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TPLF completed handing over first round of heavy weaponry to Ethiopian gov’t


TPLF reportedly handed over the first round of heavy weaponry in the presence of African Union observers in Agula’a – about thirty kilometers from Mekelle.

According to Colonel Let. Aleme Tadele the weaponry are counted and received.

Mulugeta Gebrekirstos, representative of the TPLF, said “TPLF has handed over heavy weaponry to the Federal government peacefully.” He added that his organization will continue to hand over weapons in other parts of the region as well.

There is, however, skepticism among Ethiopians who express their views on different social media platforms. “It is hard to trust the TPLF based on its track records” are very common remarks

Video : embedded from EBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. Ethiopia needs to solicit a groud penetrating radar service or conduct forensic search to identify and confisicate the weapons burried or hidden by the TPLf.Then take the TPLF goons to court for breaking federal law.

  2. Subject: “TPLF completed handing over first round of heavy weaponry to Ethiopian gov’t” , January 11, 2023

    a). I too can not readily accept the claim of “TPLF”.
    b). Indeed, “penetration radar service” is required to respect the words of “TPLF”.
    c). I admit, it is VERY SAD to reach to such a low level of trust upon “TPLF.”
    d). Wrong and misleading image is being given to the noble, honourable people of Tigray
    e). VERY SAD. TPLF brought the image itself, upon itself, and upon the noble and honourable people of Tigray >>> a country
    of the galant, honouable, Atse Yohannes.


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