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Ethiopian Patriarch summons Bishops from around the world as radicalizing bishops announce new Oromia patriarchate 


Abune Sawiros , a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Holy Synod, emerging as “Patriarch of Oromia.” Ethiopian Patriarch His Holiness Abune Mathias called the move illegal

Ethiopian Patriarch His Holiness Abune Mathias speaking this morning in response to the development in Oromia region of Ethiopia (Photo : screenshot from EOTC TV video)


Just days after celebrating the feast of Epiphany across the country, what looks like a coup against the Ethiopian Church – one of the oldest churches in history – is happening.

A group of Patriarchs, who seem to have been organizing clandestinely, declared a new Holy Synod for the Oromia region.  The action is regarded as illegal and an attack on the Ethiopian church with a move to divide the Holy Synod. 

The group has appointed Bishop Abune Sawiros as the patriarch for the Oromo region.  It has ordained “Bishops” in Wolisso as part of the move to declare itself independent from the Ethiopian Holy Synod.  There have been efforts in the past to establish the “Oromia Holy Synod” but was reversed with mediation from Ethiopian Church fathers. 

Bishop Abune Sawiros ran in the June election for the position of Head of the Ethiopian Church but finished third securing only seven votes. 

Ethiopian Patriarch His Holiness Abune Mathias announced on Sunday that he had learned about the new development and summoned all Bishops outside of the country to the patriarchate to discuss the matter and pass a decision.  They are advised to make it to the Patriarchate as soon as possible. 

His Holiness said the development is illegal and has no recognition from the Ethiopian Church. 

He also called on the Ethiopian government to understand the security implications of the new development and take necessary action to address the matter. 

For the faithful of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the message is “stay vigilant”  and pay attention to the messages from Holy Synod. 

The Protestant church and Islamic faiths are not currently facing any challenges of separation from the “Oromia” region of Ethiopia. 

There are speculations among those who are close to the church that moves are politically motivated and are backed by politicians. The Oromia region has been facing a security crisis for over four years now as what Shane, as the government calls it, the militant group has been attacking innocent civilians and at times burning churches. 

PM Abiy Ahmed is credited with uniting the Holy Synod after the TPLF imposed exile on the fourth patriarch of Ethiopia, His Holiness Abune Merkorios, soon after it took power in Addis Ababa in 1991. 

At this writing, PM Abiy has not remarked on the new development.  


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  1. Oh no, just oh no. At this rate the Protestant and Islamic faith groups in so called oromia zone too must split. Stupid politicians, always dumb as a rock.What goes around, comes around. The Kingdom of God is One and The Tent is Large and Wide enough to accommodate all. If only the oromumma cadres with Abiy atop, imitating their master tplf, worked this hard to solve Ethiopia’s problems, what type of positive change Ethiopians would witness.

  2. What the other news I read today does not sound good. It tells about a deadly clash between residents of a small rural locality and Oromia regional forces. What triggered the confrontation is a planned construction of a dam on a river in that area. Oromia has been a flashpoint for almost 4 years now but it has been confined within its region. I hope this tragic incidence is not a sign of it spilling over to neighboring regions. Now bigots will use this as their new cannon fodder and feeding territory. Violence seems to be making rounds in that country like a summer time tour by a favorite rock band. Folks, I am preparing myself not to be surprised by what is coming out of my Oromia or that country for that matter. I am preparing myself to hear some group of bigots declaring Oromia an independent state because that is the only they will be able to line their pockets with what that region can offer. That poor farmer will remain and even poorer, that urban dweller will be lost in his effort to find ways to come out of his wretched life. I’m preparing myself for any cringe worth news.

  3. This foolish, cheap political stunt and chicanery by the desperate, confused and internally imploding PP led by the duplicitous, fickle, morally corrupt and bankrupt, neophytic so called premier should not worry or cause any distress to the faithful and dutiful tens and tens of millions members, followers, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

    Abiy’s desperation, the widening schism, gulf and gorge among his fake Ethiopianist PP cadres, sycophants and conniving but laughable think tanks of the likes of Daniel Kibret etc are all the ones being tested, exposed, divulged, called out before the Ethiopian public.

    The identities, political affiliations, moral character and past history of the soon to be denounced pseudo religious “leader”, political opportunists, olf/ ola sympathizers will soon be available to the Ethiopian public at large. Shimeles Abdissa is on record claiming oromumma is bigger than any and all regions.

    What goes around comes around. If Abiy and his PP want to split the Tewahdo Church by ethnicity, the Protestant and Islamic denominations too will soon be split into oromumma die hard followers with Abiy and PP pulling strings and playing demigods in their banana oromumma republic. Let the neophyte swim in his filth, squalor and cesspool of ethnic cannibalism, butchering and back and forth knifing and stubbing among his elk. Everyone has seen this remake of the tplf directed rooted movie before. People may recall the fake PM flying to the USA, pretending to unite the then tplf split church, and flying back to Ethiopia with the late Abune Merqerios.




    To quote the beloved Vulcan Spock as Tuvok:

    Our systems are more than adequate.

