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Ethiopian Federal Police deployed to Mekelle 

Ethio Telecom, Banks, Electric power and the airport in Mekelle are now under the protection of the Federal Police 

Ethiopia _ Mekelle _ Federal Police
Ethiopian Federal Police members in Mekelle (Photo : Public Domain)


The Ethiopian Federal government on Thursday deployed the Federal Police Force to Mekelle – the seat of the Tigray regional state. 

It is tasked to protect federal institutions in the city including the airport. It is also in charge of other Federal institutions including Banks, Electric power plants and Ethio Telecom service. 

Deployment is part of the Pretoria Peace Agreement between the Ethiopian government and the rebel group Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) which the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist organization. 

Ethiopian Airlines resumed daily flights to Mekelle ( it is now said to be three times a day due to the rise in the demand for air transportation) and Shire town. 

Federal police have been deployed to other parts of the Tigray region that are under the control of Ethiopian Forces. 

Implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement 

Senior military commanders of the Ethiopian Government and the TPLF met in Nairobi ( two times; in November and December of this year) to discuss the implementation of the Pretoria peace agreement. 

Statements released at the end of the discussion say that both sides have committed themselves to fully implementing the African Union-brokered peace agreement. There are observations that the United States has an influential process in the course of the negotiation including in the Nairobi meeting. 

According to the agreement, the Ethiopian government was committed to distributing humanitarian aid in the region and restoring services. 

Most of the cities (including Mekelle) and towns in the region have now seen the restoration of electric power, telephone lines and banking services. 

On the part of the TPLF, it was expected to renounce its claim as the government of Tigray which has not happened yet. Disarming its combatants, another key point to which the TPLF committed, is not implemented fully either.  The TPLF refused to do so on grounds of alleged Eritrean Forces and Amhara militia presence in the region. 

The tension between “TPLF” and Tigray regional council 

There has been a perception that TPLF and the government bodies in the Tigray region are one and the same thing which made sense given the TPLF entirely dominated the regional structure and government bodies. In fact, TPLF even went further, at one point before the war, that there is no difference between the people of Tigray and TPLF. 

A day after the implementation agreement was signed in Nairobi, a statement was released by an entity in Tigray and there was a claim that the TPLF did not take part in the Pretoria agreement and the Nairobi meeting. 

Debretsion Gebremichal, TPLF chairman, gave a clue about it when he was speaking to Ethiopian government delegates on Monday. But still blurry. 

What he said was that there was a conversation between himself, apparently as TPLF chairman, and the “council of Tigray region.”  

He said that the council is standing on the position that the agreement is between TPLF and the Federal government, and asked the Federal government for the full implementation of the agreement.  Clearly, the antithesis is “TPLF did not take part in the   Pretoria agreement.” 

There are still ambiguities and the Federal government is not aggressively demanding the TPLF to implement the agreement – especially the formation of a transitional administration in Tigray and disarming all the TPLF forces. 

A considerable number of Ethiopians who are sharing views and opinions on social media platforms have been raising red flags about it. 


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  1. Peace! Peace!!1 Keep raining from the skies of those beleaguered people of Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions! Keep raining in buckets drowning them with everlasting peace and stability!!!
    Now this clear and clarion plea to Brothers Obbo Dr. Debretsion and Obbo Dr. Yilikal Kefale!!!
    Peace unto you and your families!!!
    I call upon you to look beyond prejudices and innuendos that have proved to be harmful to those millions of upright people in your regions and get together to talk. All the issues being fanned by miscreants and rabble-rousers are nothing but nonsense. I know you have the courage to face the issues head on and once more you are being called upon to the challenge. That gem of the colored called Ethiopia has the unexploited resources more than enough for her children to share. They have shared what they have and done that for centuries. The fate of those people that Allah created to be harmonious is in your hands. No one, not a single person should lose his/her life on the issues of nonsensical ‘ownership’ diatribes. I am watching you on this one. The entire world is watching you on this one! Do not be distracted by detracting slackers who get high on the news of your two people murdering each other. That Amhara farmer has no need for survival different than the one in Tigray and vice versa. Nothing. If you put them together all what they will want to do is till and seed their land together so they can provide for their families during the next harvest season. That urban dweller in Amhara will not mind to live and work together with his/her countryman/woman from Tigray to make ends meet for his/her family. The inhabitants of Addis/Finfine have shown us and the world how to live together in harmony through the bloody and destructive conflict. That is an example of being civilized. They have learned a bitter lesson from all conflicts imposed upon them by those who crave for human blood since that demonic ideology of Marxism/Leninism set its feet on that country in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. You two must rise up to the occasion and lead your people to The Promised Land where peace and stability will rain upon them in buckets! No more bickering and no more destructive conflicts!!! Peace, Peace, Peace!!! Insha’Allah!!!!

