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State of Ethio-American Relations (Event)


Ethiopiawinnet: Council for the Defense of Citizen Rights will hold a  Conference, at a very incisive time, on the State of Ethio-American Relations on  January 21st, 2023, at 10AM EST.  

The more than a century diplomatic relationship between the USA and Ethiopia is  currently in an indeterminate state, perhaps due to prevailing superpower rivalry in  the Horn, or the state of the US diplomatic postures characterized as coercive that  lacks long term strategies. It is noteworthy examining ‘what went wrong’ in the  American diplomacy towards Ethiopia since 1991 and, particularly, since PM Abiy  Ahmed came to power. 

The conference will therefore examine (1a) the ebbs and flows of Ethio-American  relationships that lasted over one hundred twenty years, (1b) possible causes of  sudden miscommunications and resultant trust deficits, particularly in the past three  years and (1c) measures that need to be taken with rigorous support of  knowledgeable and experienced academics and intellectuals. (2) Honest assessment  of Geopolitics of the area and Ethiopia’s importance in the configuration, of  elevating relationships based on mutual respect, noninterference in sovereign issues  and adoption of long-term policies. (3) Serious considerations on US economic  investment, taking South Korea, Taiwan, etc., as examples in Ethiopia and Africa,  to successfully compete newly emerging geopolitical and economic rivals in the  world; (4) Challenges and opportunities Ethio-American Relations could use and  take advantage of a new generation of Ethiopian Americans, as entrepreneurs,  intellectuals, etc., as a bridge to solidify relations. More information about the  conference including registration information will be provided in a couple of days.  



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  1. The general premise in packaging the “Ethio-American” long standing diplomatic relation is a bit out of focus, should have been reflective of the situation if it was packaged in reverse.

    The Ethio-Amerivcan diplomatic relationship has always been one-sided (zero-sum-game) against Ethiopia, but due to the none exitance of comparable and supportive ally Ethiopian governments stayed the course understanding well the adverse-effect-effect and keeping in mind the old saying “keep your enemies closer…” they looked the other way.

    (1a, 1b, 1c) In early 1960’s the Kennedy administration plotted the-aborted overthrow of Haile Selassie government via military-coup (by the Neweay brothers, one of whom was Kennedy’s classmate).
    Haile Selassie, not only survived it, but was able to attend Kennedy’s funeral.
    US was also a long time supporter of the EPLF, (while having a military-base in Asmara area), the war continued for decades, finally ending as it did in 1993.

    After the second military-coup succeeded in 1974 (started by University students) and following the Somalia invasion (a) US refused to supply a paid for arms purchase that was done during the kings time, forcing the military government to look else where for ammunition’s purchase in the East, and the US joined Somalia in fighting Ethiopia. But due to help from USSR & Cuba Ethiopia was able to defeat the US proxy-war (1.0).

    US & UK support for TPLF lead to the 1991 TPLF coming to power, and the secession of Eretria in 1993.

    (2, 3)
    The economic development of China lead to the geopolitical change in the last 2 decades and TPLF’s collaboration with China helped to inject needed economic activities in Ethiopia for the last 15 or so years.
    America was beneficiary with the economic development in Ethiopia, since the Ethiopian Airlines was one of Boeings top customers, all was well with the US (0-sum).
    Abiy’s emergence and their-loyally TPLF exiting the power-circle, Obama officials in SD. were able to maneuver assistance to the revival of TPLF in Addis. Trump’s connection to Egypt’s Sisi brought about the diplomatic spat regarding the GERD, and Trump’s statement of “blowing up the dam” was the last straw.
    Biden’s administration SD remnants from Obama took over the TPLF’s war against the center hopping to recapture power, after the thousands dead and displaced and millions in property damages covering 3 regions, here we are that ( rumor has it TPLF criminals are to sit in the capital, based on deal brokered by AU (US still in the mix, guarantying that outcome) ).

    There are other supportive powers Ethiopia can & should collaborate with and seek economic-investments both from China and Russia, as well as the up and coming BRICS economic group.
    Yes in the old days US was the only shining city around where the “South Korea, Taiwan” type economic activities were possible, those are gone and done with, and new players who are NOT interested in a “diplomatic postures characterized as coercive”, therefore Ethiopia’s choice of economic collaborative partnerships are many and with lots of possibilist, and moving forward is the only and best option.

