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Amhara regional state swings to speaking truth power 

We are in the chapter that it is time that Ethiopians stand together and act as one to struggle against the captives of history, says Amhara Branch of Prosperity Party 

Gizachew Muleneh, Amhara region communication Affairs head

Updated on February 21, 2023 at 3:44 P.M. Toronto Time

For a long time, the Amhara Branch of Prosperity Party – Prosperity Party is a party that PM Abiy Ahmed crafted from the defunct Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) – has been widely criticized for not speaking truth to power and defending the interest of the people. 

It seems to be changing now. The Amhara Branch of the party on Monday sent a stern message, via the communication affairs office, blaming what it called the captives of history for the failure to work on our hopes of tomorrow and for endangering the unity and existence of the country. 

“It is the responsibility of all of us to build a nation that is not a captive of its past history and does not lose its existence due to gamblers on our hope for tomorrow,” says the statement from Amhara regional state. 

Furthermore, it said that it is unfortunate that it sees politicians whom it calls are tapping into narratives of hate in the political market rather than relentlessly working to change the country based on history and objective reality by uniting people on principles of equality and democratic thinking. 

The Amhara branch of the party has been accused of being nostalgic of what racial ethnic Oromo politicians call “ye derow sereat” – it translates to “The old system.” But the Amhara Branch of Prosperity Party tend to rejects those types of accusations.

“What needs to be known is that we are not guardians of yesterday’s bad history. We can not be one. However, we do believe that history is a school. Even yesterday’s history is not entirely bad. And if there is a bad history, we do not have an interest in becoming an advocate for it. Rather we strive not to repeat the bad history from yesterday and we strive to improve many of the good aspects of our shared history and benefit the generation. However, we do not want to be captives of our past history and expose our people to political diseases. It is not our desire or aim. It is not our goal,” it said. 

In recent times, it went on to say, that politicians who are captives of yesterday’s history are distorting history and ruminating it rather than working on our hopes. And that it is observable that it has become our generation’s daily trend to engage in acrimonious debates.  

Because they[the unspecified entities it is referring to] are incapable of separating yesterday from today and ushering into tomorrow, the captives of yesterday are stuck ruminating discrimination-based political thought which has become their characteristic feature, it said. 

It went on to blame the groups whom it says are changing their clothing and seat day in and day out  ” and spit venomous divisive and cheap politics,” and that they failed to understand how it is retarding unity and development or they do not understand it. 

The Amhara Region prosperity party  sees the trend as an effort to hang on the shoulders of the people to perpetuate divisive narratives and maintain a hold on power through bloody paths or take power. But it is clear that the path is a fiasco seen from the trajectory of the existence of the country and/or its unity, it said. 

The party added that to think in terms of narrow individualistic or group interest and present it as if it is people’s interest, is to sow hate-based narrative and perpetuate it, sowing misery and reaping deaths and to think advancing it amounts to a failure to learn from yesterday and standing in contrast to the hope for tomorrow. It also demonstrates the tendency to deny the gift of living today and the practice of regular political gambling. 

Its key message is to foster unity and struggle against the group. 

“It is becoming clear that we are in a decisive chapter of time when Ethiopians need to stand together and act as one to struggle against the captives of history.” 

Tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara have been killed in the Oromo region of Ethiopia since Abiy Ahmed took power in 2018.


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  1. You are all the same. For the last 5 years, you did not speak out when tremendous atrocities were committed against the Amhara population. The internal strife, disagreements and backstabbing among the various branches of EPRDF were translated into displacements of tens of millions from Tigray, Amhara and so called Oromia regions. Now AA prosperity party pretends to speak out at the 11 hour after the massacre of 100,000 Ethiopians, after the displacement of tens of millions.

