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Try not to reap what you did not sow, PM tells Ethiopian church

PM Abiy Ahmed during a meeting with representatives from Ethiopian Church and splinter group earlier this week (Photo : screenshot from EBC video )

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has put prerequisite to release the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) faithful who were detained amid the commotion erupted following the disagreements occurred between the Holy Synod and the splinter group, which claimed to be the New Synod of Oromia and Nations Nationalities.

The premier said responding to the petition of the EOTC for the release of its laity thrown behind bars in various prisons across the country. The Synod leaders put forward their request to the PM saying that though the two sides at loggerheads were determined to atone differences, innocent laity who have been detained have not yet been set free. The Holy Church has thus requested the government to grant pardon and set Orthodox laities free.

The Premier responded saying that, “if we see pardon from your side, we draw lessons and grant the pardon to the detainees… request us not what you have not shown to us. Do not expect to reap what you did not sow,” he said.

Meanwhile, the cases of 12 defendants under Mihiretab’s file and more others under defendant Feven’s file reportedly appeared before court on February 13, 2023. 

Police pressed charges against the defendants for allegedly organizing themselves informally, attempting to perpetrate terrorist acts and dismantling the constitution and constitutional system by force. Case hearing which took place at Lideta Federal Supreme Court was adjourned to hear witnesses for February 21, 2023.


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  1. ABIY AHMED RESIGN! STEP DOWN!! ETHIOPIANS HAVE SPOKEN!! Abiy is not wanted as a leader!!!

    This man called Abiy Ahmed never stops from pulling evil agenda from his sleeves. This walking evil man is against God, greatest religion, followed by the majority of Ethiopians that coexisted peacefully for centuries with all other religions.

    The backward, tribal beliefs of murdering innocent people so he can collet their wealth and become prosperous is his religion that every Ethiopian should not allow him to say in power.

    Slaughtering Orthodox Christians and Amhara first is OLF/Gadda/Shene devised tribal and backward evil tactic to pave the way to swallow the rest of ethnic Ethiopians.

    Abiy the master of death and misery, you are caught blood red handed and your OLF/Gaddaa brutal tactic has failed. It is not working and it will never work. RESIGN!!


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