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Ethiopian Social Media users embark on campaign to block PM Abiy 

Many sharing messages to block Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed on social media platforms in reaction to his latest belligerent remark on the church affairs 

Ethiopian Social Media
Screenshot of Facebook notification for an Ethiopian User for request to block him. (Source : Social Media)


Ethiopian social media users have on Thursday started a campaign to block Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s social media page. Currently, the campaign is active on Facebook but there is anticipation that it may happen on the Twitter platform too. 

The Prime Minister is a regular user of multiple social media platforms through which he announces some of his activities – including appointments, policy decisions and official diplomatic engagements – among other things. 

A screenshot of an image of the blocked status of Abiy Ahmed’s Facebook page is now trending on social media. 

The campaign came days after PM Abiy remarked on the emergence of an ethnic Oromo nationalist group within the HolySyond of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church with the aim to establish an ethnic Oromo patriarchate in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

PM Abiy Ahmed saw the development in the Ethiopian Church as “simple” that could be resolved through dialogue “between the two groups,” as he put it.  He also framed the emergence of three Bishops with a move to establish the ethnic Oromo Patriarchate – which the Ethiopian Church Holy Synod excommunicated on the basis of the canons of the church – as a development that has something to do with language rights. 

The Holy Synod on Wednesday released a statement in response to PM Abiy Ahmed’s remark on the development in the church and the church in essence rejected all these views on the development as wrong. Unlike the Prime Minister, the Ethiopian Church said the matter is not simple. 

Abiy’s remark has angered a considerably high number of Ethiopians. His government’s failure to enforce laws against the illegal group that is forcefully taking church properties in the Oromia region heightened the speculation that PM Abiy Ahmed’s government is behind the division. However, his government denies that he does not have anything to do with the division. In fact, he claimed credit saying that the church has been the most privileged since he took power – a point that the statement from the Holy synod refuted. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed also seems to have understood the anger that Ethiopians are demonstrating in opposition to his government’s failure to enforce the law to protect the Ethiopian Church as a legal entity and the way he handled the matter as a plot to topple his government. In that regard, he attempted to project an image that his government is too powerful and that a coup attempt or popular protest will not do anything. 

The Ethiopian Church has threatened to stage a countrywide demonstration if the government continues to interfere in the affairs of the church and enforce the law to protect legal entities. 


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  1. Abiy Ahmed has exposed the truth and he better than Bishops who excommunicated our Bishops. You will no longer work in our church.

    State should not intervene in the church affair. You slaughter our people and hanged it on an iron . YOu are cannibalists and we don’t want you. You will not make statement when Oromo slaughtered by knives like sheeps. You are no concerned about your money which is your blood vessel.

    Hats off to Prophet Yonatan, king of Prophets and pastors .

    • There is no such thing amara syond. First fix your sick mind because you make no sense. Second no one is forcing you what to believe or not to believe. You can believe in Dog and call it anything you want to I don’t anyone cares. Just don’t come for someone else religion and tell them what to do and what not to do. Those pastors can go and create another church and call it anything they want to. Why are they coming after eotc. From your comments you seem to have hate towards amara. It is saddens me and your hate can go to far and now you playing with God.

  2. Abiy Ahmed has exposed the truth and he is better than your wicked Bishops who excommunicated our Bishops. You will no longer work in our church. We excommunicated you too!!YOu will die being excommunicated and join devil in his palace. Your excommunication is useless as long as your notorious crminals who bless Fanos to kill Oromos!!

    State should not intervene in the church affair. You slaughter our people and hanged it on an iron . YOu are cannibalists and we don’t want you. You will not make statement when Oromo slaughtered by knives like sheeps. You are no concerned about your money which is your blood vessel.

    Hats off to Prophet Yonatan, king of Prophets and pastors .

