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News Alert: reports of harassment against Ethiopian Orthodox followers in Addis Ababa 

Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers who were heading to church on Sunday in some parts Addis Ababa and Oromia region reportedly barred from entering church 

Ethiopian Orthodox Church _ Harassment
Image source : EOTC Media


A day after the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Holy Synod announced that the Ethiopian government has accepted to respect the rights of the church and its followers by not interfering in the affairs of the church, new reports are emerging on social media that the government made new arrests in the capital Addis Ababa targeting Ethiopian Orthodox followers. 

There are reported cases of Churchgoers heading to their respective church being barred from entering the premises of the churches. 

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Media has confirmed that it has received reports of crackdown in Addis Ababa and Oromia region targeting Choirs, preachers, and members of religious associations.  

The Holy Synod on Saturday announced that it has postponed the demonstration that was planned for Sunday after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government agreed to release all those arrested and stop harassing members of the church including interrupting the services of the church. 

The number of Orthodox Christians arrested in the new crackdown is unknown at this point. 

After the Holy Synod announced the postponement of the planned peaceful demonstration, the government Security and Intelligence Task Force said it has introduced road closures in the capital Addis Ababa. At least 21 major roads heading to the center are closed between 5 a.m. and 4pm. 

Earlier in the week, the government reportedly shut down some social media platforms in the country. 

The government is making claims that “internal and external enemies of Ethiopia,” are attempting to exploit the situation in connection with the Ethiopian Church’s development despite the Holy Synod and the government reaching an agreement in canceling the planned peaceful administration across Ethiopia.

However, the government is not specific about the identities of the internal and external forces whom it accused of planning to usurp power. 

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is yet to release a statement about the developments (including arrest and disrupting service in Addis Ababa and Oromia region) after the agreement with the Ethiopian government on Friday. 

Many regional states in Ethiopia have expressed solidarity with the Ethiopian Church and pledged to enforce laws in an exercise to discharge the responsibility to maintain law and order. 

The three Bishops that have formed a new patriarchate ( which is said to have overt and covert government support from the Oromia regional state and radical ethnic nationalist elements within the ranks of Abiy Ahmed administration) under the name “Oromia and nations and nationalities synod” is not accepted anywhere in the country except in Oromia region. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed denied any link to the group and has expressed that his government’s interest is in the “united Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.” 


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  1. As it has done throughout their history, we must pray to the holy God for peace to return to the synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. I wish that all sides would kneel and engage in a dialogue in order to coexist peacefully as brothers and sisters in Christ.

  2. First of all, Abba Sawiros is Amara from Mèrhâbété, Shèwâ. The Abba Sawiros Group has repeatedly said that the Patriarch is Abba Mathias [TPLF] and hasn’t appointed any.

    Second, Ethiopian security forces were on a drill for the 32nd African Union Session. This is not the first time the Airport-AU main-and-feeder streets were closed to public.

    Such Alarmist Misinformation fanned by Amara Extremists in Orthodox Christian Hats only gets Amaras hated more-and-more by the day. BTW, Addis is the most multi-ethnic.

    Which ever way the wind blows and whatever concert the Extremist Amhara Chaos Orchestra stages, there won’t be shortcut to power via ‘Transitional Government’ crap.

    Ethiopia’s Enemies are no-brainer: Egypt, Egypt’s White Supremacist West Patrons, and their Domestic Proxies wearing various hats: Ethnic, Religious, Rights, etc. They have been behind all Ethiopia-destabilizing thugs: TPLF, OLF/OLA, Mâhbèrè-Qidusân, etc.

  3. “Such Alarmist Misinformation fanned by Amara Extremists in Orthodox Christian Hats only gets Amaras hated more-and-more by the day.

    Which ever way the wind blows and whatever concert the Extremist Amhara Chaos Orchestra stages, there won’t be shortcut to power via ‘Transitional Government’ crap.”

    First of all work on your blank hatred of what you call “Amhara”, “Orthodox”, and any other target hate group that is an impediment only in your head to the”creation” of the farcical, fictional, non existent hitherto and never to exist henceforth, political Neverland dubbed

    “BTW, Addis is the most multi-ethnic”. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! SO FINALLY YOU ARE GOING TO STOP DEAFENING OUR EARS WITH YOUR “ Finifine Kenna” BS??????????

    Tell your neophyte and duplicitous premier in office to stop mixing up religion and politics for cheap political gain. Tell him to stop violating the following articles of the current Ethiopian Constitution: article 9, article 10, article 11, article 12, article 14, article 15, article 16, article 17, article 18, article 19, article 20, article 21, article25, article 27, article, 28, article 29, article 30, article 31, article 32, article 33- sub article ii.

    Your beloved pm and his pp party led government is in violation of at the minimum 20 articles enshrined in the current defective Ethiopian constitution , about which you have been barking at us day in, day out. YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY MORAL AUTHORITY, LEGAL LEGITIMACY OR ETHICAL HIGHER STAND TO COME HERE AND LECTURE TO ANY PERSON, buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The pm came to the political arena in 2018, and said we are asking the Ethiopian people kindness and forgiveness for the 27 years of EPRDF/ TPLF dominated repressive regime, we will transition to a better future and lay the foundations for a better Ethiopia for all. He said for the first time in Ethiopian history, there will be a bloodless and peaceful transition of power. Then all these and more happened:

    1) murder of engineer Simegnew Bekele
    2)Buryau Massacre
    3) Somali region unrest ( Capture of Abdi Ilay)
    4) murder ofGeneral Se’are Mekonen
    5) murder of General Asamenew Tsige
    6) murder of Ambachew Mekonen
    7) out right war with TPLF
    9) Ataye destruction
    10) continuous Wollega massacre of non oromos
    11) attack against Moslems
    12) attack against Orthodox Christians
    13) now outright attempt to destroy EOTC


    Enough of these endless and stupid dramas.