    In fact cutting diplomatic relations reduced to a consulate-office with a single official to process visa and similar low-level activity is preferable, considering US’s belligerent attitude as of late.
    Even cutting of diplomatic relations is positive step for Ethiopia.

    Roles Ethiopian Americans, as entrepreneurs, intellectuals, etc.
    As research shows, the Chinese-economic-miracle since 1980’s was possible for the large part because of the Chinse diaspora’s contribution to the tune of $40 billion that started it all.

    Link = eastasiaforum.org/2016/09/14/the-chinese-diasporas-role-in-the-rise-of-china/

    In the same way the Ethiopian diaspora has the potential to do the same and help our young-people stay at home and build the life their country can is capable of offering.
    That is the direction we all (inside & out) need to come together as one-people to lift our motherland to the next level , because we can!!!

    We need to stop relying on anyone else but ourselves, and collaborate with good will partners who strive for win-win outcomes, by dropping those focused on only on their “self interest” above all else, and domination & toxic-agenda is there forte.

    Be well !

  2. What I like to bring to your attention is, at the present time there is a huge economic slow down going on in Europe for the last year or so, since the start of the Ukraine /Russia conflict.

    The major issue in Europe being Energy-shortage as well as energy-cost, as the result many manufacturing industries in all Europe are closing down , planning to move else where (US/China) and I believe Ethiopian renewable energy -supply could play an important timely role in attracting some of those manufacturing companies. Your role as investors could add on in establishing the partnerships necessary be it individually or in groups to explore those avenues.

    One of the beneficial aspects of the Chinese manufacturing build up was established using the Public Private partnerships models (PPP) where the Gov has 51% and foreign-investor 30% and local (us/local Ethiopians taking ownership stakes as groups (GERD model) ) 19% . Would be a better and lasing economic development where local citizens learn & participate in the capital building part of the equation other than the traditional Western-practice of just as a “labor-force” (hand to mouth).

    These type of breaking away from the old and exploitatively practices of economic models to a new way of economic growth where workers own the part of their place of work a few $ at a time buying shares /monthly or quarterly would be best suited for our people, and our nations economic, going forward.

    Best wishes!

  3. Professor Richard Wolff:
    Lecture, ” Global Capitalism: The Second War In Ukraine [January 2023] ”

    1) Explaining, the coming /formation of the 3 Economic groupings away from the hegemonic & American dominated one.

    2) How the Chinese economic model: a large Government owned enterprises combined with a large Private Capital enterprises would work better for their nation and their people, Instead of following the failed Soviet system of All government owned enterprises which lead to the collapse of USSR, and instead of the American (Western) economic model (Adam smith economic theory) none government involvement All private owned operated enterprise that lead to a hand-full of billionaires & millionaires (1%) amassing the majority of the wealth, leaving the majority (99%) behind.

    By doing so the Chinese combined economic system was able to become the second-largest economic power in less than 40 years, vs the neoliberal economic system of the West that took over 500 years to build to where it is now.

    That is how China was able to lift 800 million + of its population from poverty, as well as developing the largest middle -class in the world at a fastest rate, more billionaires and millionaires have been created in China than any place in the world every other week.

    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=wGBAKRzoJ1o

    There is a lot Ethiopia can learn from Chinese Economic & political system. The leaders of Ethiopia can & must learn and use the Chinese economic development path to develop the economic system of Ethiopia. To make sure the Ethiopian people will become owners & full participant of the nations economic system. By making entrepreneurship education & participation to be widely available and easier for all citizens to patriate in. Any “Privatization” scheme to be deliberately designed to give the general public ample opportunity to be a part of by using all means of mass-communication as well as making Banks to paly a role in “lending” for those who are able to pay in “instalments”.

    It is crucial every citizen has an opportunity to have his/her hand in the nations economic “Pie”.