  3. It saddens me so painfully that slowly this noble website is being swarmed by those gripped with runaway hatred for others. They are sneaking in behind the back of our dear editors. I’m really getting dejected. Religious fervor is not something to toy with. It should always be contained and confined at the places of worship but once it is unleashed out into the streets I do not want even to imagine what it will be proscribed into. My dear countrymen/women! You know me by now that I have nothing but love for you regardless of who you are or what you believe in. That country does not need religious strife. It has more than enough conflict on its hopper to deal with. Y’all should come together and resolve this issue and avert pending bloodshed and destruction. If there the will there will be the peace way to solve this incidence. Insha’Allah!!!!

  4. There we go again with another round of herd mentality on the loose. So you are saying because the PM said something awful we should plug our ears and close our eyes? How absurd can it get? And those of us who want to follow what the madness is all about will be condemned out of existence by the self-proclaimed Grand Ayatollahs?

  5. “Abiy Ahmed has exposed the truth”.

    You got that all wrong my belligerent friend. IT WAS ABIY AHMED WHO GOT EXPOSED!!!!!! It was a very shameful and disappointing scene for everyone to stomach. The guy, who took the oath of office to serve All Ethiopians, himself is afflicted with ethnofanatic disease that has plagued the nation for 30 years now. Even as PM of Ethiopia, with all the accolades, best wishes of millions and millions of Ethiopians, with all his failures of the past miserable 5 years, with all the benefit of the doubt people gave him for his massive incompetence, HE STILL DID NOT MANAGE TO RISE TO THE OCCASION AND EVOLVE INTO A STATESMAN. That is sad!!!!!!!! How low the mighty fall in a split of a second.

    Now instead of doing damage control, like a sensible and politician would make, you, his supporters have the nerve to bark your Amhara this, Tigre that, Oromo this, Kambata that mambo jumbo????

    Thirty years of ethnic politics have produced these dumb as a rock politicians who do not know what they are saying and what they are doing. The writing is on the wall, my friend.

    • Zehabesha you are editing comments and twisting for your own good, bunch of idiots neftegna cyber fanos
      you are now under serious mental state , you lost your positions in Oromia. You will delete this message because you will be disgraced

      You ,the zehabesha editors, are on suicide watch, please don’t die please please

  6. “እባብን – ልቧን አይቶ – እግር ነሳት!”-አሉ! Good-for-nothings like these Abiy media-bashers could have wrecked-and-destroyed Ethiopia had they had an iota of Abiy’s powers!

    What happened to the “ወንድምህን – እንደ ራስህ – ውደደው!” crap? Is that only among the ‘Pure-Breed Orthodox Amaras’? Is such Hateful Smear Campaign a Christian practice?

    I wonder why they keep churning such inflammatory gestures in a country where over 15 million Amaras live in Oromia. Isn’t that more than the Amaras who live in Amara Zone?

    Why hasn’t anyone questioned when the EOTC polarized Ethiopians and became more of an Amara Enterprise than an Ethiopian Orthodox Synod? Don’t non-Amaras count at all?

    If sermons are in Amharic in Amara Zone and in Tigrigna in Tigray Zone, why not serve the remaining 84 other ethnics in their languages as well? What exactly is the problem?

    What the Abba Sawiros Group says is no-brainer:

    • Language is not a problem EOTC exist in islands and they only speak geez/ Amharic/English all together in way it fits that area. Oromo is not a problem as language and language difference don’t play any role of difficulty in EOTC because the leaders within know and solve their issues without outside involvement. If you don’t know how it solved then get closer and find out. But people using language difference as a cause for conflict must have another agenda. The new pastors don’t even guide with God words but they teach to hate and kick anyone that don’t agree with them what kind of religion is that if it is not political agenda for several reasons keep coming back to embark the people and hate each other again and again The Oromo hate for amara ethnic and other ethnic is non stop keep rotating from one thing to another. I hope they wake up from this hating behavior before it is late.

  7. Abiy Ahmed is killing the unity of the country. He is officially making himself the leader of the Oromia region, not the whole country. Now the whole nation is against him,


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