    Nobody gave the pm or his pp a mandate to engineer mass exodus of defenseless of millions of Ethiopia’s, including, the elderly, children and mothers of young ones. Nobody gave these fools, callous and imbecilic , yes “stupid” political ideologues, drunk with a nebulous utopian fiction in their head called oromumma (whatever that means) that will never, ever be attained in their crappy lifetimes, a mandate to impose a New State Religion, any mandate to proselytize, to break into Churches and Mosques and desecrate, to kill and cause bloodshed everywhere.

    Forget the idiotic “confuse and convince” foolishness. No Ethiopian with half a brain would fall that, only fool politicians, stupid and dumb as a rock, would even think that as trick.

    Learn to govern first. Work on the tangible. How about controlling the congested traffic in the city? How about solving the public transportation crises? How about controlling the rampant inflation, now hovering in the upper 40%? How about stabilizing the currency devaluation now north of -175% of pre TPLF ousting rate. How about ensuring adequate supply of electricity even in the city? How about ensuring garbage collection on time? How about guaranteeing adequate supply of water to residents? How about fixing the broken education system of broken ethno-federalist Ethiopia with a whooping college entry rate of 3%, by the way, oromia region is near the bottom of the bottoms in that arena too? And what does that tell you???????

    • Mr./Ms. ‘Failed leaders leave a failed society and nation,’

      I am a NON-BIGOT AMARA and a CIVIL Orthodox Christian. I have NOTHING in common with Amara-Orthodox like you. I don’t believe in imposing Amara hegemony on the other 85 ethnics using one guise or another. I am against orchestrating tragedy, getting people killed, and turning around to blame Abiy to score political points.

      Ethiopia is a country of 86 ethnics each with its language, culture, etc. NONE of them is a Second Class Citizen. Ethiopia doesn’t have any Step Children! Hence, they are ALL entitled to EQUAL rights under the law: education, justice, health care, etc. I also believe that the Synod should have rebuked Abba Mathias for siding with TPLF.

      Consequently, no ethnic should be allowed to advance & assert its hegemony over others posing as an activist wearing various hats & cloaks: Ethnic Associations, Human Rights Advocates, Religious Organizations, self-appointed Journalists/Media, etc. Mahbere-Qidusan has turned in to an Amara Extremist in Orthodox Hat!

      PS: There are some more answers addressed to you below

  4. “non existent hitherto and never to exist henceforth, political Neverland dubbed”

    Should read “ non existent hitherto and never to exist henceforth, political Neverland dubbed, oromia”.

  5. To: Mr./Ms. – ‘Failed leaders leave a failed society and nation’

    I don’t speak for Abiy & Co. Nevertheless, ‘congratulations’ for getting those poor Amaras killed! Isn’t that why Your Ilk beat all kinds of Amara/Orthodox Activist Drums all over the world? ኦነግ ሽኔ & Your Ilk are the two sides of the same coin: You don’t care about Amara, Oromo, Ethiopia… All you care about is your full belly & power.

    I am Amara BUT I don’t want to be hated because of BIGOTS like you who think with your bellies. As we speak, there are 15* million Amaras living in Oromo Zone alone who are in harm’s way because of BIG MOUTH BIGOTS like you. Compare: NO Oromo lives in Amara Zone & MOST Ethiopians are unwelcome in Gojjam & Gondar.

    Moreover, Your Ilk abroad beat all kinds of Amara/Orthodox Activist Drums! Wasn’t it Your Ilk’s previous regimes who made Ethiopia synonymous with FAMINE & WORLD’S POSTER CHILD OF POVERTY! The over 15* million Amara refugees who live in Oromia fled Amara Zone because of the cyclic poverty Your Ilk subjected them to.

    Look, I was watching the videos of the demonstrations in DC, London, Berlin, etc. One need only ask “Who are they? Whose children are they? What were their roles in the previous tyrant self-serving regimes? Why are they demonstrating now? Why didn’t we see them in any of the pro-Ethiopia demonstrations before?… ad nauseam”

    *15* million Amaras living in Oromo Zone alone:

  6. The Horn of Africa especially that consists of Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti is a priceless gem that everyone with deep pocket or massively armed powers want to own. The competition to own it all has been going on up temp since the 1960’s but due to the intricacies of clan and ethnic politics no one was able to be a sole boss. Italy had some success on the paper in the 1930’s(Africa Orientale Italiana) but that lasted only 5 years(1936-41) wrecking its economy beyond repair. During the last 60 years(since 1960) each country has had new ‘global bosses’ every other 15 or 30 years. But these days every power seems to have taken a foothold in every one of these 4 countries after securing the consent of one group of native elites or the other. If a WWIII breaks out among the big bosses The Horn of Africa will be one of the hot spots that will be incinerated to oblivion left with heaps of charred human bodies. Those two bullies from Moscow and Beijing have military presence in one or more countries. The democratic West also has military bases in one or more countries in that region. Even Superpower wannabes Egypt, Saudi and the Emirates are busy these days brandishing their panhandled and bootlegged hardware in Somalia, Djibouti and even Eritrea. While this fierce competition goes on full throttle each country remains in tight grips of elites who somehow found success in dominating the political scene. I feel for those honest and upright citizens with no democratic rule in sight. I really feel for them.

  7. The problem is that others are not organized and the oromo are – they operate in and out of the government, oromo goons have started crowding in AA, the liyu hayl has outposts around Finefine like a cobweb, highly armed, who knows what insa and the so-called federal army are thinking – their leaders are mostly from one tribe. Save us from the impending trouble O Great God of Israel!


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