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Flour factories hit by severe wheat shortage

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By staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – In the wake of the Premiers announcement of Ethiopia’s wheat export, manufacturers of flour, pasta and macaroni are expressing grievances on wheat shortage. 

President of Flour and Flour Products Manufacturers Association disclosed here that wheat has now become a contraband item, which no one can purchase and sale. A local Radio station, Ethio FM 107.8 quoted the president, Muluneh Lemma, as saying that in a bid to secure exportable wheat, the government allowed only Unions to purchase the grain. “Flour manufacturers were told that they would get it through Unions. Then 12 entrepreneurs were selected and allowed to enter in to business. However, flour manufacturers have not been able to get wheat,” Muluneh lamented.

The president said that manufacturers tried to manage the problem for that past two months; but now they have been forced to shut down their factories. Apart from the price hike being witnessed on bread, the problem pressurized the price of a kilo of Macaroni to rise from birr 40 to birr 80, according to the information obtained from Ethio FM 107.8 Radio. 

Muluneh said that wheat is regarded as contraband item and being apprehended at checkpoints. “This has created a big hassle for the manufacturers to buy and use it.”

Muluneh recommended that to solve the problem the government should give priority to fulfill domestic needs. 

Fana Broadcasting Corporation reported on February 12, 2023 about the wheat export launching program presided over by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Bale Zone of Oromia Region. The Premier said on the occasion that Ethiopia’s wheat exporting dream has become a reality.


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  1. I heard a similar story when I was a kid, listening as the adults tell stories after dinner…before bed time.. As a kid you hear stuff, but you don’t know what it means, at the time; till later in life.

    Once upon a time in Ethiopia, lived a mud-house contractor (daily laborer), one day after work he checked his lottery ticket, and learnt he has won the jackpot. In those early days of lotter, late 60’s the jackpot was $10,000 ($2.50 Ethiopian Birr was equal to $1 USD).
    He was so excited he did not know what to do… overnight he was going through euphoria happiness followed by a deep sadness not knowing how he is going to go to the lottery office to get his big-win, wearing the only muddy clothing he has; no matter how hard he worked he was never able to get himself a spare cloth to to change to on weekends & special occasions such as this one. And weather he should go to work in the morning or not, who to borrow money to get new cloth, should he tell anyone about his winning or not… It was a very strange and long night, unable to sleep.

    In the morning, he went to the corner store where he buys things & where he bought his lottery ticket, and told the store keeper he has won lottery and he needs to borrow some money to be able to buy a cloth to wear to the lottery-office. And told the store keeper he will pay him back double the amount as soon as he get his win the same day or next.

    The day was spent at Merkatto going from shop to shop to find a good fit for the few $$$ he has at hand, and by the day end he bought his outfit, on his way home stopped by to get dinner at his usual restaurant, and he had a few change left, he decided to celebrate with ጠጅ a Brillea or two of Tej, at the local brew. Went home happy that everything worked beyond his expectations, once at home, his mind was jumping form one thig to the other, what he is going to do with his windfall.
    While contemplating all the ideas that flow through his mind, he tried his new-cloth & he really liked it, and an idea popped in his mind, and sure enough it was the right thing to do to say good-bye to poverty and welcome affluence and everything that come with it… He uses fire wood to worm up his hut at night, and he picked up his old muddy cloth and dropped it on to the fire, and the hut was much brighter than ever for a while as the old cloth burn.

    As the fire gets weaker as he is watching the last bit of the old-cloth burn away… unexpected thought hit him & he realized the unthinkable may have happened right in front of his eyes, and he started to shake, suddenly feel out of breath, sweating… while searching the pockets of his new-cloth, learning all the pockets are empty, he searched everywhere, tossed his matters & blanket, but his lottery tickets are no where to be found.
    He walked back in his mind (just like in the movie , “It is a wonderful world”, a Christmas fantasy drama film, produced and directed by Frank Capra.; where one of the character, “misplaced” $8000 that he was going to deposit in the Bank, but the money was not on him when he approached the bank teller…)

    Every time I think of this story, as an adult, , I laugh, and it reminds me of the “human condition”.

