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Militant Oromo group reportedly killed at least 24 Federal and Regional forces in Amhara region 


Ethiopian government did not say anything about the loss of 24 government security forces in Jeweha a reported attack by the Oromo Liberation Front – Shane group in the Amhara region 

Jeweha _ Amhara region _ Shane


Militant ethnic Oromo Nationalist group – which the Ethiopian government calls Shane – reportedly ambushed Federal and regional forces in the Jeweha area of the Amhara region.

At least 24 Federal and Amhara regional forces are said to be killed in the attack. Many more have sustained wounds. But it is unclear if there is a life-threatening condition from among those wounded. 

Jeweha is along the Addis Ababa- Dessie Road between Ataye – where there has been a recurring attack by the same armed group – and Senbete. 

Ethiopian Media Services, based in Washington, spoke to residents from the area on the phone. 

They said Shane’s group launched the surprise attack on Saturday when members of the police forces from the federal and Amhara region were playing soccer (seemingly they were not on duty). 

Another incident involving an intense gunshot and exchange of fire was reported on Monday but it is unclear if there was an exchange of fire between the remaining police force and the militant group. 

According to the source, the Defense Force is deployed to the region. 

Residents from Ataye and Senbete areas are said to be displaced fearing the security crisis would worsen. 

Neither the Amhara regional communication nor the Federal government communications remarked about a security situation that claimed 24 government security forces. 

It is not given coverage in state media either. 

The group that calls itself “Oromo Liberation Army,” which parted ways with Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) a few years ago, has been undertaking recurring attacks in the area.. 

In May 2021, it caused massive damage in terms of human life and property damages. Tens of thousands of residents from Ataye, Karagore and Senbete were displaced. At the time, the incident triggered massive protests across the Amhara region

It was after the Ethiopian Defense  Force made claims that it had cleared the area from the “Shane” group that residents returned to their areas – most of them only to find their homes burned to the ground. 

The militant group extensively operates in the Oromo region of Ethiopia and has massacred tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians. 

The Federal government admitted on different occasions that the group gets support from elements within the government structure. 


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  1. Oromia has been a flashpoint for almost 4 years now but it has been confined within its region. I hope this tragic incidence is not a sign of it spilling over to neighboring regions. Now bigots will use this as their new cannon fodder and feeding territory. Violence seems to be making rounds in that country like a summer time tour by a favorite rock band. Folks, I am preparing myself not to be surprised by what is coming out of my Oromia or that country for that matter. I am preparing myself to hear some group of bigots declaring Oromia an independent state because that is the only way they will be able to sit on the top with their guns trained at their own citizens and line their pockets with what that region can offer. We have heard them since the 1970’s telling us and everyone else that their objective has been to found an independent state so ‘the people will be the sole owners and beneficiaries of the region’s natural resources’. Their runaway fantasy driving them nuts has been visualizing how they will be swimming in a sea of cash, gold, diamond, platinum and all the goodies their new republic can produce for them and their groupies. That poor farmer will remain so and even poorer and that urban dweller will be lost in his effort to find ways to come out of his wretched life. It looks like there is nothing between them and their inevitable declaration of a fiefdom ‘republic’ to stop them from doing so. I suspect now that they may have garnered ‘inside’ help. I’m preparing myself for any cringe worthy news.

  2. Subject: “Militant Oromo group reportedly killed at least 24 Federal and Regional forces in Amhara region” January 23,

    Humble Commentary, 2 Feb 2023
    a) A lot of things have happened in Ethiopia
    b) And a number of “RACES” were hurt and kept their grievances for ‘appropriate’ time
    c) And that ‘appropriate time’ is definitely NOW >> NOT TOMORROW.
    d) And ETHIOPIA will face horrendous grievances from grieved RACES
    e) And who is going to save the disintegration of that ancient country in the world, which used to be named ETHIOPIA.
    g) NO WONDER, ETHIOPIANS [and even neighboring people] are daily searching for safe sanctuary far, far, far away
    from EARTHLY HELL.
    THE END of ………………


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