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Ethiopia poised to celebrate Christmas, PM Abiy sends message 


Ethiopians are poised to celebrate Christmas on Saturday. 

Ethiopian Christians, including protestants and Catholic Churches, follow the Ethiopian calendar celebrations. 

It is celebrated across the country. The celebration in Lalibela is exceptionally colorful  not only for the faithful’s of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church but also for tourists. 

It attracts tens of thousands of tourists from around the world. 

The Ethiopian Church, among the earliest churches with two thousand years of history, celebrates the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ with the rest of the Orthodox Churches the world over. 

His Holiness Abune Mathias and leaders of the protestant churches have conveyed their Christmas messages. 

The Ethiopian church, which is rooted to the history of the country with its 2000 years history, has been experiencing challenges from state and non-state actors in recent years. Last week, religious leaders from other faith groups asked apology for recent insult from the protestant quarter. 

“Our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth is the foundation of love and humility and we have to live it by loving one another,” His Holiness said in his Christmas message. 

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed’s Message 

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed has conveyed his Christmas message. In a letter he released, he shared his theological view of the birth of Christ and what it means to a man.

The rest of his message focused on “forgiveness” in the context of the situation in the country. He related division-based political activity and conflict to the works of Ethiopia’s enemies. 

“We need to pose and think,” he said. “The way for the new Ethiopia is enough for all and even excess. We need to have a new identity and be born again.” 


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  1. There is one more exciting news I just read about our glorious and over qualified women. Our daughter/sister Dr. Lia bint Tadesse has just been named one of the 100 Most Reputable African by Reputation Poll International and she deserves every letter of it. She has waged a well planned battle with the deadly pandemic with little tools she has and won. And she is not alone. President H.E. Sahle-Work bint Zewde is the other our glorious woman. I have said this to H.E. PM Abiy more than once before. If you don’t confer the nation’s highest honor on Dr. Lia bint Tadesse I’m gonna be all over your case like a cheap 3-piece suit like the one I bought at Kmart in the early 1970’s on a blue light special in preparation for my first job interview. I’m gonna be watching you on that one. That if you have not done that already. Let’s go!!!


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