    Tom Paris:
    Ah! I give up!

    After only two minutes? Tuvok, how do you do it?

    I wait until his own illogic overwhelms him.

    Get the popcorn ready, the oromumma sequel “Desperately seeking religious sectarianism in Abiy’s oromumma” is playing in theaters now. This is a sequel to the 1990s tplf movie flop “Desperately seeking religious sectarianism in Meles’s golden tribe”.

  4. The likes Hagos and Haftom failed to create a “Tigray Orthodox Patriarch”.

    So they’re sponsoring their OLF friends to do the same. Nothing new.

  5. IT is not debatable issue that EOTC , mahibrekidusan and other organizations of the church are saddly dominated by one amhara tribe.However, the current ecclesiastical nomination of Bishops and patriarch in Oromia is unacceptable. We all know that a good number of preachers and church scholars do serve Oromia . We have many scholars and talented people who study in Qine , zema, kidase and aququam bet or school who are native to Oromia and who speak Oromigna.
    The reasons brought by these newly appointed bishops to the public is inadequate .
    Bishops and patriarch should not be appointed in the backyard and in secrecy. However, if they could fully justify that the members of Orthodox tewahedo church are persecuted and targetd due to their ethnic background this may seem persuasive.
    BTW, EOTC leaders are preachers are not doing their job accordingly that why many follower are joining other denominations but not because they are not preached with oromifa , or any other language. WE all know many preachers who speak oromifa are deployed by the diocese and parish church leaders to many towns and villages of Oromia even if we can’t deny the scarcity of these preachers and servants of the church in Oromia . Because many church scholars serving as ecclesiastical choir members (like merigeta mezemiran etc )are mainly amhara descent.
    All in all, these bishops are violating the church laws, honest opinion !!

    • Mahibrekidusan filled with amhara elites and tribalist amhara people is threatening these newly appointed bishops .

      How could a group of sabbath school students warn and intimadate bishops , the highest ranking leaders of the church ?

      BTW, EOTC’s , Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church , holy Synod has already put its hand in the genocide waged on people of Tigray, where the majority of the people are christians. According to Fiteha Negeset, book of ecclesiastial judiciary and canonical laws, bishops who worked with worldly leaders against their church and in serious crimes they don’t have right to excercise their normal religious sacred authority and couldn’ be accepted to have godly power and sanctity. One’ bishop can’t claim he is a bishop if he engaged in genocidal act either giving emotional or fiancial support like what EOTC synod did against the laity of EOTC in Tigray.

      These bishops and holy Synod of EOTC were repteadly notified so as to condemen the war waged against Tigrayan EOTC members and fathers of Tigrayan church.
      Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes.athew 11:21 And these bishops and holy synod are more to receive punishment from God than the laity of EOTC since word of god and alerte of genocide in Tigray were given to them beforehand.

      This Holy synod of EOTC should repent and ask forgiveness from God and surely from people of Tigray for their involvement in the genocide .Thousands of Priests and church scholars were brutally massacred soon after they left from church service, holy mass.some priests’ hands were amputated for holding holy cross in their hand.

      Whe all these war crimes were committed socalled mahibre kidusan aggregates of neftegna , are well aware of everything. Mahibrekidusan have members almost from all walks of life , in various public and religious servies that they trapped them in the name of God and religious service for their commerciam benefit. Mahibrekidusan has no right to condemn and threaten these bishops because it is a corrupted and genocidal association.
      Mahibrekidusan and other bishops are misuing the patriarch for their financial motives since the churches in Oromia will no longer give fraction of coins to these church leaders and aggregates of business men .If they were concerned about the church they should have condemned the crimes committed against the church in Tigray and Oromia .
      Don’t manipulate His Holiness Abune Mathias for your own commercial agenda . The church will not be divided just because these bishops establish their synod to serve their own people in their own language. They have been asking several years the holy synod dominated by tribalist amhara leaders . No one tend to entertain their sacred request. Jesus Christ revealed 72 languages to his disciples in order these dsciples preach the people in their own language. Oromo people don’t understand amharic and geez . They must find hagiographies and sacred books in their language. zemedikun and mahibrekidusan have legal and eccclesiastical authority to intimidate and give order to bishops.
      Oromia should not be under the leadership of amhara dominated church any longer . Fanos have massacred christians brutally. You cannot cry now for unity for financial reasons and to expand your territory .Oromos shouldnot give a single coin to amhara dominated church which don’t even condemn the killings of Oromos.

  6. Leave the Ethiopian Muslims out of whatever is going on with your churches. Surely as a Muslim, I will not support a split like this for the EOTC because it can ignite other clashes between people.
    But remember when Meles and the woyane snakes brought a new version of Islam a.k.a Ahbash from Lebanon, it is only thinker Christians who were against the forceful indoctrination of the new Islamic sect. Many elite Christians were happy about it and they were saying it’s good to tackle extremism. Which is actually stupid to think so, since the Lebanese Ahbash sect is well known for a fact they are behind so many terrorism attacks since the 80s in Beirut and Syria.
    So what I am saying is, just because EOTC split doesn’t mean Oromia Islam is going to. Or Should have to. It’s your internal issue you Orthodox Christians have to solve it. Leave Ethiopian Muslims out of this. We have suffered enough.

