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Shire sees resumption of Ethiopian Airlines Flights 

Ethiopian Airlines _ Shire flight
Passengers Boarding Ethiopian Airlines flight to Shire (Photo : public domain)


Ethiopian Airlines on Monday resumed daily flights to Shire Indaselassie.  Currently, it is flying once a day but the airline is poised to respond if there is a rise in demand for it. 

The Ethiopian News Agency cited residents from Shire as saying “it is something that we have been looking forward to and it is a testimony of peace.” 

Flight to the Tigray region was suspended about two years ago after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defence Force in November 2020.

A flight to Mekelle was started last week after the Ethiopian government sent a delegation to Mekelle to meet with TPLF leaders without the mediation of a third party. Ethiopian Airlines increased the number of daily flights to Mekelle to three times a day in response to rising demands. 

Banking, Telecom and Electric power are also restored in accordance with the Pretoria agreement that was signed in November 2022. 

The war between TPLF and the Ethiopian government is said to have claimed an estimated one million people.  

“Since peace is a foundation for everything, we ask that the peace we get be durable,” passengers from Shire have told the state media. 

It was after the capture of Shire town that the TPLF suffered military defeats – an incident that also turned out to be a push factor for the United States to escalate the pressure against Ethiopian government for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.


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  1. Another encouraging news that the truce is holding up and peace is continuously raining over the skies of Tigray, Amhara and Tigray regions. Keep on and keep it on!!!


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