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Oromia authorities unlawfully arrested Human Rights experts for investigating abuse

Human Rights officers were arrested when attempting to investigate the unlawful demolition of residents in the outskirts of the Ethiopian capital 

Ethiopian Human Rights Experts
Graphics credit : EHRCO


Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO), a pioneer human rights organization operating for over 31 years, is under increasing pressure.

This time is facing harassment from Oromia regional state – where tens of thousands of innocent civilians have been massacred by what the regional state calls “OLF -Shane” 

On January 5, 2023, the rights group deployed three human rights advocates/officers on the outskirts of Addis Ababa after residents whose residential houses were being demolished by the regional state reported the matter. The mission to investigate it. 

However, the authorities in the area arrested human rights officers and an EHRCO driver.  Their whereabouts were not immediately clear. 

EHRCO’s statement, in which it demanded the unconditional release of its employees,  said that it found out that they were arrested in what used to be Alem Gena 2nd police station – now Gelan Gudan sub-city under the new Sheger City Administration whose council took an oath this week.

The arrest was unlawful for it happened under circumstances where the rights group workers were deployed to investigate rights abuse. 

From the statement, the human rights workers appeared in court the same day.  They appeared again in court on January 10. Police requested an extra two weeks for an investigation but the court did not allow it. 

The rights workers are expected to be released on bail when they appear in court again on January 11. 

The rights group argued that the organization was established in accordance with a statute. Highlighting the challenges in connection with government pressure it experienced in its 31 years of service, it said there has been some improvement following the reform measure under the government. 

However, it said, recently the attack and pressure against EHRCO have been increasing. The intimidation of EHRCO Gambella branch workers and the unlawful arrest of the human rights workers indicates that the state of human rights condition is worsening. It also cited the arrest of 22 citizens who came to the Addis Ababa office to report rights abuse as something that indicates how the work of EHRCO is under pressure. 

Ethiopia’s Federal government has been priding itself on a range of reform measures about the creation of “strong institutions” including in the law enforcement agencies but his government proved to be weak ( or unwilling ) in terms of enforcing the rule of law. 

Non-state actors massacre civilians as they please in the Oromia region. At times government authorities act unlawfully, oftentimes with impunity, in what appears to be a pursuit of radical ethnic nationalistic agenda. The recent imposition of the Oromia region flag and anthem on schools across Addis Ababa which led to the arrest of hundreds of students and teachers is another recent example to showcase the matter. 

This week, Oromia regional authorities officially launched the establishment of Sheger city, which surrounds Addis Ababa from all directions, and the plan to build one million houses. At the same time, some residents who have been living on the outskirts of Addis Ababa are helplessly witnessing the demolition of their residential houses.  


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  1. We hear such unpleasant news of eviction of families throughout Africa. But it was common in many Asian countries and still there have been reports of dwellings being torn down in some of them. That has been a daily phenomenon in commies China and Vietnam. Dare if you complain about it there! Growth and development always come with a price. When a government has a major plan to build a road or other projects for the good of the community it has the right to take away properties from citizens. In Western countries that is called eminent domain but it is regulated. Owners will be compensated at the prevalent market price and more. In Western countries the owners have owned their properties legally which means they the deeds and pay property taxes. In Africa it is a different story in most cases. In urban areas in particular a good part of the dwellers are squatters. In our case, from what I have heard before, those plots of land used to belong to land owners of the late emperor era. Our commies call them feudal landlords. Those landlords(reactionaries, commies call them) were rounded up and butchered like there was no tomorrow. The lucky ones went into exile never to be heard from again. After that their land and rental properties became fair game. It gave birth to shanty towns. In a lot of cases it has assumed itself to be what goes around comes around. But it is different era now and dwellers should not be left homeless and must be given viable alternatives. Such news will not be confined to Addis/Finfine and its vicinities alone. As the nation travels on the road of transformation more and more areas of the country will feel the pains of growth and development. And that country better accelerate its transformation now as we speak. Its citizens are multiplying like ants resulting in runaway population growth. Its population will be around 250 million in just 30 years from now. They will not afford to live in filth.

    • Ittu aba frida

      like making jokes while people are dying ” Its citizens are multiplying like ants resulting in runaway population growth. ” could you modify this phrase ? Ethiopians or any humanbeing is not synonmous to ants .

      you fans of PP and abiy have no respect to people in africa. you are famous FBI spy

      BTW, Fano leaders admitted that they have been stealing and raping and massacring non-amharas

      • I didn’t call myself an ant but I described the way we have been multiplying was similar to those species that multiply in huge numbers. I will give you my own experience as an example. My very closest relatives who were of my age were seven of them when I last saw them in the very early 1970’s. When I received the count made by one of my merchant relatives who still lives in the capital in the early 2000 those 7 have mushroomed into close to 300. Some of them have become great grandparents. It seems that having 8 or 10 children is a magic number. You may think that there shouldn’t be any surprise that since Muslim men marry more than one wife. You would be wrong on that one. Except for two of them the rest of them have only one wife. It has been more than 20 years since I got that count and I can correctly expect those 300 are more than a 1,000 by now. Then I did further investigations to see if such multiplying is not confined to the Muslim community only. I asked some of my warraa Chercher Amhara friends and found out it was widespread. One of them even had a family tree and showed me how 6 of his close relatives multiplied to numbers filling 20 pages. The last time his saw them was in the late 1970’s. 10 children and 12 children are everywhere. Existing productive land is shrinking below their feet while each family is ballooning beyond comprehension. That is the main source of problem bedeviling that country now and if no doable plan is not in place now this runaway population growth will lead into more and more horrifying bloody conflicts in years and decades to come. Famines will continue to be regular and habitual visitors. Bigots in Amhara and Oromia regions will use the scarcity of resources to feed on citizens’ raw emotion for their wicked schemes to pitch these otherwise neighborly people into each other’s throats. You think the conflict in the northern part of that country was bloody and destructive but if bigots succeed the conflict in these two regions will make all other conflicts look like a weekend stroll in a park. Mud slings like ‘Oromumma’ this and ‘Neftegna’ that are being hurled around bigots entrenched among us. Some of these evil minded individuals are those seen brandishing their PhD’s in our eyes. They call you ‘Oromo extremist’ or ‘Amhara Neftegna’ just to stir up trouble from their comfy homes here among us in the Diaspora and ask us to call them analysts and experts.