    በህዝብ ደም የምትነግዱ የፖለቲካ ቁማርተኞች: ናችሁ ሁላችሁም: የአማራ :የኦሮሞ:የደቡብ ቅብርጥስ ብልፅጋና ፓርቲዎች ብላችሁ ከሰሜን እስከ ደቡብ: ከምዕራብ እስከምስራቅ ያለውን የዋሁውን ቅኑን: ለዕለት ጉርሻው የሚሮጠውን ምስኪን ህዝብ ትበዘብዛላችሁ: ታስራላችሁ:ታሳድዳላችሁ: ታሳርዳላችሁ: ቤተክርስቲያን: መስጊድ ታቃጥላላችሁ: ምዕመናን በአምልኮት ስፍራ ታስራላችህ: ትረሽናላችሁ:: ስራችሁ ኢሰብዓዊ: አሳፋሪ: አስፀያፊ ነው:: ለእግዚአብሔርም ለሰውም የማትሆኑ ርጉማን ናችሁ:: ምንም አይነት የአመራር: ክህሎት: የሰብአዊነት ርህራሄ: የአስተዳደር ዕውቀቱም ሆነ ችሎታው የላችሁም:: ምን ለመሆን የስልጣን በትር ጨበጣችሁ???? ከድጡ ወደ ማጡ???????

    What type of leader covertly chooses to use intrigue, conspiracy, murder, wars and displacement to govern????? Only an ideologue, an individual subservient to a utopian dream, in this case so called oromumma would throw away his widely popular arrival to the political arena, the goodwill and best wishes of hundreds of millions both inside Ethiopia and abroad, and throw it all for ethnic bigotry and demagoguery. How much one can love his political throne to see to it the deaths and displacements of children, the elderly and those whose safety and rights to live were entrusted to him?????? What type of self idolization and avarice for power and authority would allow one to turn a blind eye and orchestrate the murder of those who sat next you, called you my brother, my friend, my colleague and who shared meals with you????? What type of sociopathy and psychopathy allow one to turn so callous and so inhumane, not with an iota of remorse and compunction to go with business as usual, after the murder of those who once saw you as just a decent human???????????????

    It is morally repugnant and unconscionable to support the government of this pm and his pp. Once the trust between the governed and the governing is breached, violated, stamped upon, trampled and besmirched, the consent to be governed by the governing ceases to be acceptable by the governed. A responsible and responsive governing body, if decent, will plan its exit strategy and facilitate the peaceful transition and transfer of power to another, or await the inevitable, the gradual but inevitable ejection from the throne of abuse, contempt, marginalization, chaos, murder, displacement and disenfranchisement.

  2. Politics based on perceived injustice and narratives serves no one except corrupt and insecure politicians who have nothing in their mind except rotting brain and rubbish thinking.

  3. To my observation since the 1970’s those who made their objective to struggle alone and in the meantime spew around venomous diatribe against others, don’t want unity. They are hell bent to create a power vacuum and the chaos that follows to carve out a territory to call it their personal fiefdom. The have been seen disparaging those calling for unity even victimizing them. They will keep preaching hatred among rather fraternal people. For that purpose they feed on the bad part of history. In their book Gobena was their enemy and modern day pro unity Oromos are his descendants they call Neo-Gobenas. They tell the gullible youth the word ‘unity’ is a poison especially concocted for him by those they call ‘chauvinist class’ or traditional ‘ruling class’. That is why that youth angered by such inflammatory rhetoric does not even think twice when he shoots and kills innocent poor farmers. He is so irate and riled up that he has lost control of his conscience. These bigots have turned a normal kid into a savage killing machine. They have successfully turned him into a crazed murderer. I had sensed this coming when I heard the slogans they prepared for their ‘liberation’ struggle almost 5 decades ago. I was told that I was worrying too much. There you have it. Again the word unity is a forbidden word for these bigots that can get you savagely butchered. If you are one of their own they have a new label for you. They call you a ‘collaborator’ will hack you and your entire family including toddlers and the elderly to pieces. That is what they have been doing in the western part of the countries these days. There are no devils left in hell. They are all in that part of the country!!! Ok bigots! If you don’t like this comment go and hang yourself!!!

