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A monk returns to the Holy Synod quitting membership in the illegal group

This is the second case of return since breakaway group announced new “Oromia and nations and nationalities patriarchate” against canons of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church _ Aba Newayselassie Aklilu
Aba Newayselassie Aklilu reads out his apology letter. Vestments of Archbishop he used is seen on the table. (Photo credit : EOTC media )


The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) on Sunday announced that one of the monks who was illegally ordained by the former Aba Sawiros (Akalewold after ex-communication by the Holy Synod) has returned to the mother church. 

Aba Newayselassie Aklilu used to serve in Jerusalem and he was pulled into the ordination in a blurry way from the repentance and apology letter he offered.  He came from Jerusalem for the illegal ordination but he gave the impression that the issue was presented to him as legitimate and had the recognition of his Holiness Abune Mathias which is not the case in reality. 

He expressed remorse for being part of uncanonical ordination that brought about grief to the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church.  The incident led to the death of dozens of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians who were attempting to protect their churches from the illegal group. 

He also said that the mediation committee, which is recognized by the Holy Synod,  facilitated his return to the mother church and asked the Holy Synod to accept his repentance and lift the ex-communication.

His Grace Abune Petros, secretary of the Holy Synod, said “our church rejoices that you understood the truth and came back. Those of you who left knowingly or unknowingly and who are facing difficulty to return the church’s door [door to repentance] is still open.” 

The three Bishops that broke away from the Holy Synod to form “Oromia and nations and nationalities Holy Synod” are believed to be politically motivated and have the backing of radical ethnic Oromo nationalists and the Ethiopian government.

There are reports that ,His Grace Abune Petros has said it, that members of the group of illegally ordained monks would like to return to the mother church but they appear to be held hostage. Their mobility and communication are in the control of a politically motivated group with a link to the government. 

Aba Tsegazeab, another monk who was part of the illegally ordained group and returned to the Holy Synod last month, said that there appear to be strong hands behind it.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, during a meeting with 13 members of the Holy Synod including his Holiness Abune Mathias this past Friday, said he is interested in seeing the Church united. 

His Grace Abune Yosef, from whose diocese at least eight parishioners  were killed by Oromia region security forces, said last week that the government is “100 percent behind the group.” 

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian government restricted churchgoers in Addis Ababa from attending masses on Sundays.

At least 21 roads were closed in the city. Some preachers, including MehreteAb, and members of Sunday schools and activists are said to be jailed just a day after the government reached an agreement with the Holy Synod members regarding a peaceful demonstration that was said to take place on Sunday.

Churches in Addis Ababa
Some of the churches in the capital Addis Ababa that are otherwise crowded on Sundays were seen empty today after government introduced restriction on grounds of “security training for the AU leaders summit”

The Ethiopian Church postponed it after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pledged to address church demands during the meeting with the Holy Synod. 


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  1. Since President Isaias admitted himself yesterday that his forces had cooperated with ENDF soldiers in the recent conflict in Tigray I am now convinced such involvement as reported before was credible. While I am also convinced that atrocities were committed during the height of the war I still need more ocular proof to decide who did what while fighting. But there is one glaring and undisputed fact. I, we, both sides of the conflict and the rest of the world know who started the war. This was not just a cake walk or a refreshing stroll in the park. This was a war that cost the lives of more than 600,000 young people in Tigray. That is why the question who started the war takes precedence on all things that followed. Provocation this nudging that won’t cut the mustard no matter how you sharpen it or try to justify it. Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini were the ones who started WWII and not Roosevelt or Churchill.


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