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Amhara region pardoned over 4000 inmates 

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The Amhara region of Ethiopia says it has pardoned about 4,401 inmates. They were released starting January 28, 2023, and are released from different prisons across the region. 

Alemshet Mihret, public relation head of the region’s justice department, is cited as saying that those pardoned qualified for amnesty based on the requirements of the Amnesty Board in the region.

Among the considerations were age, health conditions, behavioral changes during serving their sentence and the number of years served in prison.

However, convicts linked to corruption sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment or more, those charged with rape cases of under 15 years, and those charged with abductions, human trafficking and making counterfeit money are excluded from the amnesty – according to the report by Ethiopian News Agency. 

93 of those pardoned are women 

Alemshet Mihret is also cited as saying that community members need not exclude those pardoned as the latter have demonstrated behavioral change during the course of their stay in prison


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  1. “pardoned about 4,401 inmates”

    Considerate of the current Ethiopian Government
    One hopes that Ethiopia is a little safer than it used to be.
    By the way, what is current INPUT NUMBER of PRISONERS ????(*)
    I vaguely remember that I asked that question a long, long, long time ago — though I now forget why I asked.


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