    • Dear Worqu Belayneh, kossasa iressa neftegna aramucha

      ሽመልስ አብዲሳ ሲያገሳ እንዳንአንበሳ
      ጠላቶቹ ሁሉ ወደቁ እንደሬሳ
      የነፍጠኛ መዳኒት ዘላለም ንገስ የጠላህ ይኮስስ ሲያሻው ይፍለስ ይርመስመስ የኛ ንጉስ የነፍጠኛ መዳሃኒት ነህ አንተ አንበሳ :ሽመልስ አብዲሳ hats off to your excellency

  4. Worqu Belayneh , Ittu Aba Farda and zehabesha enock gitcha

    you are posting your hatespeech on Oromo ppl. You bettere leav our sacred land, Oromia.We are feeding more than 30 million Amahara who nothin,g to eat in their region. You are everywhere and can’t support yourself.

    Worqu Belayneh is bloody idiot, illilliterate man from gonder.

  5. Dear Editors,

    I told you and all other readers that there is no devils left in hell and they are all in the western part of the old country. But one of those devils has managed to sneak into your esteemed website. He needs to be shown the door!!!

    • Expressing one’s position and explaining what one stands for is a good starting point.

      Now a clear stand has been expressed, the next step would be to join forces with like mined Ethiopians form the other parts of the country, who have the same concerns in regards to the negative trajectory some among us are taking, and work in collaboration in an INCLUCIVE manner to bring about an end to this unproductive, divisive and damaging behavior that is endangering the peace and unity of our nation as whole.

      Long over due, but a good start nonetheless.

      A steering wheel is useless if one is going straight, till it becomes necessary to turn RIGHT; so one does not go WRONG.

      Be well.

  6. The statement buy the Amhara region shows that Abiy Ahmed is going to lose his only power base and will get into trouble. He has already lost control over Oromia and Tigray and is dependent on Eritrea. Oromia liberated by the Tigray forces and a ground for a struggle between different Oromo political forces for power is the center of attention now. But Oromia without the Tigray forces to back it is also in risk.

    • Nightmare (as dream), from TPLF’s burial ground, (from 6 ft. under) .

      Eretria is still in paly, perhaps even rejoining the Ethiopian family; very soon.

      Be well.

  7. 1). We are the victims of our ill-documented/ill-written/ill-preserved/ill-presented history. Amaras and Oromos have infinite factors that unite them than the trivia that divide them:

    i). Menelik’s top officials/advisors were Oromos: Habte-Giorgis, Balcha, Gobena, etc.
    ii). Haile-Selassie’s parents were of mixed Amara-Oromo ancestry.
    iii). Abiy’s parents are of Christian Amara and Muslim Oromo heritage.

    2). We are far short on “Practice What You Preach” & “Charity Starts at Home”:

    i). Ethiopia for ALL & ALL for Ethiopia: Ideally, that’s what we want! Sadly, አ.ብ.ን. preaches Ethnic-Bias & Amara Club: “One Amara for ALL, ALL Amara for One”

    ii). As we speak, more Amaras live in other Ethnic Zones than in the Amara Zone itself: Over 15 million* in Oromo Zone alone and millions more in the other Ethnic Zones, too.

    Compare: I haven’t seen any Oromo living in Gojjam & Gonder [G&G] and Ethiopians are unwelcome there. Yet, G&G go the extra mile to please Whites & Arabs! Go & See!

    3). Why do ጃል General Asaminew’s አማራ ሸኔ [ጃል-Mesafin Zemene Eskinder/etc.] and some in አ.ብ.ን. fuel the Amara-Oromo animosity just like TPLF/OLF-OLA-IFLO**? When the US Embassy sent 10 personnel for አ.ብ.ን.’s launch, was it to recruit hate mongers?

    * 15 million in Oromo Zone:
    ** IFLO: Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia

    • There was no single Oromo in Ethiopia before the 1600. Read Jesuit Pedro Páez (1562–1622) volume 2 book and you will learn how OLF/Abiy/Shene and the likes are still frozen in 1622. How Brutality, savagery and Cannibalism is still ingrained with the Orommima cannibals.

      • Mr./Ms. Jesuit Pedro Páez (1562–1622),

        So, by Your Ilk’s & Páez’s token, “First, God created Ethiopia and G&G Amaras! Then, he rained down the 85 other ethnics to serve-and-protect them…” That must be the part of the Bible that Oromos and the 84 other ethnics have been hiding from us for centuries.

        The over 15 million Amara refugees in Oromia fled the age-old cyclic poverty in Amara Zone [most from G&G]. Unlike your relatives, no one sends them money from abroad.

