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Ethiopian Police gets new weaponry



Ethiopia’s Federal Police is now heavily armed compared to what it used to have in the past. It has got approval from the Chief of Staff of the Defense Force. Now it is armed with armored vehicles and other heavy weaponry.

The security situation in the country has been in crisis especially in the Oromo region of Ethiopia where militant ethnic nationalists, who are believed to have administrative and political support, have been massacring civilians mostly targeting ethnic Amhara.

It remains to be seen if modernizing the weaponry of the Federal police is aimed at dealing with the security situation in the region.

Public trust and support to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been dwindling in light of the failure of his government to protect Ethiopians from attack and the orchestrated campaign to Oromize Addis Ababa – a move that triggered resistance by students and teachers in the city. At least 100 students and teachers were arrested in connection with the resistance to the imposition of Oromia region anthem and flag on schools in Addis Ababa.


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