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Tigray getting 5 billion birr after Abiy Ahmed met with TPLF leaders 


The National Bank was ordered after Abiy Ahmed met with TPLF leaders face-to-face for the first time after the conflict  in Halala Kela, South Ethiopia 

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Abiy Ahmed and his team meeting with TPLF leaders in Halala Kela


The National Bank of Ethiopia this week has started sending five billion birr to the Tigray region. It is to be available for banks in the region to improve circulation.

According to a report by state media, ENA, which cited Redwan Hussien, one of the negotiators during the peace talk and also the security adviser of the Prime Minister, circulation of the money could start as early as this coming Monday.

The Prime Minister ordered the Bank to make the transfer after he met with Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) representatives ( military and political leaders) in Halala Kela – one of the Gebeta Lehager projects of the Prime Minister – in South Ethiopia. 

Abraham Belay, Minister for Defense, was part of the meeting. Before the decision about the five billion birr transfer was announced, he remarked that measures had been taken  to overcome the shortage of banknotes across the banks in the Tigray region 

Another area of improvement is that Ethiopian Airlines increased the frequency of flights to Mekelle to up to five times a day, said the report by ENA. 

First face-to-face meeting between PM Abiy Ahmed and TPLF leaders 

The deadly war that is said to have claimed the lives of an estimated one million people ended only in November 2022 when the peace agreement between Pretoria was signed. 

During the course of the war, the propaganda war was intense -especially on the part of the TPLF – to the point where Getachew Reda – TPLF spokesperson- declared that there was no chance for negotiation or face-to-face talk. 

In reality, it took less than three months for the two parties to meet face-to-face.  The development did not gain traction among Ethiopians as it was perceived as a distraction technique from the resistance to the ongoing attack on the Ethiopian Church. 

The forum between the two leaders discussed and/or evaluated measures taken as part of the implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement, according to ENA. 

Farah Adam, Deputy Chair of the ruling Prosperity Party, said “it was a very historical forum. It has created more trust and the discussion we had could transform the implementation of the agreement to a higher level.” 

TPLF leaders, specifically Getachew Reda and Tadesse Worede, have remarked on it.  

For Tadesse Worede, there is still work to be done to ensure that the agreement is not just postponing the war instead of ending it for good. 

Getachew Reda,TPLF PR and spokesperson,  sees no appetite for war and expresses a sort of optimistic view. 

Abraham Belay, member of Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet who used to work for the TPLF party said the peace agreement is irreversible. 


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  1. I just checked this amount in US dollars and discovered that it is about 92 million dollars. That is quite a handsome sum amount of money. It is a good sign that things are settling down in that part of the country. Now attention should turn on these bands of vagabonds wreaking havoc in parts of Oromia.

  2. This article is smelling special spell synonymous with Fano and corrupted mahibrekidusan nicknamed mahibreseytan. We advise you to refrain taking elders , children and vulnerable people. For Instance, “A mass of mostly young people celebrating Halloween in Seoul became trapped and crushed as the crowd surged into a narrow alley, killing at least 153 people and injuring 133 others in South Korea.””

    Don’t involve in violence with your religious family members of Orthodox Tewahedo church in Oromiyaa. Above all, Ethiopian Government , Abiy Ahmed is a leader of Orthodox , Catholic, protestant, Muslims, and many other denominations and religions. You can’t twist Abiy Ahmed for your own sake by oppressing the rights of Oromo Orthodox church.

    Demonstration and crying like a crow in the streets has no biblical foundation, you must prayer and come to dialogue , but stop your plot, consipiracy, defamation and insult and all other evil activities not supported by christian teachings.

    You are twisted by fanatic money minded bishops , fanos and anti Abiy Ahmed factions.

  3. We advise you to change your move and choose dialogue on behalf of demonstartiona nd violence . You can’t be a martyr(Semaiit) by fighting with Oromo Orthodox Tewahedo believers who share the same religion and country with you all. YOu can’t inherit Kingdom Of God by defaming, insulting our bishops or any one. This is not part of Christian ethics.
    You were supporting all foreign forces and islamic states supporting Abiy Ahmed . You were also supporting the killings of Oromos by Fanos brutally. You must exploit the fasting days to repent and come to your senses and ask forgiveness from your brothers and sisters of the same religionand all citizens that you may offended before. There is no biblical verse that encourages to fight for power and economic interest fo bishops . It is suffice for these bishops to earn small amount of money that is adequate for survival . They are helding rich people as their children of confession and they amass big money every great religious feast. Don’t equate christian martyrdom with dying for financial interest of Bishops .
    Where there are 2 or 3 people , there is Savior Christ and we believe there exist a church. You can’t say church is disintegrated and Ethiopia is destroyed because Oromiayaa established its own ecclesiastical administration .YOu can’t oppress Oromiyaa and block them from fully exploiting their language. You can’t justify yourself by saying “everyting that lasts 1800 years and should still stay intact. Coptic church was colonizing our people and stealing our resources in th from of gifts and payments , and that corrupted system has been removed for ever. And likewsie, amhara elites hegemony should not be mainatained in Oromiyaa. However, We love Amhara christians and non Christioan ordinary people as they have contributed to our church directly and indirectly while we oppose strongly those who want use the church for econmic and political gain stealthly and secretively like socalled mahibrekidusan , mahibreseytan aand fanos who killed our people and do desecrated our church by performing military training in our church and hinding weapons inside church yard.

    Last word, stop putting children, elders and mothers into your violent demonstration summoned by your selfish synod dominated by amhara religious elites who want to twist the government for their own sake by suppressing the rights of revered Oromo to be led by his/her own people and not to use his or her own lovely language. BIble advises discussion, reconcilation and respect to one another but not demonstartion , defamtion and insult and all other irreligious acts you doing now. Remember for every damage, loss of lives , Ethiopain Orthodox synod leaders and ring leaders of the demonstration should be held accountable. Remeber many people died due to suffocation and chaotic stampede without any sort of reaction from officers and government forces. Don’t put indanger the lives of poor naive Orthodox Church Tewahedo belivers, our brothers and sisters, children, mothers, elders, vulnerable people suffering heartattack and etc

    Revered people of Oromo , regardles of your happines when we were suffering and kileld by fanos, urge you to come to dialogue and solve current problems without being selsfish and imposing your economic interest. WE are asking to use our language and choose our own leaders born to Oromiyaa . Don’t be suppressive and remember we are asking our own resouces and we are living in our land. You are imposing your interest upon Oromos who live in their own land!!! Come to your senses and behave as christians and don’t be taken away by carnal selfish lust


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