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Ethiopia to get Chinese Zero-Tariff Preferential export arrangement 

Chinese Zero-Tariff preferential treatment for 98 percent of Ethiopian export items will take effect as of March 1 this year. China sees tangible benefit for Ethiopia from its new program 

Ethiopia _ China _ Chinese Zero-Tariff Preferential export
Ethiopia’s Minister for Finance, Ahmed Shide (left), and Chinese assistant minister for commerce, Li Fei (right) sign the agreement. (Photo – pubic domain)


China and Ethiopia have signed MOU to establish a Working Group to boost investment and economic cooperation. 

The new work group is tasked to “help both nations to accomplish their commitment to efficiently implement the development strategies of the ‘Nine Programs’of the eighth Ministerial Conference of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and the Belt and Road initiative.”

A news update from the Ministry of Finance cited  Ahmed Shide as saying that ” the two countries’ long-standing relationship of more than half a century indicated China’s significant role in Ethiopia’s economy as its top trade and investment partner. The Minister added that Chinese enterprises have significantly invested in Ethiopia in diverse sectors, including industrial parks, processing, manufacturing, construction and so forth.” 

According to information from the United States Institute of Peace, Chinese investment in Ethiopia is worth over $4 billion dollars.  As many as 400 Chinese companies are operating in Ethiopia – mostly in the construction and manufacturing sectors. 

Mr Li Fei said his country is committed to encouraging Chinese enterprises to increase the volume of imports from Ethiopia.  

He said, as cited in the Ministry of Finance update, that “China’s new preferential policy for zero-tariff treatment on 98% of taxable items that Ethiopia will enjoy from 1st March, will lead to tangible benefits from the two countries’ strengthened economic ties.”

There has been a noticeable great power race to make Ethiopia a sphere of influence.  The United States has been employing trade as a policy tool to influence policy in Ethiopia. The latest example was the U.S. mission to rescue the Tigray People’s LIberation Front (TPLF) from total annihilation by the joint forces including from Eritrea. 

The United States sanctioned Ethiopia by taking it off the list of “Africa Growth Opportunity Act” beneficiaries. China was advocating non-interference including at a time when the United States supported, it was noticeable, Egypt against Ethiopia’s right to use the water from the Nile river while over 85 percent of the water is originating from Ethiopia. 


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  1. The commies will buy the goods including agricultural products at dirt cheap prices then they will reprocess/rebadge them and sell them to companies near you. Then you will tell yourself ‘Boy, this Chinese coffee is one of the best tasting coffee out there’. You may already buying that ‘best testing sesame oil’ from your grocery store. This is called ‘Workers of the world unite!’ My foot!!!!

    • Actually the reverse is the case in the long run.
      1) labor and production cost is higher in china today than it is in Ethiopia.
      a) more processing jobs (trained worker pool, & growing knowhow ) in Ethiopia
      b) cheaper goods available to buy locally than importing them from china.
      c) processing idea & experience (go to place ) for local investors to see and learn.
      2) tax income, as such industries expand and make Ethiopia a manufacturing-hub for Chinese-investors to supply Africa, Middle east, & Europe.
      3) attract other investors from everywhere to compete with the Chinese investors (becoming attractive manufacturing location for “Energy-challenged” European industrialists that are looking for a cheap “Electricity” & man power… growing employment opportunities for our young people.
      4) Zero export- “Tariff is huge for the Ethiopian economy… plus there is no time-limit, only start date…

      As for the “commies”, it is just a concept.
      It is the “democracies” that are “wreak havocs” & shading-blood all over the world, since 1945.

      Plus it comes down to “results”:

      China has lifted 800 plus million people out of Poverty- in -40 years, while in the US the 1% increased or took home $49 trillion for the bottom 90% of the population since 1975 ( link below).
      China built the worlds fastest “electric-trains” transforming economic opportunities (BRI) both within china and in many other countries… While in the US in the last 50 days of 2023, there were more than a dozen rail accidents reported to have already taken place.. (link below).


      US 1%:

      US, more than a dozen rail accidents in 2023 alone:

      Industrialization (farming, manufacturing, etc… (which this one is) ) is the best thing that can happen for any economy… no matter the participant…(local or external).

      Be well.

      • Thank you for sharing your opinion from your comfy home in Beijing or Shenzhen. For some commie reasons you left out Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and many like them where commies were shown the door way back in the 1950’s and 60’s. Without these nations especially Hong Kong, Taiwan and Good Ole USA along with its Western economic allies you should sitting there in Beijing wondering what would commies in Beijing could be doing with their 1.5 billion souls. If you had the chance to be just in Dongguan and Shenzhen areas in the late 1970’s and early 80’s like this writer had you will know what I am alluding to. You can ask your commie mentors in Beijing. Just pull them aside and have a commie to a commie talk. They will gush it out for you especially about those American backed Taiwanese investors did for them then and what investors from that small size city government Hong Kong did for them. They will tell you if they decide to be honest which is a rare commodity with commies.

