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Addis Ababa : Ethiopia’s Intelligence and Security Task Force made arrests 

The Task Force  is saying that it has made arrests from OLF-Shane and “radical FANO” 

Ethiopia’s Intelligence and Task forms claimed that it seized these weapons from suspects who are planning to create violence and chaos in Addis Ababa. It linked them to OLF-Shane and FANO. (Photo : public domain)


Ethiopia’s Intelligence and Security Task Force on Saturday said it arrested what it called “Anti-peace forces who were working to create violence and chaos in Addis Ababa and its surroundings.”

According to a report by the state media, ENA, 107 Oromo Liberation Front – Shane forces are arrested. 

Firearms and law enforcement bodies’ uniforms that were intended to be used during the planned attack in Addis Ababa are also seized, it was said. 

From the images shared by state media, the uniforms that are seized are from Federal Police, the Defense Force and regional special forces. 

Intelligence and Security Task Force _ Addis Ababa
Law enforcement uniforms that are reportedly seized from suspects in Addis Ababa

The Task Force also said that it has arrested “radical fano” who have been using some political parties as a cover in their planning to make Addis Ababa a center of violence. There had been similar claims by the Federal government in the recent past. 

In a recent public speech, Ethiopian PM Abiy stated that “Oromo Shane and Amahra Shane” posed threat to the country, and they are both similar. His remark about Amhara Shane outraged many as it was seen rather as an attempt to camouflage the massacre ethnic Amharas in the Oromo region of Ethiopia by OLF-Shane and the regional special forces too. 

Ammunition that are said to have been seized from suspects in Addis Ababa

It said members of the group were carrying fraudulent identification cards with the aim to instigate inter-ethnic violence in the city, and to launch an armed attack. The number of suspects arrested in connection with that is 109, according to an ENA report. 

Ethiopian local media outlets did not cover the story. 

Apart from groups linked to political movements, the task force made claims that it has arrested 155 suspects who were armed with non-firearms and engaged in robbery activities. 

Ethiopia’s Intelligence and Security Task Force made similar arrests in September 2022 in Addis Ababa. That time the arrests were alleged to have links to the TPLF terrorist group which is poised to be removed from the list of terrorism after completion of disarmament as agreed in the Pretoria Peace agreement. 


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