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 Houston Half Marathon : Leul Gebresilase Aleme, Hiwot Gebremaryam won 

Houston Half Marathon _ Leul Gebresilase Aleme
Leul Gebreselassie finishes first in a very competitive half marathon race in Houston. Photo source : Runner’s World.Credit : Kevin Morris


Ethiopian Athletes won the Houston Half Marathon in men’s and women’s categories. 

The race to the finishing line in the men’s category was an exciting one with a bit of suspense.  Kenyan athlete, Welsly Kiptoo was more focused on blocking ways on Ethiopian Athlete Leul Gebreselassie. Even in the last minute to the finishing line he attempted to block Leul.

And the race took a sprint form. Leul managed to cross the finishing line first in 1:00: 34 and the Kenyan athlete was lagging only in less than a second, according to the “Runner’s World.”

In the women’s category of the half marathon, Hiwot Gebremaryam won the race. She crossed the finishing line in  1:06:28 hours. Her closest challenger was Emily Sisson who finished the distance second in 1:06:52. “Let’s Run” called her performance  “a bright start to her 2023 campaign by running 66:52 to shave 19 seconds off her own American record.”

There was also a marathon event at Houston. In the Men’s category, Kenyan athlete Dominic Ondoro won the race in  2:10:36 hours. Ethiopian Athlete Tsedat Ayana finished second.  Ondoro won it by only a 1 second difference. 

In the women’s category, Japanese athlete Hitomi Niiya won the race when she finished the crossing line in  2:19:24 hours. 


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