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Abiy Ahmed, Anthony Blinken discussed instability in Oromia

The Situation in Oromia, Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia  has never been so much of a concern for the United States 

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The U.S. State Department on Saturday disclosed that Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed and U.S.  Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had a phone conversation. 

The statement did not say when exactly the two leaders had a phone conversation and who initiated the call.  

Based on the brief statement from the State Department it seems that Mr. Blinked initiated it with a sort of monitoring tendency regarding the post-cessation of hostility situation in Ethiopia. And he seems to be nodding to Abiy Ahmed’s administration indicating an era of mounting pressure on his administration in connection with the war against TPLF is over.  

The Secretary of State reiterated the U.S. U.S. support for the “African-Union led peace process.” The Ethiopian government earlier this week accused “some” Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) officials of violating the terms of the peace agreement in relation to disseminating negative propaganda. The TPLF has not remarked about it. 

However, the U.S., like the European Union, is pushing for an investigation of alleged human rights abuse during the course of the war. 

Implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement and the withdrawal of Eritrean Forces from the Tigray region of Ethiopia were discussed.

“The Secretary welcomed this development, noting that it was key to securing a sustainable peace in northern Ethiopia, and urged access for international human rights monitors, ”  Mr. Ned Price, State Department spokesperson, said in his brief statement. 

Another important issue that was discussed in the situation in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. Despite an ongoing massacre of unarmed civilians, mostly ethnic Amhara, by a militant nationalist group that is believed to have support from within Abiy Ahmed’s government structure, the United States’s “advocacy”  – as it relates to Ethiopia – was primarily focused on the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia – not Afar region, not Amhara region and not Oromia region of Ethiopia.

But this time the U.S. secretary reportedly talked about the situation in the Oromo region of Ethiopia too. 

“The two also discussed the need to bring an end to ongoing instability in the Oromia region,” said the statement from Ned Price.  However, it did not say if the investigation of Human Rights violations is a matter of interest for the U.S. government.

Ethiopian government last week offered a radical ethnic Oromo groups operating in the Oromia region for a peaceful way of resolving difference with the government.


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  1. I’m very happy to know and it very assuring to me that USA still has its engagement in tact with the leaders of the old country. That gives me comfort that 1977-78 will not be repeated. I am also glad to hear that Secretary Blinken has raised the violence in Oromia. It seems bigots are zeroing in on that region as the next pit stop. They have been killing, displacing innocent citizens and also torching down implements of civilization such as factories and modern farms.


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