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Former Speaker of Ethiopian Parliament meets his son after 47 years


When former Ethiopian Speaker of the Ethiopian Parliament, Aba Dula Gemeda, sat for interview with Dereje Haile ( Benegerachin Lay Host on Arts TV) about two years ago, to discuss his memoir, one of the question he faced was about his first love, Beredu, who happened to be from., Hawassa, Sidamo.

They were in love. She was living in a small town of Assasa with relatives. She was pregnant and had to return back to Hawassa. Aba Dula, who later happened to join rebel guerrilla group, did not see her since then, he said.

After the end of the guerrilla war ( or after “victory”), Aba Dula went to Hawassa to look for Beredu but did not manage to meet her although he spent about a week.

Apparently, it was after that he decided to marry his current wife, Rahel, with whom he has about four children.

His son from Baredu, Ermias, happened to watch the interview with Dereje Haile and he was relating the story with one he heard from his mother Baredu.

About two months ago, Ermias, who is now 47 and has two children, called Dereje Haile to tell him the story that he is Baredu’s son.
The video below captures, among other things, the story of how they reunited and how they are feeling, and how the family is feeling.

Watch it

Video : embedded from Arts TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. Confuse convince and distract. And we should care because?????
    While my Amhara cousins and brothers and sisters mothers and fathers are being massacred by Aba Dula and his gang Shimelis etc…..the Meskel Flower deep state.
    get outta here with this rubbish

  2. Belay,
    It appears you have lost your humanity. The story is about a boy finding his birth father after 47 years of searching and suffering trauma in the meantime. Have you forgotten rihrahe?


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