        • Thank you, but you are missing my point,

          My comment is about “welcoming investment”.
          on #3, I mentioned that, this investment plan by china and its future manufacturing success would demonstrate that Ethiopia as a good investment-destination, and would attract western investors from Europe and others making Ethiopia a destination for their investment plan as well….

          1) our location for African market…
          2) having sufficient Power/Energy supply…
          3) having sufficient young man power to train…

          Have I known the triggering-effect of the term “commie”, I wouldn’t have mentioned it; my apologies…

          But again, the “democracies” these days are turning “dictators” banning everything that once were the corner stones “democratic ideals”… basically taking the exact actions they used to criticizes the “commies” with… Becoming one and the same…
          I digress.

          My last lines were:

          “Industrialization (farming, manufacturing, etc. (which this one is) ) is the best thing that can happen for any economy… no matter the participant…(local or external).”

          “no matter the participants” = regardless of Ideology.

          Be well.

          • T,

            Here is what I highly suggest to you. When you talk about the commies in Beijing is so glowing terms I want you to start looking at what happened during President Nixon’s face to face meeting with the bloodthirsty butcher Mao. I assume you profusely revere that thug but that is part of your rights under the law. Try to find out what was the agreement they signed. It was not a nuclear proliferation treaty. It was an economic one. The two men agreed to turn the mostly peasant country of the commies into the factory of the world. The rest is history. Following the agreement and after a brief pause/ponder giant Taiwanese and Hong Kong companies began opening factories in what was called the special economic zone close to Hong Kong. Remember those Taiwanese and Hong Kong companies were already suppliers of their products to the vast USA market. You follow me? When I went there for the first time almost 4 decades ago I had to take my company’s rep from Hong Kong and Taiwan. While I was training that Chinese factory worker/engineer I had to swallow my seething anger because I was not able to do that with my countryman/woman from the old country due to the fact that the dimwit Mengistu and his leftist hordes were running the country. Until those Hong Kong and Taiwanese factories began showing up in commies China every fresh graduate engineer used to be loafing around with the token handout he was getting from the local commie party. It was a mass that was ready to explode in the commies face but Good Ole USA’s fast market saved their asses. To this day commies’ economy will not survive a day without the vast market of USA and its allies. So, let’s call it as it is; a spade a spade.

            • Thank you sir, but we are in 2023, and the old China you are familiar with is no more.

              First of all you need to recognize the US investment was not intended to bring about the modern china, however it paid off for the US economically; is was not CHARITY.
              The hard working Chinese people and their Gov managed their money and reinvested it on themselves for building the New China that is using capitalist ideals combined with the Marxist economic guidelines that is serving All Chinese not just the billionaire club (corporation of the west, that employed you). That is were the anger & hate comes from.
              Using this combined economic system, China was able to produce more millionaires in the shortest time than any other nation, in just 40 years…

              At least 30% of China’s millionaires are entrepreneurs, compared to 15% in the US

              #1) What Nixon/Kissinger were trying to decouple China from USSR, they were not expecting china to transform itself and become the manufacturing hub of the world.

              #2) The Chinese P. Party guided the nation to build the strong economy that has surpassed many of the top western economies, and now in a strong position to surpass the US itself.

              These are the facts, the Mao’s commonest china you are familiar with is no longer, the modern china is the total opposite, since Deng Xiaoping.

              China now is the LEADING investor on the planet, using BRI they invested in

              “The countries of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are spread across all continents: 43 countries are in Sub-Saharan Africa 35 BRI countries are in Europe & Central Asia (including 18 countries of the European Union (EU) that are part of the BRI) 25 BRI countries are in East Asia & pacific 20 BRI countries are in Latin America & Caribbean”
              No other country has this amount of investment expansion in human history.

              I am looking at the numbers and REALITY of our Time, not historical perspective. (What used to be) or (“when we were kings”)
              Those days are gone

              The New China managed to have A space station, landed on the “FAR SIDE” of the Moon, Landed A rover on Mars; since you trained them last, to be US’s TOY makers.

              History, is about the dead & gone (Past).
              Reality, is right here right now.

              Be well.