  7. Here we again . If anyone thought objectives for violence of Oromumma political cadres and ethncs fanatics, not referring to the poor and innocent Oromo population, limited to only political power and territorial expansionism, he couldn’t be more mistaken. Now they even embraced on religious war and godly domination over others. As per new reports in these weeks mentioned , they started attacking and building up forces along the the Somali Region border from corner to corner as if one side or one front conflict wasn’t enough. I can’t but this action reminds me the amharic proverbs of በሬ ሆይ በሬ ሆይ ሞኙ በሬ ሆይ ሳሩን አየህና ገደሉን ሳታይ እልም ካለው ገደል.

  8. Here we go again . If anyone thought objectives for violence of Oromumma political cadres and ethnic fanatics, not referring to the poor and innocent Oromo population, limited to only political in power and territorial expansionism, he couldn’t be more mistaken. Now they even embraced on religious war and godly domination over others. As per new reports in these weeks mentioned , they started attacking and building up forces along the the Somali Region border from corner to corner as if one side or one front conflict wasn’t enough. I can’t help but this action reminds me the amharic proverbs of በሬ ሆይ በሬ ሆይ ሞኙ በሬ ሆይ ሳሩን አየህና ገደሉን ሳታይ እልም ካለው ገደል.

  9. The Ethiopian Muslims are brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers of other Ethiopians. Our mother Ethiopia’s tent is large and huge for everyone to have room. The impostor atop masquerading as premier of all Ethiopians and his oromumma cadres, sycophants and political opportunists MUST BE AND WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL THEIR CRIMES!!!!!!! The oromumma goons have not left Somali Ethiopians alone either. The Somali region in the South East was one of the most neglected, abused and marginalized region during the past 30 years of tplf dominance.

    The beautiful Harari, Somali people have always been one of the most talented merchants and traders in Ethiopia for centuries. Even during the military derg era, the famous “Taiwan/ Afetessa” and Melka Jebdu were the epicenters of the 1980s electronics markets in Ethiopia that proliferated due to the closed economy of the communist derg. These resilient, disciplined and sociable Ethiopians were the ones that even made possible the distribution of state of the arts and top notch electronics, watches, clothes and various accessories to many Ethiopians in those years.

    Here is the remarkable nature of these peaceful and resourceful people and their communities. They did not need any law enforcement and police to conduct their businesses ( the contraband status of these markets is not a topic of discussion here). Mass robbery and murder were unheard of AND THANK GOD TPLF AND OROMUMMA GOONS DID NOT EXIST THEN OR WERE NEVER SEEN THERE !!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!

    Dire dawa and Harar were the epicenters of mass travel, tourism and cultural and religious melting pots. The blessed Ethiopians that we’re born in the 1920s, 1930 s then were MUlTILINGUAL. It was not uncommon to find a large community of polyglots who spoke Amharic, Somali, Adere/ Harari, Qotu Oromo dialect, Arabic, some Italian and French, and if schooled English as well quite fluently. There was no Adanech Abebe meddling then. Thank God oromumma goons with the fake premier atop did not exist then, THANK THE ALMIGHTY for keeping these opportunistic goons away.

    Today the Somali and Hararis are a marginalized group fighting the forceful assimilation and eventual extinction of their communities by the violent oromumma goons. Ethiopian history shows the oromo expansion was singularity responsible for the forceful assimilation of the AdaL, Dawuro, and many other ethnic groups and subjugation by the expansionist oromo. Nothing new here.

  10. Amharas need to look deep within and understand the roots of this historical rift and come hand to hand with their brothers and push for equality. Buy yall don’t wanna have that conversation

  11. “… the roots of this historical rift and come hand to hand with their brothers and push for equality”.

    For openers, this is not a historical rift. It is a more vulgarized version and repeat of the Meles era attempt by a dictatorial, undemocratic government to violate, dominate and politicize a given denomination, its followers and ultimate desire of splitting the political vote of the tens and tens of millions of Orthodox Tewahdo faithful by ethnicity and kilill/ village politics.

    The duplicitous impostor masquerading as premier of all Ethiopians wrote in his own Medemer book “how controlling a religious group is necessary to control a given population”. The neophyte together with his pp sycophants, oromumma cadres and political opportunists are all obsessed with their power base and political chair 24/7, they will leave no stone unturned and will descend to the deepest inferno to ensure their stealing, murdering, embezzling, displacing and subjugating of Ethiopians who give them thumbs down en masse.

    It is also becoming abundantly clear that the pp group with the neophyte atop are being exposed to be deficient in ethical and moral standards. With his fat thumb on the scale of justice trying to tilt, cajole, intimidate, bribe, corrupt and mislead everyone towards oromumma, this individual is evolving to a militant dictator, power monger and impediment to peace, progress and development of a just Ethiopia for all Ethiopians.

    Here is a fundamental test and opportunity for the change of course for said individual to evolve into a statesman:



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