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Ethiopia, Turkey to fight terrorism together 

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday said he had a “candid” conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

The two leaders spoke to each other over the phone. It was PM Abiy Ahmed who revealed it.  Fighting terrorism together is one of the things that the two leaders discussed in their phone conversation. 

“I held a candid phone call with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Türkiye on key bilateral and multilateral issues. We have explored means of growing trade relations between our two countries as well as made a commitment to work together on fighting terrorism,”  Abiy Ahmed said in a twitter message.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not share a social media message about his phone conversation with Abiy Ahmed. 

It is unclear as to who initiated the phone call too.

Turkey’s influence in Ethiopia has been growing over the past two decades. According to Turkish news sources, the country has invested about $6 billion in Africa and $2.5 billion is invested in Ethiopia. 

Turkish companies are said to have created over 300,000 jobs in Ethiopia. 

As indicated above, growing trade relations between the two countries was one of the agenda items during the phone conversation. 

It is also said to be one of the major weapon suppliers, including drones, during the war between the TPLF and the Ethiopian government, which concluded in November 2022 with the signing of the Pretoria Peace Agreement.  


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  1. The trouble maker around the Arab world and other parts of the world , Turkey needs to get out of Ethiopia internal affair.
    Turkey is known to massacre Christians around the world including in Ethiopia and that is what it want to do in Ethiopia.

    We do not want to see the repeat of Christians and Oromos massacre as during the Islamic ruthless invader, Gragn Mohammed of Turkey’s mercenary. The wall of Harrar speaks, it is a witness to the pile of dead Oromos as high as the gate itself killed by ruthless Gragn Mohamed of Turkey decent..

    Bringing Turkey into the Orommuma weak and flimsy politics is a proof Ethiopian is a failed state and there is no government that people support and that has a leg it can stand on.

    Abiy is loosing from every corner and his greedy, inept and blind to reality of the country demand is taking him down faster that he thinks.

    Ethiopians demand a change of Government that represent ALL and elected by the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!
    Not by deceit, war, and force!!

    FREE ALL Political prisoners including THE 18,000 selected by their AMHARA ethnicity !!

    • At Present , Christians make up less than 0.3% of the population, including Armenian Orthodox Christians, Russian Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics, Syrian Orthodox Christians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, other Protestants, and small communities of Iraqi Chaldean Christians, Greek Orthodox Christians, and other Christian denominations.
      Christianity is a minority religion in Turkey today, but it was once the majority faith of the Ottoman Empire.

      What makes the above comment , from pro-fano amhara man, is he don’t like Turkey because his fellow christians in Ethiopia don’t like Turkey, islamic state. How come you end up being anti islamic state now ? Who force you to go to UAE , Turkey and Iran to buy drones and advanced military gadgets to demolish churches in Tigray ,& Oromia and massacre Christians in Tigray and priests ??

      Is it TPLF who brought somalian soldiers and let them massacre Christians based on their religion ?

      You dislike islamic country since you are afraid of the current relation between Turkey and Ethiopia be used to destroy Fano .

      No one like the massacre of innocent civilians of various ethnicity except people like you and higdef.

  2. Good move! Ethiopia’s new foreign policy direction is correct, and the nation should continue diversifying and strengthening foreign relations away from tradition.

    Ethiopia should build its military and security industrial complex, manufacture essential equipment locally, and develop local talent to achieve those objectives. The likes of Turkey, Iran, and China would be key sources of technology and capacity building. And funds needed to support those efforts should be diverted away from the bloated and unproductive bureaucracy, by getting rid of at least 40% of the employees focusing on those with 15 or more years of service.

    • I would like to make specific suggestion about reducing public expenditures on the government bureaucracy: eliminate the housing corporation all together. I do not know the number of employees who actually mismanage houses and buildings nationalized by the communist Derge, but surmise they must be in the thousands.

      Continued government ownership of those houses (aka kebele houses) and buildings does not make sense at all. The private sector is active in the real estate business, and should continue to be encouraged to expand the business; government should get out of it entirely. None of the houses and buildings confiscated from the private sector by the Derge is maintained at all, as can be easily seen by taking trips around different parts of Addis Abeba, for example. They are falling apart for lack of proper maintenance as funds needed for that are easily swindled by the employees. Some houses and buildings are sub-divided by the residents and leased out to others, I assume with the knowledge and “profit sharing” by employees of public housing who supposedly ‘manage’ them.

      Let me add a specific case I know: a friend of my mine had been living for decades in a villa sitting on 500 sq meters that was confiscated by the Derge. The rent was fixed initially at Birr 250 per month, and never changed since. Under current rental market, that house can easily be rented out for Birr 100,000 or more. That sorry state happens simply because of mismanagement by the public housing agency employees. Take the bold step, and get rid of the agency. Sell out all the houses and buildings under its stewardship!

  3. To: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
    Dear Honorable, Sir Prime Minster,
    Please — for your own sake –be very careful with the Turkeys’ Leader — and maintain your dignity.
    Failure to heed the free humble advice will cost you a chunk of your LIFE of present and future existence.
    Good Luck.


    • Editors of Borkena

      You shouldn’t post this kind of comment of tuohir abdu yassin . He is waging war against Orthodox tewahedo church and its followers. People may commit crimes , but we don’t put the blame on entire followers of the church .If this is true , you must question the ring leaders of the attack, but it is crime to label all followers of the church and its servants .

      • SOBER commentary.
        Keep on, www., defending SANITY.
        It is everlastingly amazing phenomenon that HUMANITY has automatic savior.
        But oddly and miraculously enough, HUMANITY also comes with savagery.
        Take the example of the so-named civilized area of the Globe >>> EUROPE, liquidating each others — NOT once but twice !!!

        OK, DEAR BLACK AFRICA, please keep on going with your so-named title: ‘underdeveloped’ people !?!?!?!?! After all, SANITY is comfortable in BLACK AFRICA that nobody can deny.
        THANK YOU, “Editors of Borkena”.

  5. The figure about the number of people who are working in Turkish companies might be mistaken. Its not 300,000 as far as I know. Rather it is approximately 30,000.


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