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Ethiopian PM babysitting trouble makers until “the creation of bigger middle class”

Updated on January 1,2023 – at 10:32 P.M. Toronto Time

It is a typical for Ethiopian Abiy Ahmed’s leadership style, among many things, to periodically call his cabinet for a meeting and give a lengthy lecture virtually about everything but it feels like he is giving lectures on his programs and policies, “work ethnic,” , improvisation, productivity and what not.

Members of his cabinet usually have to sit at times for hours listening to a combination of jargons from western thoughts and principles of governance ( but usually presented as original thinking) and metaphors from the traditions.

For critical thinkers and  politicized Ethiopians, if not for most Ethiopians who are not supporters of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party, the explanations that the Prime Minister gives are “embarrassing.”

Yet, they all work for him as that is his way of Agenda setting. While they are working for him, it is striking that he is oftentimes inconsistent and it is not uncommon to hear him speaking contradicting himself. To cite a recent example, he said his government is facing intensified security problems in the country because of his new anti-corruption campaign. Earlier this week, he was in Wolaita to inaugurate a bakery and he said “those of you who stole money [he was making a reference to corrupt officials] should consider opening a bakery and factory, and you will not be bothered.” The same day he sent a delegation to Mekelle.

When he met with his party executives and central committee members yesterday, among the many things he said is that people will learn to ignore radical political messages and trouble makers when a large middle class is created. He said there will come a time for the middle class to think about “mortgages” and other pressing issues private life issues. He gave the impression that until then babysitting – apparently those who are causing a security crisis – is inevitable. He has been making claims that his governing philosophy, including economic growth model, is a “home grown one.” His book “medemer” is seen as “a philosophy” and his governing principle.

Watch his recent meeting with his party officials.

Video : embedded from EBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. I didn’t see any thing wrong with the PM’s speech at all, all he was talking about was the need to have ethical and moral strength as their role as government officials and leaders of the government departments the represent.

    As a Party leader, and as the PM it is his responsibility to guide his party members to have clarity of purpose and responsibility as a “civil servant to the nation” not any tribe or village, and to treat politics as a tool of pooling (pulling) people of opposing IDEAS together, solving differences, not making them, bridging the gap, not widening them.

    He was even hinting if people took their responsibility as regional leaders very seriously and conviction (without any “clan-saver” favoritism), there wouldn’t be displacements and killings of Ethiopians by Ethiopians. He also suggested all the problem and conflict is because there are economic disparity in the population, if there was enough for everyone to have, people will be busy with their lives than having time to get involved in such things like conflicts.

    These are all true topics he raised, if our aspiration is to build a united Ethiopia, a prosperous Ethiopia, and produce an open, generous, and loving society and citizens across the board.

    If I was in that meeting, I would be delighted, what is wrong with UNITY??? I also understand not everyone is OPEN minded, for thousands of different reasons, including some of their hero’s, (themselves) are not in that position of leadership.

    I am very happy to hear him say “Ethiopia will be exporting wheat this year!”

    Bravo!!! PM.

  2. Only hot air comes out of Abiy who does not like journalists to ask him real questions? He thinks he like Obama and charming but he never realized being like Obama requires real knowledge that came from real education and balance of thoughts.

    Abiy also thinks he is a motivational speaker but only for targeted captive ordinance that he can lash out and insult by abusing his power.

    So far the barrage of talk and tale produced a ghost Abiy’s government, misery, war, poverty, economic collapse and absence of government that is going around and beg money and weapon from Turkey, the enemy of Ethiopia

  3. There’s nothing wrong in what he said, if taken word to word. He is visionary. That’s good.
    But the fact on the ground is completely different. His party PP is working against the principles or pillars he mentioned. That’s the irony.
    Unfortunately PP is a collection of EPRDF remains who have no vision for prosperity. Look why is Ethiopia in such a mess today?
    Another issue is: the PM shall enable professionals to bring up their expertise. Otherwise it will remain a one man show.

  4. Ethiopia’s trajectory under Abiy’s watch is chaos, mayhem, displacement, hunger, war, massive uprooting, and untold misery hitherto unseen and unheard of in recent Ethiopian history. Everyone should stop finding excuses and cover ups for the glaring mistakes made by this incompetent and irresponsible individual who uses demagoguery, obfuscations and innuendos to cover up the obvious.

    Abiy will never rise up to the call of statesmanship for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. People forget that he is a Abiy product of the TPLF ethno-fanatic apartheid system that was imposed on Ethiopians for the past 27 years, and the impostor who showed up from nowhere in 2018 is actually their protege.

    Ethiopia will never ever transform into a better country for all under Abiy, his PP and their new apartheid dubbed as Oromumma. Abiy is currently an impediment that is denying Ethiopians due process, justice, equality, fraternity, life, liberty and freedom. His “law enforcement” operation has not brought a single perpetrator to justice. On the contrary, Abiy’s policies have displaced millions and resulted in the deaths and massacres of hundreds of thousands.