        When would Your Ilk stop using these poor Amara refugees as cannon fodder to quench your thirst for power? Why don’t you move to Ethiopia, get elected, and run Ethiopia?

        Your Ilk is the one throwing the over 15 million Amaras in Oromia under the bus of the Savage TPLF-OLF-OLA-IFLO. So, isn’t Your Ilk worse than the ‘Orommima cannibals’?

  8. Amhara prosperity party is guardians of bad history; naming your special force minilik birged and killing wollo oromo with out any mercy.

  9. Abiy Ahmed and his Orommuma thieves and mass murderers did not come from a culture of worshipping God, respect for life and peace. The only thing they know is stealing and killing to tranter other non-Oromos wealth to them.

    By now even every moving creatures knows how Oromo PP (Shene and OLF) will not say enough with the killings and lootings. It is time for all peace loving Ethiopians to stand toghter and throw out this Cannibals.

    Witnessing the the visible devil, day hyaenas, barbarism and savagism of TPLF and OLF/Shene in todays age, one can only imagine how hell it had been for people who lived from 1600 to 1800. This is exactly why OLF/Shene nomadic barbaric and savages hate the great Menelik II the father and uniter of Ethiopia whom brilliantly brought peace and unity from one corner to the other corner of Ethiopia.

    Southern Ethiopians have paid a hefty price and lost so many lives by the greedy savage Oromos who only know how to steal and kill. The gadda culure and ritual is celebrating murder and stealing not working and building their lives.

  10. First of all the constant talk about oromo majority is an EXAGGERATED MYTH!!!!! Thank God for the 1984 Ethiopian Census, the 255 pages, analytical report of the Derg regime. All statistics and data generated post Mengistu era must be taken with a grain of salt and antacid to alleviate the massive and historic crimes against the Ethiopian people committed by the TPLF and OLF goons.

    The beauty of mathematics is now we are all free to deconstruct the structural racism and stealing of wealth and budgets perpetrated by TPLF and OLF goons. These heinous crimes are crimes against humanity, fundamental denials of right to life, liberty, security and freedom of the Amhara, the Afar, the Somali, the Gurage, and every other ethnic group in Ethiopia. The statistics clearly show that the oromo constituted 29.1 % of Ethiopia’s population and the Amhara were 28.3%. BIRTH RATES AND MIGRATORY PRACTICES OF A NATION ARE NEALRY A CONSTANT.

    From 1991 to 2018 , the TPLF used its ethnic federalism, racist and apartheid structures and undercounted the Amhara population deliberately by over 10,000,000 and stole, diverted and embezzled the budgets that should have been allocated to its own so called Amhara region. Despite the fact that, the huge Somali region, that is 6 times the size of tiny Tigray region, the TPLF gave Ethiopians in its own carved out Somali region nothing for 30 years. The Afar population got nothing in 30 years of TPLF rule, as seen how neglected and poverty stricken are these patriotic Afar population. Over 80 ethnic groups in rest of Ethiopia comprising over 50 million people were forcefully grouped under SNNRP and denied self administration and budgets proportional to their population.

    From 2018 to present, the abiy regime has replaced the name EPRDF with the now much hated name Prosperity Party and just like TPLF did is using his OLF goons masquerading as Oromo pp is stealing, embezzling and diverting the budgets, resources and funds of nearly 90,000,000 Ethiopians in the name of “oromo” majority.

    At most the oromo population will not exceed 32,000,000 and the Amharas are almost the same number tagged at 30,000,000 to 31,000,0000.

    Budgets going to these two regions should not exceed more than 50-52%, and must be divided almost equally among the two regions.

    The rest of the Ethiopian regions are entitled to 48% to 50% of the budget.

    The entire Ethiopian population must be ready to dismantle this ethnic-apartheid racist system of governance for good. The olf dominated abiy regime has failed to govern Ethiopia miserably as evidenced by the constant chaos, war, murder and displacement of millions.

    Ethiopia shall soon be free from tplf and olf goons whose kleptocratic hands will be in handcuffs and their behinds should be in prison cells not in Arat kilo.


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