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Ethiopia’s Election board cancels EFP from political party registration list


The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia on Tuesday announced that it has canceled the “Ethiopian Freedom Party” from the Political party registration list.

According to a statement from the Board, the party was notified that it is suspended on grounds of breaching rules and asked in July 2022 to produce evidence about the Party Congress it undertook in May 2022.  

The decision, back then, was based on the information that the party gave to the Board regarding the party’s code of conduct pretending that the Party Congress ratified it was wrong.  

The party has submitted the requested document to the board to clear suspicion but the Board is saying that it is not convincing.

The Board makes claims that it has investigated the Party Congress meeting from May 2022 and that the party allowed non-party members who are paupers and homeless people to take part in the congress by luring them with allowances. 

The Board cited legislation 98/1(ሠ) that governs political parties to support its decision of canceling the party from the list of political parties in the country.  The party is reportedly notified about the decision.

At this writing, the party has not released a statement regarding the decision. 


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  1. better to cancel toxic parties with hidden agenda like OLF, OFC and even ODP itself. There is only revenge and retribution coming from these so-called gang of ruffians posing as a political party. Even the Mafia has better agenda!


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