            • Watch this you might get some up-to-date information… as to where the US is heading… How misguided its ways always were, and your Nixon was not any different, just following the same hegemon moves that is slowly taking it to the ways of the roman empire…

              Source =

            • “China vs US … The bottom Line”, Al Jazeera with US Ambassador kishore mahbubani
              Source =

  2. T,

    How many of those millionaires in commies China will stay behind if they are told they are free to leave? Don’t forget the fact that if it wishes Good Ole USA has all the resources to make everything it needs. But it is a country of vast good doers and philanthropists ruled by democratic governance. If you have the chance to talk to one of those commies over there just ask what have they done with those civilians who protested about the stifling COVID restrictions? Where are they and what have they done with them? How about the real numbers regarding COVID? Yes commies China have changed since the days of the ‘cultural revolution’ and the ‘great leap forward’ days where at least 50 million Chinese lost their lives. Yes it has changed and thanks to Good Ole USA. Xi knows that very well. Without US and its allies’ vast market Xi’s and his commie hordes behind will be grass overnight.

    • Thank you Aba Farda,

      I will let prominent & distinguished people, and in some cases the “crooks” themselves tell you in their own words what it is all about..

      Then, its a up to you what to believe, your existing one F.NEWS or “good old reality”; the choice is yours and yours alone.

      Let us begin:

      Q1) How many of those millionaires in commies China will stay behind if they are told they are free to leave?

      Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School,
      Lecture = What Happens When China Becomes Number One?

      Speaker : Ambassador Kishore Manubial (April 8 , 2015)

      Link = Link

      Time line :
      42:38 American University
      46:16 American News media ( I think this is part explains your world-views ..)
      47:23 threat to American Supremacy
      55:42 reserve currency and superpower
      * 58:45 Press & personal “freedom”… ***** (Your question answered)
      59:35 China in 1978 at the beginning ( this is where you stayed it seems…)
      1:02:25 Singapore
      1:03:27 London New York to Singapore of Asia
      1:09:21 western education vs Asian mind ** ( an other point 500 years vs 40…).

      Q2) If you have the chance to talk to one of those commies over there just ask what have they done with those civilians who protested about the stifling COVID restrictions?

      #1 Short answer = Julian Assange , is in jail for espousing “crimes against humanity.”

      #2 Nothing happened to them the government stopped the restriction & opened up China, business has returned to normal…

      Q 3 & 4) Where are they and what have they done with them?

      #3 Nothing , they are free.

      Q4) How about the real numbers regarding COVID?

      #4 China still has the lowest covid-19 death count , 503,302 death (almost equal to Ethiopia 499,959 .

      Link =


      Your Last Comment :

      “Yes it has changed and thanks to Good Ole USA. Xi knows that very well. Without US and its allies’ vast market Xi’s and his commie hordes behind will be grass overnight.”

      Well, let us hear it from those who know better…

      #1) CIA Director: M. Pompeo;
      speaking the truth.
      ‘We lied, we cheated, we stole’

      Link =

      #2) US State sec. Hilary Clinton
      US creation of Al Qaeda & Afghan war …

      Link =

      US president Joe Biden :

      The “plagiarist” in chief

      *** from law school “F” student (76th out of 77 students ) to president.

      Link =

      “Global terrorist.”
      Link =

      I can provide more… if need be …


      Be well.

      • New March 2, 2023

        Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)

        “China’s global lead extends to 37 out of 44 technologies…”

        What’s the problem?

        “Western democracies are losing the global technological competition, including the race for scientific and research breakthroughs, and the ability to retain global talent—crucial ingredients that underpin the development and control of the world’s most important technologies, including those that don’t yet exist.”

        “Our research reveals that China has built the foundations to position itself as the world’s leading science and technology superpower, by establishing a sometimes stunning lead in high-impact research across the majority of critical and emerging technology domains.”

        “China’s global lead extends to 37 out of 44 technologies that ASPI is now tracking, covering a range of crucial technology fields spanning defence, space, robotics, energy, the environment, biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced materials and key quantum technology areas.1 The Critical Technology Tracker shows that, for some technologies, all of the world’s top 10 leading research institutions are based in China and are collectively generating nine times more high-impact research papers than the second-ranked country (most often the US). Notably, the Chinese Academy of Sciences ranks highly (and often first or second) across many of the 44 technologies included in the Critical Technology Tracker. We also see China’s efforts being bolstered through talent and knowledge import: one-fifth of its high-impact papers are being authored by researchers with postgraduate training in a Five-Eyes country.2 China’s lead is the product of deliberate design and long-term policy planning, as repeatedly outlined by Xi Jinping and his predecessors.3 ”

        Source =

        Food for thought!!!

        “The US comes second in the majority of the 44 technologies examined in the Critical Technology Tracker. ”

        Be well.

    • China’s new invention ….

      Plasma-engine, that will make the use of hydrocarbon obsolete (US’s bread 7 butter)…

      Source =



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