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Construction license suspended after three construction workers died 

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Construction project that is reportedly suspended after three workers died in Akaki (Photo : public domain)


License for construction was reportedly suspended after three construction workers fell from the fourth floor of the project and died.

The tragic incident happened on Tuesday in the Akaki sub-city district 5. The three daily laborers were descending from the fifth floor of the project when the rope of the dolly broke on the fourth floor. 

It is Addis Ababa City Administration’s construction license inspection authority that suspended the construction license. 

FBC cited Construction Inspection Director, Kemal Jemal, as saying that the project owner was authorized only to build a four-storey building but added a fifth floor in a manner that did not consider safety measures.

The report added that the owner was instructed to make changes to the safety aspects of the construction. Workers were not using construction harnesses and  the Dolley they used was an old one hinged on aged cable, according to the report. 

The report is unspecified if the project owner is arrested in connection with the death of the workers which seems to have happened due to unimplemented safety measures that were recommended by inspection authorities. 


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