    They say “God will punish you”; no, it is man’s actions that punish man.

    Every action one takes (in thought, action, emotion, & energy) , weaves his/her future’s “life-path”.

    1st law of Nature.
    You shall Reap What You Sow. ( but some think by them drinking the Poisson (like anger) , expect the other guy to die).

    Be well.

    • Just a thought, while we are in this “export” euphorbia!!!

      Would not it be much more profitable, as well as job-creation opportunity, to be able export “processed” goods (like Flour, pasta, macaroni…) as we already have the “manufacturers of flour, pasta and macaroni” in the country where the wheat is grown?

      Why “Export” the Wheat????

      Instead of sending the raw-material (as African’s has done for centuries,) loosing 90% of the profit that made by the importers in the West… ( coffee; caw hide , goat & sheep hide; Gold and other minerals…)
      Especially now, when we are beginning to have the capability to do some processing here at home, which creates more jobs to our people, and increase the profit margin to our own economies.

      I think we need to make a 180 when it comes to the mental-shift that needs to occur; and now.

      “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests”
      ― Henry Kissinger

      We need to learn & teach our young people to work to keep “our Nations interest” above all lease, just like everyone else.
      Otherwise, they keep getting rich, while we stay poor (giving away out resources for penny on the $$$), and begging, for “aid”.

      Be well.

    • Typo,
      Last paragraph, line 5

      The movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life” , not “It is a wonderful world” ( rather the title of L. Armstrong Song).

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    አይ አሁንማ ዳቦውም ከጠፋ: የተከበሩት : ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር: ወተቱንስ ለግዜው ብንተወው? በህዋላ ደግሞ ይህንን የህልም ወተት ባዶውን: ጠትተን ሆዳችንን እንዳይነርተን: ይቅር ለግዜው: እባክዎትን ክቡር:ጠቅላይ ሚኒስተር: እጅጉን የተከበሩት: የብልግና : ይቅርታ: የብልፅግና ፓርቲ : ሊቀ መንበር: ዶክተር!!!!!!!!

    The fundamental question the international community needs to look at can be posited as follows. Should American and European Union tax payers money in any form, whether grants, loans or assistance, be directly given to prop up a repressive regime, that authorizes extra judicial killings of thousands, displacement of millions, imprisonment of conscientious political dissenters, and day light embezzlement of public funds?????

    Recent events that have unfolded in Ethiopia have revealed to the public that the prime is more than likely directly involved in the orchestration of the traumatic political chaos that have engulfed Ethiopia in the past five years since his meteoric arrival to the political arena. Despite the fact that he had the good will and wishes of hundreds of millions, despite the fact he had the political capital and a wide mandate that most politicians globally would have envied and died for, this individual, instead of being a pragmatic politician and leader, chose grandeur of illusion, political intrigue and became subservient to a political dream, an unattainable utopian land, called oromumma. Together with his ethnic-fanatic conspirators and collaborators, they claimed the 16 th century, defunct, so called Gadda system, is better than what they termed “Western democracy” and started forced oromumma hegemony of all sectors of Ethiopian society. They attacked the thousands years old Islamic and Orthodox Christian institutes, they internally brutalized and cannibalized each other among their EPRDF factions, that ultimately resulted in the war against the TPLF faction, that has killed an estimated over 100,000 people. For each and every internal strife and division among his prosperity party factions, the Abiy regime has rallied the Ethiopian populace against the West, through demagoguery and jingoism and presenting and pretending to be for Ethiopian unity and shifting the blame on what his regime dubs as “external actors”.

    In the globally intertwined and interdependent world, an outdated 16th century, village mentality, tribalistic gadda system has no place to be the political basis of a political party, who claimed 97 % of the parliamentary seats in its so called “ historic election”. The regime cannot any longer deflect, trivialize and coverup its accountability befor the international, global community for each and every transgressions against basic human rights, its failure to protect the safety, security and right to life and liberty of all Ethiopians regardless of the regime’s measuring yard stick of what is a citizen- that is ethnicity according to the Abiy regime and his regional president, the notorious shimeles abdissa and the Addis Ababa , so called mayor adanech abebe.


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