  4. Professor Richard Wolff:
    Lecture : Economic Update: What’s Wrong with Capitalism? Jan 2023.

    The benefits of capitalist (owner of capital) & workers managed and run “Cooperatives”.

    Organized to Serving all 3 “participants” in every capitalist enterprises: The capitalist, the workers, and the community & environment . and the “profit” shared by all 3 for all 3 to grow and prosper…

    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=kg28P1uOrWU

    The “Political System” has to tweaked the “rules” how Businesses are Run, to make sure all the 3 participants of the Business enterprise are rewarded equally by allocating %of the ” profit” allocated to all 3. Workers getting an opportunity to invest their share of the profit back in to the business (work place) in the form of buying shares in the enterprise.
    Capital building spread out across the enterprise (not just those at the top) to further strengthen the nations business (economic building) environment.

    Be well !

  5. Economists Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson.
    Lecture : Rise of multipolarity, & decline of US hegemony. [Jan 2023]

    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=6adqdNCSVhU

    Associating with a declining-power leads to a long term decline of economic activity resulting in poverty.

    Free Podcast:



    Apple Podcasts:

    Be well !

  6. The US FED has been buying “Corporate & Government Debt” since 2008 financial crash, is now it is holding 8.87 Trillion on its balance sheet (Some say the actual # could be €10.79 trillion).

    In 2008 it was €0.96 trillion, and grew to €8.63 trillion, most economists and finance professionals argue with the growing inflation this debt bubble the FED is holding is a financial time bomb worst than the 2008 or any other previous crash.

    No body is buying US Gov Bond, in fact even those who used to buy US G. Bond such as Japan are selling what they are holding let alone to buy new, therefore only the FED is buying it.
    The US $ is rising because European investors are buying USD in fear of EURO crashing, due to economic slowdown due to Energy shortage & price hike.

    Link = richmondfed.org/podcasts/speaking_of_the_economy/speaking_2023_01_11_balance_sheet

    Financial discussions :

    1) Don’t Get Distracted: How Central Banks Are Looking To Make You a Slave to the System
    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=0H2uiyDb0HE

    2) This Is How the Fed Will Seize Your Money in 2023: Gerald Celente
    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=6bLkIquA6HQ

    3) Major Market Meltdown Is Coming, Here’s What They Aren’t Telling You About Inflation Levels
    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=X1NAMQfKLGw

    4) ‘Major Wipeout’ Of Fiat Currencies This Year To Cut Dollar In Half? | Alasdair Macleod
    Link =youtube.com/watch?v=rNR851IFhWQ

    In this environment to OPEN/ Privatize the Ethiopian “Banking-Sector” is TOTAL Madness. The Economy will be wiped out with International-Banking-wizards (“thieves”) from the West.

    “Careful what you wish for”.

    Be Well !!!

  7. Happening Now.

    Egypt’s Currency Crisis ! [Jan 13, 2023]

    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=RkhJrQyP0QQ

    Egypt allowed its pound to tumble to a new low this week as the country struggles with a foreign currency crisis that is hurting businesses.

    The slump in the currency comes after Egypt agreed to move to a flexible currency regime as part of an IMF €2.94bn bailout intended to help relieve its foreign currency shortage.

    Since the central bank said it would move to a flexible currency rate in October, the pound has lost a third of its value as it has allowed it to devalue in phases. Analysts warn that it has further to fall until supply-demand equilibrium is restored to the foreign exchange market.

    The weakness of the Egyptian pound is adding to the pain of millions of Egyptians as it fuels inflationary pressure.

  8. IMF Chief projection for 2023 & forward [Jan 2, 2023]

    IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva told CBS News that 2023 will be a tougher year than 2022.

    Link = businessinsider.com/imf-kristalina-georgieva-2023-tougher-2022-recession-global-economy-2023-1?op=1

    “For most of the world economy, this is going to be a tough year, tougher than the year we leave behind,” Georgieva said in an interview with CBS News’ “Face the Nation” that aired Sunday. “Why? Because the three big economies — US, EU, China — are all slowing down simultaneously.”

    – The UN agency expects one third of the world economy to be in recession in 2023, she said.

    The general message to be careful – Don’t ‘Bite Off More Than You Can Chew’.