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    I’m in HOA now!
    What is HOA? Horrible on arrival?
    No Ittu. It stands for Horn of Africa. I told you before that US policy on HOA has been terribly flawed since the 1970’s and I went there to see it myself the results of that policy. I had sent an ultimatum to the leaders of TPLF and Ethiopia just before I got on the airplane
    What was your ultimatum?
    I gave them to speed up the peace accord before I finish my tour. Today’s takeover of Mekele by the federal police is the result of my order to Abiy and Debre.
    Wow! It’s amazing you can do all that. What else is going on with your trip?
    I have met with the leaders of Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and a member of a US congress.
    What did you talk about during your meetings with such top ranked officials?
    They all agreed with me that US foreign policy on HOA has been flawed for decades and someone has to fix it.
    Who did they tell you have the dexterity to fix it?
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    What is that Af-mishar?
    All those leaders of Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti had offered me a job that pays millions in US dollars a year which I politely declined because I have to fix the flawed US foreign HOA policy first.
    Did you or will you stop by Addis/Finfine to talk to officials there?
    No I can’t stand those groups of Oromos, Amharas, Afars, Sidamas and the rest them over there. I am much superior to them.

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        Especially when the comments are too many frivolous and childish it is a waste of time and abusing this great site.

  3. What a classical tragedy!!!!
    As the Ethiopian insightful saying goes >>> ” saycheggir Tieal”
    The inherent cause is NOT — I repeat: NOT — among ordinary people.
    It was never among Ethiopian people.

    Just follow the behavior of those individuals around the Globe ; their tact of skirting around ; their playing around with words ; those individuals who cause the turmoil and crime in various spots AROUND THE GLOBE.
    That is their NATURAL characteristics i.e. to cause all sorts of agony among human beings around the Globe.
    As the saying goes, “THEY CAN’T HELP IT”. IT IS IN THEIR NATURE.



  4. Good luck but it is still difficult situation and very risky business to attain a sembe of peace I would saty, How any police force could possibly operate reasonably when the locality is still roamed freely by former hostile groups who are armed to teeth and the ruled by poliically bankrupt and disgraced TPLF learship and its notorious gangs ? TPLFites and it’s violent extention groups like the TDF are still calling, yhr shots. These elements still see Ethiopians not as their fellow citizens and brothers but as a sworn enemy to be sabotaged’, annihilated and tricked in every moment .Hopefully something disastrous of the ĺikes of what has happened in the Northern Command few years back never happens to them again. In the meantime , Abiye’s regime political and security sector has to make the safety and wellbeing of these people, They should bear the full responbility if a similar incidents repeats itself again.

    • Obbo Plainview, shabiy’s spokesperson

      What are you mubbling here now and then ? 47 shabiya spies are arrested in finfine and bad days are coming . No more eritrea in ethiopia .
      We all ethiopians are brothers and sisters , no more eritrea and eritreans in ethiopia

  5. Good luck but it is still difficult situation and very risky business to attain a semblance of peace I would saty, How any police force could possibly operate reasonably when the locality is still roamed freely by former hostile groups who are armed to teeth and t ruled by poliically bankrupt and disgraced TPLF learship and its notorious gangs ? TPLFites and its violent extention groups like the TDF are still calling the shots there These elements still see Ethiopians not as their fellow citizens and brothers but as a sworn enemy to be sabotaged’, tricked and annihilated in every moment .Hopefully something disastrous of the ĺikes of what has happened in the Northern Command few years back never happens to them again. In the meantime , Abiye’s regime political and security operatives has to make sure the safety and wellbeing of these people, They should bear the full responbility on there shoulders if a similar incidents repeats itself again.

  6. Those Greedy for power and war mongered collections called EPRDF, now PP and TPLF corrupted ignorant dragged the most cherished ancient country, Ethiopia the pride of all Black people around the world into a place of human sufferings, poverty and death camp.
    Ethiopia is crying, suffering, and calling out for her children to remove EPRDF (TPLF+OLF/Shene/PP) murderous leeches from her back. The secret meeting and same criminals agreement to reinvent as different groups is dead on arrival case. 27 TPLF and OLF/Shene/PP repressive rule will not be tolerated and is rejected.


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