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China, Ethiopia to enhance political and economic cooperation 


Businesses from China invested billions of dollars in different sectors in Ethiopia including in manufacturing and infrastructure development 

China Ethiopia Cooperation
Chinese FM Qin Gang (left) and Ethiopian FM Demeke Mekonen shake hands after inking memorandum of understanding (Photo: MFAE)


Newly minted Chinese Foreign Minister,  Qin Gang, is visiting four African countries and Ethiopia is his first stop. 

He arrived at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, on Tuesday, where he was greeted by Ethiopia’s Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonen. 

They later had a meeting that led to a “Memorandum of Understanding to further enhance their cooperation on political and economic issues” agreement. 

An update from Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says Mr. Demeke Mekonen  praised what he called China’s principled stand in supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. 

China, along with Russia, supported Ethiopia when western powers with the leadership of the United States attempted to impose a sanction regime exploiting the United Nations Security Council.   

DPM Demeke Mekonen expressed gratitude for Chinese support for peace and stability in Ethiopia. Mr. Qin Gang is briefed about the Pretoria Peace agreement and its implementation. 

According to a report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese FM has  “reaffirmed the Chinese government’s commitment to strengthening and maintaining its all-weather friendship with Ethiopia in the face of changing international circumstances.” 

He also remarked that China and Ethiopia “should strengthen their ties in development cooperation, meet global challenges together, and jointly defend international justice.” 

China has a huge investment in Ethiopia in the manufacturing and infrastructure development sectors – among others. 

Mr. Qin Gang also met with Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed.  He tweeted 

“I welcome to Ethiopia Mr Qin Gang, the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China. The relations b/n the two countries remain steadfast. Our discussion today has highlighted this; our shared strategic development goals & commitment to continental and global cooperation.” 

The Chinese FM is also visiting Gabon, Angola, Benin, Egypt, the African Union Headquarters and the League of Arab States Headquarters. 

In a related development, the Foreign Ministers of France and Germany are scheduled to visit Ethiopia in the next two days.  Their visit is said to have something to do with the signed peace agreement between the Ethiopian government and the  Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

They will be meeting with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his Deputy Demeke Mekonen. As well, they will meet with African Union authorities. 


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  1. Did this commie really say ‘and jointly defend international justice’? O! I think I get it now. O, that kind of justice? Ladies and gentlemen! Forget about the way you understand justice now. Just forget about it. There is a new description minted in the land of commies! As an African you must learn and live it.

  2. Also, what does ‘political’ cooperation mean? In what way and to what extent? If it is going to look like or pan out as how the late emperor handled his regime’s relationship with the former Soviet Union and even the dreaded Mao, then I will reluctantly buy into it. He had the Soviets man and maintain a modern hospital and he even travelled all the way to speakeasy of the butcher Mao to say Hello on October 9, 1971. The emperor had no idea that Mao and his henchmen were training those who later on overthrew him in 1974. You just don’t trust commies. That was almost a year before President Nixon made a trip to say howdy doody to the bloodthirsty commie. Today it is believed that the loan sharks in Beijing have the old country on the hook with a loan to the tune of more than 10 billion in US dollars. Most of this loan has been used for various infrastructure projects mostly built by Chinese companies. It is now rumored that the commies might have gone the ‘extra mile’ to cancel part of the back breaking loan that amounts to be one or a few million dollars. Please remember that the commies have the entire continent of Africa on the hook to the tune of more than 160 billion US dollars. No wonder why they have a military base just a stone throw away from Addis/Finfine. Don’t start me with commies. Please don’t!!!


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