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Eyob Belayneh Medina ena Zelesegna


Today is day two of the lent for the followers of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church followers. Medina ena Zelesegna and Begena hymns are parts of the lent fasting traditions. Unlike the catholic traditions, the lent is 55 days long in the Ethiopian Church traditions.

It was not that common to see young people offering Zelesegna. That seems to be changing. Eyob Belayneh is one of the examples to demonstrate that.

Messages in Zelesegna Hymns usually tend of be a mix of prayers, praises, repentance and revealing faith.

Take a listen to Eyob Beyalyneh’s Zelesegna

Video : embedded from Eyob Belayneh YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video


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