    Furthermore with the oromumma albatross worn on his neck 24/7, no body with an ounce of intellect, reason and logic can prop up this individual as the torch bearer of Pan Africanism or globally respectable and reliable leader of a nation. He is fickle, unprincipled, opportunistic, selfish and self centered. His fat thumb has always been on the scale of justice for far too long, with covert and overt attempts to tilt the balance towards oromumma at the expense of hundreds of millions.

  5. China’s rug to riches in 40 years… & the strategy that did the magic.

    Link =

    And what is Ethiopia has to learn & copy from China’s strategic climb to prosperity (no pun intended).

    1) Due to the current geopolitical condition in the West, Europe is dealt (due to its own political miss-steps) the short side of the stick economically, by following US’s strategy (to contain both Russia & China) in an attempt to keep its hegemony ( using Europe (NATO connection) ). How this push & pull is going to turn out for the US is a debate for another time.

    2) European economy boom since WWII has been due to (a) cheep (USSR) Russian oil & gas, and (b) Chinese cheep labor-manufacturing since the 1980’s.
    All that has come to an end (first ) Trump ban of Chinese tech giants from the West (US & Europe) using “National security” as main concern, but was also meant to slow-down China’s rise; and (second) to kill Russian influence on Europe via Oil & gas and to curve out a business interest in selling its own oil & gas (LNG) to Europe instead, using Ukraine-war as catalyst. Both Nor-Stream 1 & 2 “damaged” and out of service Europe has no more direct supply of cheep oil & gas, and has been forced to use US NLG (at 6 -10 times higher price), plus the lack of LNG processing facilities in Europe the transition has been very slow and very expensive to implement.

    As the result Europe is cold this winter and many of its industrial sectors (manufacturing) have become the first to close their doors due to “energy cost” as well as supply shortage & gov. prioritizing heating-homes/hospitals/offices etc.

    Russian oil & gas is no more at least for faceable future, therefore major industries are in the process of moving to the US & China, and many smaller once do not have such capabilities are still are left to find their own ways out of this crisis.

    This is where, Ethiopia’s existing Electric Power production could see its important place at this crucial time, by attracting European manufacturing that are desperate to find an alternative energy source. If the Ethiopian gov took the steps necessary to form partnerships with European manufacturing sectors in each respective countries, there is a huge business potential to generate more business partnerships (a) to sell its E. power at a comparative price (b) help create high paying manufacturing jobs (c) help develop its manpower skillsets (d) open new possibilities and the financial mussel to build MORE hydro-power-plants to further accelerate the country’s economic development…

    The Economic boom in the West in 1980’s was the catalyst for the “Asian-Miracle”.

    The Economic contraction in the West at this moment could turn out to be the catalyst for Africa’s development.
    – Resource-development and manufacturing finished products (than sending out the raw material).
    – Modernize & develop its farming industry and become “the bread & fruit-basket” of the world using its abundant fresh water as well as its enormous amount of futile-virgin-tropical-land that can grow almost everything, 4 times a year.
    – Prepare & develop its Young with 21st century skills to forge forward here at home stopping migration of out young people.

    Its an interesting time, and I believe Ethiopia is ready and capable of taking on the challenge that is pocking us in the eye, and move on with it.

    It is time!

    We do not need to follow western political formats.

    Bring all the “politicians” in one room.
    Set an agenda.
    – take ideas from the floor.
    – state the pros & cons in detail till everyone is on the “same-page”
    – let everyone vote for the best “idea” that are needed for this time, that are key to move the countries needs forward.
    – take the “top” 10 ideas (projects) by allowing full participation & debate that involves everyone in the room.
    – chose the best 5 projects that can be accomplished with available Finance, and resources at hand.
    – Every time one project is completed, the next-in-line will be put forward to take its place.

    In that fashion we eliminate the term “opposition”, there is no one that opposes its motherland progress, as long as everyone is valued to participate.

    Political participation and decision making, should be based on “Merit”, therefore ones “expertise” & “qualifications” & their willingness to participate must be the measuring stick. NOT “self-appointment” & having huge amount of $$$ topay for TV add.

    (1) Ethiopia happen to have a “grass-root” organization called “kebele” that need to be structured and cleaned-up to represent & serve its residents. The community should be able to identify and select those people in the community that are helpful and are tireless in helping uplift their community, we have known such people in our communities well before Kebele came.

    (2) Schools have been the “recruitment locations” for a wide range of organizations: from teacher training, Military, Navy, Air Force, Ethiopian Airlines, etc. for many decades. therefore there is no reason why the bright & brilliant minds that are graduating at the top of their class should be chosen to join the political structure of the nation to be guided and chose their interest and develop their political skills as well as their profession in building their country, to improve lives now and build a strong foundation for the next generation.
    – Chinse use this method to invite the #1 gradate from the nation high-schools is invited to join the party every year. The top Under grad & post grad (depending on the #s decided) are invited to join the party 9political body) every year.

    When companies chose based on qualification and “Merit” there is no reason the political system of the country take anyone that just wanted to fill the position with no experience or qualification, just “pure emotion” & personal-ambition?

    We have seen many wannabes come form nowhere, use family-name recognition & take on the position with no known experience or know how, and end up destroy many nations time and time again.

    Makes no sense, at all.

    The institution that leads the nation needs to be built from the ground up.

    Be well.


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