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Ethiopia’s Election Board undertaking registration for the referendum in the South

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Bertukan Mideksa, Chair of National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, briefing stakeholders about the referendum (Photo : screenshot from state media video)


The National Electoral  Board of Ethiopia on Monday announced that voter registration is underway in 24 voting stations in South Nations Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR) after the previous registration was canceled over a “violation” of registration rules.

The Board has organized 3,769 voting stations in six zones and five districts. 

The referendum is organized to determine whether residents where a referendum is organized are interested in having their own regional state or whether they continue to have cluster administration under the SNNPR regional administration. 

If the six zones and five districts voted in favor of having a new regional state together, they would have one. If the result turns out to be different, they will remain under the existing SNNPR regional state. 

The Board has introduced two electoral symbols. Those who will vote in favor of the new regional state will select the pigeon symbol and those who vote in favor of remaining in the current regional administration will select the symbol Thatched Mud House.

The registration will continue until January 10, 2023. 

According to the Board, over 2.9 million voters were registered for the referendum. New Election workers were hired and trained due to the alleged violation of registration rules. 

117 observers drawn from civil society organizations and 17 human rights observers are fielded in the districts where there is registration. 

Among other violations, some who are not entitled to get voter cards were given, and voters who did not show up at the voting station to get registered were given voting cards and cards were also distributed outside of the designated stations. 

Bertukan Mideksa, chair of the Board, said the board itself did its own investigation to establish that violations occurred. 


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