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Tigray: A transitional regional state to be formed in two weeks’ time

Tadesse Worede says the transitional regional state in Tigray is not hostile to any people and that Ethiopian people need to support it 

Tigray transitional government
Tadesse Worede, chairperson of the committee formed to facilitate the formation of transitional government


TPLF leaders this week said that a committee is formed to work on a transitional regional state.  A nine-member committee is named to facilitate the work. 

Tadesse Worede,vetran TPLF who was leading the TPLF forces during the two years war with the Federal government and who was also serving in the Ethiopian Defense Force in the rank of Let. General before the war, is the chairperson of the committee. 

During a press conference with media outlets in the Tigray region, he said the committee draws memberships from TPLF, other political forces in the region and intellectuals (three from each group.) 

“Work is underway to form a transitional regional state in accordance with the Pretoria agreement. On this issue, we have reached a consensus with the federal government,”  Tadesse Worede said during the press conference, according to a report by VOA Amharic. 

The Federal government is yet to remark on that. 

Tadese Worede said the focus area for the committee is to make the transitional regional state to be established “transparent, democratic and transparent.”  He added that the regional state to be established will not be a nominal one but a true reflection of the aspiration of people in the Tigray region. 

However, other political forces in the region do not seem to buy his claim. They express concern that it is the TPLF that coordinated the committee and the members are not neutral. 

From what he said, the transitional state formation process seems to be a fast-track process. The plan is to complete it in two weeks’ time – based on what he said. 

The committee will have a consultation with a civic organization, political parties in the region and members of the diaspora community by next week.  

The week after, it will be a conference to prepare documents that will govern the transitional regional state and finalize the process, he said.

Pensioners and public servants have been without pay due to the war and the speeded-up process to form the transitional regional state seems to be partly to address that – from what the chairman of the committee said. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government ordered the transfer of five billion birr from the Central Bank to the Tigray region after he met with TPLF leaders recently in South Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia’s bloody two years war is said to have claimed nearly one million people. It started when the TPLF forces attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4, 2020. It was the Pretoria agreement in November 2022 that ended the war. 


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  1. I hope and pray that the elites from that region will come to the understanding that rigid stance based on dogmatic ideology has brought nothing but unprecedented destruction, deaths and misery to the citizens of that region. Some of those stubborn demagogues thought they were more than the average human and can always fight to win. Such stupid stubbornness had sent more than half a million young people to their deaths just to leave behind utter destruction and misery for the survivors. Just imagine how many of the surviving youth will be left with a lifetime emotional scar. There will be millions of them with no available therapy for them. In such environment with no immediate employment available there will be widespread serious crimes on daily basis.

  2. What was the purpose of this war again? Over 100,000 dead, billions wasted, millions displaced, and Tadesse Worede, former TPLF back as chairperson of the “New committee “. The incompetence, sabotage, and just utter failures of Abiy and his soon to be defunct pp are all on display here for the world to see.

  3. Permit me to be sounding daring.
    Tigray is well known in the history of Ethiopia
    Tigray is part of the FOUNDATION of Ethiopia
    Ask the Humble Ghost of Atse Yohannes and so many Tigrayan Heroes of the past.


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