    The crisis in Egypt explained on Jan 13, 2022 , is a related of their exuberance spending spree ( taking on more than they can chew)

    – Billions spent in military orders in the last couple of years
    – The New Cairo-City building projected cost in tenth of billions

    As a result Egypt an importer of wheat is having difficulty covering the cost of the major staple due to the war in Ukraine has to switch to new suppliers costing the country more, as well as forced to cut subsidies to certain items by IMF.

    It is important for Ethiopia as well as the African nations to reduce the numbers planed projects, as well as delay major development projects that are not related to Agriculture and mass FOOD-production.

    In Ethiopian case there are a number of major projects that are underway some are still in the beginning stages and delaying those projects (unless the government cost are minor and sustainable) would be a wise idea.

    For example
    (1) the New $5 billion Debrezeit international Air port.
    (2) “Mesobe” tower ,
    out of the 8 major projects listed in the video below.

    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=bC_v6NZduSo

    Food production is crucial and must be expanded more than any other project, with 114 million population the first to be affected in any economic slowdown is, shortage of food. Expanding Irrigation projects is vital in Ethiopia and most attention should be directed to that effort at this challenging time.

    2023 – 2027/30 are projected to be challenging times world wide.
    – Managing needs & expectations becomes very important.

    Be well !

  9. Liberalism (Neoliberal hegemonic ambitions) false premise (deceptions) :

    “None liberal governments are in a state of aggression with their own people”

    Their argument goes:
    Therefore, the US could use its military forces to turn another county (using the “Human Rights” excuses / deception) to a liberal-democracy, by doing so the individual rights of those of the people in those countries will be protected, by “definition”.
    However we have witnessed the necked truth of these deceptive premises & military action taken, in all the countries the US invaded and “turned into a liberal-democracies” (Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria (US stealing their oil), Libya…etc.) not only there is no “individual rights” to speak of, the people are living in far worst condition than they were before; under the so-called none-liberal governments they had.

    John J. Mearsheimer
    Lecture : “The False Promise of Liberal Hegemony” [~2018] Yale U.

    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=ESwIVY2oimI

  10. Former CIA director & State Secretary Mike Pompeo. [~2020] Texas U.
    Lecture : ‘We lied, we cheated, we stole’

    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=DPt-zXn05ac

    “… It reminds you of the glory of American experiment.” Mike Pompeo (= pillaging & looting… )

    In connection of the previous post re: Liberalism, its the US “a liberal democracy” that did what it claims none-liberal states do or aspire those who tend to create terrorists organizations…

    All the terrorist organizations created since the late 1970’s are all created and financed by the US:

    – The mujahadins , later became the Taliban, and also inspired the creation Al-Qaida (by CIA agent Ben Laden)
    – ISIS Obama administration creation during the US lead, Libyan & Syrian destabilization & regime-change war.
    – TPLF & OLF do fall in the same category US & UK project…
    – The in Russia lead by Alexey Navally, (US paid activist, YT video exist AN with CIA agent asking for $$$ )
    – Ukraine’s Maidan Coup 2014, lead by Obama’s project: lead by Biden, Victoria Newland…etc. (YT videos)

    Many many others all over the world, many of them in South America.

    All the liberal Main stream medias are the front runners for the CIA activities World wide along with NGOs.

    Be well.!

  11. “Bank RUNs” in 2023???
    (Well, they have a bank “Bail-in” plan already in place) ;)

    “CRITICAL! The FDIC Just Gave A DIRE Warning To All Americans!!!”

    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=mjMFwewWVMA

    If & when the next Financial-Collapse is about to happen, the “bail-in” plan is already in-place to prevent “Bank-runs”, by declaring “Bank-holiday” and closing all-Banks for an indefinite time period (a week, two or more).

    Protect your selves! Make sure you have a plan “B”.

    Be Well !

  12. WEF
    (World Economic Forum) the CIA & H. Kissinger role & the Plan.

    Why are they hiding this about Klaus Schwab and the WEF? | Redacted with Clayton Morris

    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=PjGrIMIvJF8

    Following the bread crumps…

    Be well.


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