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Ethiopian gov’t says it is pursuing “peaceful,” “Political ways” to reverse Shane as a problem 


The Ethiopian government has been saying that there will not be peaceful negotiation with the OLF-Shane group that calls itself Oromo Liberation Army 

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Legesse Tulu, Minister for Government Communication Services (Photo : public domain)


The Ethiopian government on  Wednesday said it will be pursuing peaceful, political and other means to end “Shane” as a security threat. 

Legesse Tulu, Minister for government communication services, said that the government has organized a task force in areas where the OLF-Shane was active.

It is tasked to restore peace and socio-economic activity. Regional and Federal Forces, as well as residents, are said to be involved in the actions that the government is taking against the militant group. 

Not just that, the government is now saying that “political” and “peaceful” options are the first options in effecting changes in the desired directions.  

Previous government efforts to resolve “the Problem” peacefully did not succeed primarily because of “Shane,”  the Minister said. 

This time the government is calling on the public to put pressure on OLF Shane to accept the call for peace and end its wicked activity targeting citizens. 

Furthermore, it said that the group does not have any objective that is based on the rights and privileges of the Oromo people.  It even accused the group of killing the Oromo People. 

Legesse Tulu said that “It is important to understand that there is no objective condition that necessitates armed struggle.” 

This week government media outlets reported that a number of OLF-Shane members handed themselves to government forces in a bid to resort to peaceful life and the Ethiopian government is saying it is working on conditions that youth give up armed activity and return to a peaceful life. 

The group has not yet remarked on the call for peace.

Who is OLF-Shane? 

The militant ethnic Oromo Nationalist group which the Ethiopian government calls “Shane” was part of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) until a few years ago when the political wing of the organization declared that it had parted ways with the military wing. 

For about ten or so years before Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister in 2018, the OLF was operating in Eritrea as a guerrilla force and was invited to the country by Abiy Ahmed.

In the first year after their arrival, OLF entered into controversy with PM Abiy Ahmed’s government over disarming its combatants who came from Eritrea.  And then after about a year or two years, the political leaders of the organization disowned the military wing. 

It was after that the militant group intensified massacring civilians mostly targeting ethnic Amhara in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

The group has, as the Ethiopian government itself has admitted on many occasions, cells within the government structure. Tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians and a considerable number of government officials were killed in the Oromo region and the group is behind it. 


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  1. There are a lot of young people who were duped into joining a group of thugs that subtle and wise methodology should be devised to woo them away. By now some or many of must have begun to wake up or at least suspect that they have been had. Wondering aimlessly in the bushes did not bring the Shangri-La they fantasized they were told by connivers. What they have gained has been losing many of their friends during their run around. I have said this umpteen times before. The so-called national question has been amicably answered since 1995. And there has not been one so-called ‘Liberation Front’ that turned democratic since the American Revolution. Not one. You need proof? Just look around inside that country. So to gut this anarchy of thugs peacefully will not be a crime and deserves a a chance.
    Peace y’all!!!

    • የልመና ፥ስደት ፥የተገዢነት ታሪክ ያላቸው ኤርትራውያን ሀገር ከመሠረቱ በሓላ ለሠላሣ ዓመታት ሙሉ ተሠደው አንዲት ሕንጻ ሊያቆሙ አልቻሉም፤ኢትዮጵያ ውሥጥ ባዩት ዕድገትና ልማት ቅናት፥በኢትዮ ኤርትራጦርነት ሽንፈት አረውና ተቃጥለው ጦርነት ከፍተው ዝርፊያና የጅምላ ጭፍጨፋ ሲፈፀሙ ናእየፈፀሙ ይገኛሉ፥፥ድንጋይ መፍለጥ የሚማሩባት ለሣዋ ፍልፍሎች ኤትራውያን ኢትዮጵያ ገነት ናት፤፤ all eritreans out of ethiopia

  2. Nobody, not a single soul with thinking brain believes a word that comes out of Abiy’s or his PP sycophants. OLF Shane is part of Abiy’s oromumma agenda. So basically, Abiy will work with murderers, looters and criminals in his bosom day in day out.

    Not a single criminal of Abiy’s OLF militant wing has been brought to justice. And Abiy wants the West, the majority of Ethiopians to take him seriously as a premier of “law and order” of “due process”, “a government that respects basic human rights, property rights” etc.

    What a joke!!!!!!!!!!

    Not credible!!!!!!!!


    • You are not even ALLOWED to have internet in your home in Eritrea. No new buildings, no new cars except those outmoded cars left by Italians . Can any neftegna help this poor country whose citizens are famous for begging, stealing, and beinbg exported as a good for US, canda , and rest of richest countries. Eritrean army officials are notorious for their involvment in kident sale of eritreans to subsidize their personal and national economy. These wicked eritrean officals were suffering from envy and anger due to their defeat during ethio-eritrea war. Many ethiopians including amhara and oromos died for ethipia and the current generation supporting fanos and abiy ahmed want to give ethiopian border in Tigray to eritrea for their cooperation in massacring Tigrayans as amharan forefathers did and work with italians and other colonizers.

  3. The only way is the regime must do is doing its JOB No.1!!! Protect, Protect, Protect and Protect peaceful citizens from government sponsored Shene/OLF Oromo cannibals. Shene cannibals will not get away with massacring over 5000 innocent Amharas!!!

    The word peace does not exist with Amhara hater, Shene Oromo Cannibals. They are not difficult to catch because they conduct training openly, driving government pickups with new and modern heavy weapons and committing daily massacre in Wellga. In the mean time, Shimels and Abiy are distracting with wheat farm and dark sun glasses shows wearing expensive suits bought by stolen money from Ethiopians..

    OLF/Shene cannibals are not fighting with Oromia administration but selectively and indiscriminately massacring and looting Amharas because they are giving Green light by and are part and body of the Oromia Administration.

    Stop giving free access to massacre and loot Amharas, banks and get away with Genocide Crime. Catch, bring and punish those cannibals!!!

    The OLF/Shene Oromo Ethnic cannibals did not grow to cannibalize over 5000 innocent Amharas in Wellga without the sponsorship of the PP/OLF regime and the Oromia administration regime.
    The self hate to be Ethiopian and the magnitude of greed and cruelty created OLF or Shene. We all know Shene bravado comes from being part of PP/OLF regime. Shene is not known to be a fighter that gives hard time to PP/OLF regime. Pre-Abiy era, 40 years history of OLF has decayed hopelessly in Egypt, Eritrea and Somalia without firing one shot.

    Now the OLF/PP/Shene evil secret is out for Amhara and Ethiopians and to have woken up and realized that they were living with a walking and visible devil called OLF/Shene, Abiy now has devised another scheme to let those cannibals free and to escape from Genocide charges.


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