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PM Abiy Ahmed’s message to the military commanders 


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed attended a military drill in Awash Arba for the second time in less than a week. He was enthusiastically talking about saying that “I am very pleased with what I saw today.”  He is of the view that it has changed a lot from what it was about four years ago. 

The drill focused on what he called elite air force and ground force operation. 

“The drill we saw today is not one that can be used for ‘sefer’ [he was apparently referring to ethnic parochialism without saying it]  combat.”

He was accompanied by the Defense and Deputy Chief of Staff, and several other military commanders from the ground force and from the airforce. 

And he had a message for them. 

“What I want to say to military commanders is that do not take your eye off Ethiopian and Ethiopiawinet. There are forces who want us to take our eye off what we want to achieve. Their interest is for us to abandon Ethiopia as a priority and reduce ourselves to Sefer level [parochialism].” 

Furthermore, he said that the main mission of military commanders is to build a force that can deter war. “We want peace. We do not need war. However, peace can not be achieved by wish only. There has to be preparation for it,” he added.

Watch his speech from the embedded video below 


Video : embedded from Fana TV  YouTube channel

Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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