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Atlanta to Africa direct flight Ethiopian Airlines new addition 

The Addis Ababa-Atlanta four times a week direct flight will serve Ethiopians living state of Georgia and other communities from East Africa

Ethiopian Airlines Atlanta  - Addis Ababa


Ethiopian Airlines added one more destination to its services to North America. Starting in May of this year, Ethiopian will begin a direct flight between Addis Ababa and Atlanta, Georgia. It is going to be a four times-a-week flight, according to a report by “One Mile At A Time.” The flight will have a stop at Dublin, Ireland, for fuel. 

Ethiopian is deploying a Boeing 787-9 for the route.  The schedule, according to Simply Flying, is as follows :

  • Addis Ababa to Atlanta (via Dublin): ET518, 22:00-04:20 (+1); 05:10-09:00 (18h block time)
  • Atlanta to Addis Ababa: ET519, 10:35-07:50 (+1) (14h 

Based on the “Simply Flying” report, the Atlanta-Africa route had about 203,000 roundtrip passengers in 2019.  Georgia is one of the states where tens of thousands of Ethiopians live. It is also home to other communities from East Africa including Eritrea. 

Addis Ababa  - Atlanta
Image source : Simply Flying

Currently, it is flying to four destinations in the United States;  Chicago (ORD), Newark (EWR), New York (JFK), and Washington (IAD). In Canada, it has five times a week flight to Toronto. 

In a related development, Ethiopia is restoring the pre-coronavirus frequency of flights to  China starting in March. According to the Times Aerospace report, the airlines will have a total of 28 passenger flights per week when the service is fully restored in less than two months’ time. Some cities are getting multiple flights a week. 

The source cited Mesfin Tassew, the CEO, as saying: “We are glad that we are ramping up the frequencies of our flights to Chinese cities thanks to the easing of flight restrictions by the Government of China. China is one of the largest markets for Ethiopian Airlines outside Africa, and the increase in flight frequencies will help revive the trade, investment, cultural and bilateral cooperation between Africa and China in the post-Covid era. Thanks to our large network across Africa, the increase in the number of flights to Chinese cities will bring Africa and China closer. We are keen to further expand our service to China going forward.”


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  1. Humble Commentary
    Keep on flying high, and everywhere, the admirable and enviable Ethiopian Airlines in the WORLD.
    The FOUNDATION of its extraordinay solid successful continuity is the key to its enviable glory as a successful AIRLINES of AFRICA . CHEER-UP ETHIOPIA.
    Post Script
    I am not — and has never been, part of EAL’s employment.

  2. As of yesterday , the formation of a Mechanized infantry unit in Amhara region came to light and this unit has been organized by the help of Eritrean regime and its army leaders.
    The genocidal eritrean army is also preparing to ignite another bloody conflict , however, Tigrayan army has been disarmed and obliged to surrender its heavy artilleries.

    TPLF is endangering its people .TPLF , the dictatorial mafia group, should leave its position to other parties in Tigray. ሌሎቹ ፓርቲዎች ገር የመምራት ልምድ ስለሌላቸው ሊመሩን አይገባም የሚሉ አንዳድ ሰዎች አልጠፉም፥፥የህውሃት ባለሥልጣናት ከበረሃ ገብተው ያለምንም ልምድ ያስተዳድሩ ቆይተዋል፤፤ከህውሃት ውጭ ሌላ ማስተዳደር እንደማይችል እኪታመንበት ድረስ ህውሃት ዝቡን በአምባገነንነት ሲመራ ቆይቷል፤፤ለስም ብቻ የፓለቲካ ፓርዎች አሉ ዲሞክራሲ የሰፈነበት መንግሥትና አስተዳደር ነው ለማሰኘት ብቻ ሲል ህውሃት በአምገነንነት የሌሎቹን ፓርቲዎች ድምፅ በማፈን በጭቆና ያስተዳድር የቆየ መሆኑ ይታወቃል፤፤ከአሁን በሗላ ግን የትግይ ሕዝብ በነፃነትና በሠላም እንዲኖር ያለ ሥጋት ከቤቱ ወጥቶ እንዲገባ የሚያስችለው አስተዳደራዊ መዋቅር እንዲሰፍን ህውሃትን አሥወግዶ በምትኩ ሌላ እንዲመርጥ መዘጋጀት አለበት፥፥

  3. አማራ ክልል በባዶ እግራቸው ለሚሄዱ ሰዎች ጫማ ለመለገስ ገንዘብ ያዋጣን ነው፥፥ጎፈንድሚ ጀምረናል፤፥ከተቻለ ቁምጣቸውን እንዲይቀይሩ ሁለት ሱሪ ቦላሌ ቦልቧሌ ትርፍ ያላቹ ብትለግሡን መልካም ነው፤፤ብዙ ሕጣናትና ገበሬዎች ቅዳሜ ገበያ እንኳ መሄድ አልቻሉም፤፤ አረቄ ና ጠላ ሻጮችም ገበያችን ቀዘቀዘ እያሉ ነው፤፤ያማራ ክልል መንግሥት ቁምጣና ያለ ጫማ መንቀሳቀስ እንደማይቻል አሳውቋል፤፤
    ጫማና ሱሪ ለሁሉም በሚል መርህ ተነሳስተናል ተጎናችን ሁኑ አልሰምተንም እንዳትሉን

  4. Long ago, I suggested to a management team member to fly to Atlanta and Toronto. I also suggested that they pick either Jew York or Jew Jersey. As to Chicago’s O’Hare, I wasn’t sure because its winter delays are really ugly.

    As a rule of thumb, the northern the Northern American city, the worse the winter snow and incurs delays and costs. Passengers who have flight connections may miss it, too.

    NB: The Ethiopian Airlines is as much an asset as it’s a liability. So, it should scale-down its dependence on the West’s planes/airports/etc. and pick future partners/airports wisely.

    PS: Try to book your flights on the same carrier till your last destination. Because, if there is delay and you miss your connecting flight, the carrier reschedules you for free.

  5. What a gem shining out of a country that seems not to know how to get its acts together since 1974. It has survived despots one after another thanks to its enlightened CEO’s and dedicated employees. It even had the audacity to dodge the sticky fingers and numb brains of Mengistu. Way to go Brother Obbo Mesfin bin Tassew! Go get’em tigers!!!!


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