  2. The readers must ignore the comments of oromumma and tplf mercenary cadres, who are always trying to normalize the illegal, the inhumane and the excess brought upon Ethiopians. They tell us “China has done it” they say, this country has done it etc.

    Dear readers, almost all Ethiopians know that the land grab and illegal possession of lands started during the derg era when the despicable junta claimed lands belonged to the government and through proclamations in 1975 nationalized properties of TAX PAYING, LAW ABIDING ETHIOPIAN CITIZENS AND FOREIGN NATIONALS. What happened next????

    1) the derg top junta forcefully occupied the villas and best properties of the rich and famous
    2) the nationalization of rental properties destroyed the booming housing market
    3) to date, 50 years later, because the derg and subsequent regimes failed to do proper maintenance of the properties, otherwise, magnificent houses, shops, hotels and restaurants now stand as dilapidated, ruined, destroyed.
    4) top notch apartments of the 1970s have comically been left in Addis with elevators that have not worked or been repaired in 50 years!!!!!!! THAT IS WHAT THE DERG GOONS, TPLF GOONS AND OROMUMMA ABIY GOONS DO!!!!!! Steal, rob, destroy!!!!!
    5) 50 years past the “Land to the Tiller” mania, the Ethiopian farmer has not advanced one bit, still stuck to subsistence farming at the embarrassingly low average 1.2 acre hand to mouth possession, inefficient, unproductive, and unprofitable

    6) the TPLF goons under the pretense of “privatization” STOLE the nationalized properties of outstanding and gifted business men and women of the 1970s and created a fake ethno centric Tigrayan hegemony.

    7) the fake and duplicitous so called premier of Ethiopia, came out of the rock, from nowhere, with never ending promises to bring prosperity, the rule of law and justice to all Ethiopians, only to replace what he called in his own words “day time hyenas”, with his oromumma “ day time and night time hyenas” and goons who have been fighting nail and tooth for the past five years to steal from their told masters and mentors what their masters stole from the dregs thieves who stole from those who legitimately earned and built from scratch during the Emperor’s time.

    Here are the names of some of the famous business people , hotels of the golden age, including some famous foreign owned businesses:

    1) Kegnazmach Yilma Bedelu Building
    2) Bekele Molla Hotels
    3) Mamo Kacha domestic bus transportation company
    4) Mosvold Ethiopia
    5) Amede Hintsa ( Amede Gebeya Mercator)
    6) Gebre Tensaie Tedla Bakery ( survived derg era, only to be destroyed by TPLF goons)
    7) Iyerusalem Memorial Building
    8) Jolly gift shop ( survived derg era, survived tplf, now gone under Abiy era)
    9)Paul Reyes & Sons ( barely functioning now)

    Derg goons, tplf goons and oromumma goons are all the same. They want to be to rich without working and earning. They want to lead with out learning. They want to officiate and dictate without respecting the law themselves. They assign labels and always create straw man to steal what they have not earned.

    Real thief and murderer Straw man label

    1)derg, cadres and lackeys Adehari, reactionary, land lord, feudal, capitalist, imperialist

    2)tplf, cadres and lackeys. Amhara, Menilik followers, Eritreans

    3) oromumma goons, cadres, lackeys. Amhara, Menilik followers, nefetegna, Ahadawi serat nafaki, colonizer
    the West,

    Fifty years of name calling, fifty years of massacre, fifty years of mass displacement, fifty years of was, fifty years of
    murder, fifty years of torture, fifty years of embezzlement, fifty years of mismanagement, fifty years of stupidity and ignorance!!!!!!!! That is the legacy of derg + tplf+ oromumma!!!!!!!!

  3. Subject: “Oromia authorities unlawfully arrested Human Rights experts for investigating abuse, January 11, 2023
    “Hamesa Yemekera Zemen January 13, 2023 ”

    Short Commentary,
    It is a fantastic narration, concluding with the following extraordinary insight, if Ethiopians care to take very seriously for the benefit of a future country that used to be called ETHIOPIA without a reckless and criminal attempt to disintegrate it. The following immortal quotation says it all as a conclusion of the immortal Commentary.

    QUOTE: “Fifty years of name calling, fifty years of massacre, fifty years of mass displacement, fifty years of was, fifty years of
    murder, fifty years of torture, fifty years of embezzlement, fifty years of mismanagement, fifty years of stupidity and ignorance!!!!!!!! That is the legacy of derg + tplf+ oromumma!!!!!!!!” UNQUOTE

    NOTHING else can be penetrating into the Ethiopian consciousness and bring itself to its ADMIRABLE HISTOR of an ANCIENT BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY, UNMATCHED BY ANY.

    JUST GO INTO THE HISTORY OF ETHIOPIA. Will the so-called “MODERN” Ethiopians save Ethiopia? We shall see.


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