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The development within the Ethiopian Church


Three Bishops of the Ethiopian Church, who seem to have been clandestinely organizing a radicalizing group with the objective to establish ethnic based patriarchate in the Oromo region of Ethiopia, announced earlier this week that they have ordained 26 Bishops to serve across the region. They have a noticeable support from radical ethnic Oromo nationalists and their network within the government structure.

The development has shocked tens of millions of pious Ethiopian Orthodox Church and left them grieving.

The Holy Synod on Friday announced that it has excommunicated the bishops and the 25 monks that they ordained. One of wrote an apology letter and ditched the new supposedly

“Oromia patriarchate” and returned to the mother church.

Based on security arrangements and other provisions, the three patriarchs who broke away from the Ethiopian church seem to have support from the radical ethnic political groups and certain religious groups with ‘theological’ links to the western world.

The development continues to be a talking point and backdoor efforts to convince those who violated the church canon to ordain ethnic based and politically motivated congregations have declined to do so.

Sisay Agena, EMS Eletawi panelist and journalist, spoke to two individuals (both of them are ethnically from the Oromo region of Ethiopia) regarding schism.

Check it out if you have not.

Video : embedded from EMS YouTube channel
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