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Peace agreement implementation monitoring team in Mekelle 


African Union special envoy testimony after his visit to Mekelle is that humanitarian aid is delivered and social services started. 

Peace agreement monitoring team _ Mekelle
Peace Agreement Implementation monitoring team in Mekelle (Photo : ENA)


The African Union has formed a team to monitor and verify the implementation of the Pretoria Peace agreement. The team is composed of three members and it will be following up on the implementation of the agreement pertaining to military and civil affairs. 

The Military teams are drawn from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. They are Maj. General R. Stephen from Kenya, Col. R. Omar from Nigeria and Col. T. Sekol from South Africa. R. Stephen is said to be the team leader. 

They oversaw as the Federal Police took over the task of securing Federal institutions in Mekelle. 

Ethiopian News Agency cited the team leader as saying that the committee will monitor and verify the implementation and report back to the African Union.

Agreement to establish a joint committee to monitor and verify the implementation of the peace talk was reached in Nairobi last week after the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force and TPLF combatants leader Tadesse Worede held days of second round discussion.

However, according to that agreement, the joint committee was to be drawn from the Ethiopian government, the TPLF, African Union and IGAD. 

Ethiopian Defense Force is posted in Agula, near Mekele, and is expected to acquire heavy weaponry that the TPLF forces agreed to disarm in accordance with the Pretoria agreement. 

TPLF’s military standing was significantly weakened immediately before the U.S. pressure and African Union mediation effort led the two parties to South Africa, Pretoria for peace talks. How significant TPLF’s arsenal of heavy weaponry is unknown at this point. 

The monitoring team will oversee the process of heavy weaponry transfer to the hands of the Ethiopian Defense Force.

The Ethiopian government on Thursday deployed an unspecified number of Ethiopian Federal Police Force in Mekelle to protect federal institutions including the airport. 

African Union special envoy and mediators, IGAD secretary in Mekelle 

Meanwhile, Olusegun Obasanjo, African Union Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa who has been the key facilitator in the peace talk, was in Mekelle on Thursday. 

He was joined by Uhuru Kenyatta, one of the panelists during the peace talk, and Workeneh Gebeyehu who is the secretary of IGAD. 

The purpose of the trip was to evaluate the state of the implementation of the peace process. 

Ethiopian state media cited Olusegun Obasanjo as saying that he has observed that humanitarian assistance is being delivered and social services resumed. 

Mekelle is now getting three daily Ethiopian Airlines flights. Banking and Telecom services have resumed and electric power is reconnected. 

The Ethiopian government is saying that it has delivered over 106,000 metric tons of humanitarian aid to the Tigray region.  

The Ethiopian government did not say if the parts of Afar and Amhara regions that were devastated by the war are also getting similar support from the government. 


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  1. The latest Nairobi meeting tactfully extended the ‘implementation’ to SIX months. Mind you, all this should have ended by December 2nd – right a month after deal was signed.

    According to this insider interview youtu.be/nDZP9d8n_tk?t=23 , the TPLF has stashed weapons at 17 locations in Mekelle and is hunting down anti-TPLF witnesses.

    Ethiopians everywhere should be extra vigilant due to this preliminary Addis/Mekelle travel booking report in just ONE day: Addis-Mekelle: 17K ///// Mekelle-Addis 27K

    PS: Over 250K well-armed TPLF Special Forces – in civilian clothes – are lying in wait in Mekelle. The White Supremacist West has restocked TPLF’s arsenal, fuel, warehouses…

  2. When it comes to Africa beginning in the early 1960’s I was not sold to this idea of home grown ideology and governance system this or that. But this one is different and seems to be working gradually but seamlessly so far. Even though I have been justifiably skeptical of the efficacy of such bold statements I never discounted the wisdom of elders in every society. This one is one of our rich traditions in solving problems. I had seen them working effectively during my formative years for conflicts between my Itu clan and Afars and those between Issa and Afar clans. For this instance, the conflict in the North, this monitoring unit with members drawn from the militaries of the countries that succeeded in having the warring factions reach a peace agreement makes the most sense. I believe they will be sent into Tigray first and may be to other war torn portions of Amhara and Afar regions next with the checklist of things supposed to be fulfilled according to the peace agreement. That is all to it. So the two sides better shape up now and make sure you are doing your due diligence as clearly stated in the agreement. My dog ate my homework ain’t gonna fly with the AU and the elders. A million citizens are said to have perished already because of this stupid conflict started and waged by stupid and reckless individuals. Thinking about them just makes my blood boil.

    • Ittu Aba Farda, Thinking about them just makes his blood boil and subsequently succumbed to death.

      Do you care less about the people dying apart from the money you earn from PP ?


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