaster Risk Management Bureau senior expert, Beshir Arab, told the Reporter that as the conflict in Somaliland is still going on, the number of migrants fleeing the war is increasing  from day to day. After referring to a survey, which is under study now, further information concerning the number of migrants and similar deliberations will be released at the Federal level, Beshir said.

Reporter further noted quoting the UN as saying that if the conflict in the region continues, more migrants are expected to flow into Ethiopian territory.


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  1. QUOTE: “Reporter further noted quoting the UN as saying that if the conflict in the region continues, more migrants are
    expected to flow into Ethiopian territory” .UNQUOTE

    What does it mean?
    Answer: The beginning of the the END of ETHIOPIA, as the world knows it.
    Question: Will that satisfy the present mushrooming of various ETHIOPIAN political groups in every corner of the country?
    Answer: They will not have the choice long enough to express their wishful thinking to reality.

    • Dear beloved rezen some readers here described you as Quote : whisperer of shaibya and servile to neftegna . disQote

      Answer: ???

      Abiy ahmed has appeared on TV saying that” I am your Menilik who defeated Italian army ,and “I will destroy the statue of menilik”
      Send the wheat to Borena, and expel radical fano sponsors from Oromia

      • Rezen has boldly expressed himself with golden phrase ” whisperer of shaibya and servile to neftegna” .
        Quote: Direct Food supply to Borena , stop exporting wheat and stop pretending generous by sending wheat to Turkey while your people are dying from hunger.Charity begins at home.
        Buildings seized by EOTC and socalled mahibrekidusan should be confiscated by the ethiopian government and given to poor displaced ethiopians.They are receiving high salary more than they deserve and they are stealing millions from the church.Dismantle mahibrekidusan and lock its leaders behind bars.unQote
        Bless my FHD. the End


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