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City facility with high tech Anti-Corruption Facility blazed ahead of inauguration

Addis Ababa city facility - fire


The Addis Ababa City administration has been saying the level of corruption – involves land-related issues mainly – has been persistent in the Lemi Kura sub-city of Addis Ababa. 

The city administration spent hundreds of millions of birr in building an anti-corruption center in the sub-city that is fitted with digitized technology.  

Construction was near total completion and the facility was meant to be ready for inauguration in about a week’s time. Instead, what happened, this week, was the facility was totally damaged after it was blazed. 

The fire broke out around 10: 48 P.M. on Monday and the administration building which was fitted with all sorts of technology was reduced to nothing. 

Yet, the city administration made claims that no damage was caused to public data. There have been accusations in the past that the city administration attempts to alter the demographic composition of Addis Ababa. 

The cause of the fire is not established yet but it does not seem to be an accident.

Police said it is investigating the causes of the fire and no arrest has been made at this writing.  The administration is asking residents in the area to share any information in connection with the “fire accident.” 


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  1. Ok we get it, the place where corruption was to be routed out called the ANTI CORRUPTION CENTER has been burnt to the ground. THEREFORE, WE CANNOT FIGHT CORRUPTION.

    Oh no dear premier, and honorable mayor, and distinguished oromumma cadres and sycophants, we stole” em sorry”,we spent 100,000,000birr ( about 1.5 million US) and we have called you here for a bit of bad news. We won’t be able to use the building. Without the anti-corruption center, we won’t be able to win the war on corruption. Now don’t ask us about the 100,000,000birr. Let’s know and notify the fire station, ok. Bye now and thanks for coming.

  2. I bet you my freshly minted penny that all the electronics installed in this building are those bootlegged gadgets and faulty electrical cables from those commies in Beijing. Unless it is owned and made under the supervision of an American or Western European countries the wire gauge of the cable under the insulation may not be the true size. The commies may call it ‘designate’ or some other fancy name but they will sell of a 14awg cable as a 12awg cable. So you have to be very careful when buying electrical cable online from a seller you never heard of. What will happen when you buy and use such ‘false’ gauge electrical cable is you may end up overloading it and start fire. Our own commies used to tell me that ‘capitalist system is where money is made whether you are dead or alive’ when the truth of the matter is when money is made in capitalism you are still alive and living your dreams. The reality in commies’ world is you die when money and a cult are made, not just one of you but millions of you. Don’t expect someone to say ‘I’m sorry’ to see you dying. I told you not to start with me about commies.
    One a similar story from that city during my routine phone conversation with my merchant relative in the capital I brought up stories from the old days when I visited that city many decades of ago how the taxi drivers scream for your business right after you get off the bus. I told him he should not have ten taxi drivers yelling at him because of the light train with many routes in the capital. He quipped like ‘which light train?’ He said ‘if you are in a recycle business you better harry up and get here soon. More than half of the trains have broken down beyond what folks there can repair’. But the commies had pocketed close to half a billion in US dollars from it. Don’t start now, don’t start, Ittu!!!!

    • The “commies” pejorative is uncalled for here because, if you remember recent events, it’s because of the veto powers of China and Russia at the UN that Ethiopia pretty much still exists today. The “American or Western European countries” that you are so fond of tried many times to bring Ethiopia to its knees by blatantly supporting the TPLF on every occasion. So take it easy with your “commies” comments, Ittu. It makes you sound old and out of touch.


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