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Ethiopia’s Financial Intelligence Service freezes $20 million 

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Ethiopia’s Financial Intelligence Service freezes over U.S. $20 million. 

The government claims that frozen cash belongs to Ethiopians living abroad who have opened a foreign currency bank account. It is frozen, says the government because they were engaged in “illegal activity.”  It said they have violated diaspora account rules. 

85 individuals are implicated, based on a report from the state-owned media – ENA, in the alleged crime. A total of $20,226,583 is frozen. 

It accused some of the suspects of using false ‘declaration,’ bringing to the country a small amount of cash and buying hard currency in the local market illegally.   

There are also cases where members of the diaspora allegedly opened multiples of hard currency bank accounts in violation of the rules, it was said. 

The government says they have violated bill 780/2005 that the National Bank of Ethiopia introduced. 

The source cited Ethiopia’s Financial Intelligence Service as saying that the cases are transferred criminal investigation department. 


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  1. You among our Diaspora who got caught in this disgraceful scheme, you must be ashamed of yourself. I hope the Ethiopian government will refer these thieves to the US Justice Department. Let them rot in jail.

    • Obbo Ittu Aba farda and all of you who support PP , you must stop sponsoring and supporting Abiy Ahmed and its genocidal mission; You will soon be accountable for your henious act and face justice;.

      thank you for your honesty for telling us that you work for FBI in your previous comments. USA is enemny of Ethiopia by supporting Abiy Amhed while massacring, Amhara, Oromos and Tegaru.

      You probably have American citizenship and received a manadte to spy on us and work for the destruction of Ethiopia.you are foreign citizenship holder , then you don’t have to poke your nose into our affaire, you can understand this phrase in its literal meaning just as you misinterpret the phrase ” pull our leg”. You are making fun of the genocide of amhar , Oromo as you behave the same way during tigray genocide.Get lost, You better go and work for FBI and protect america from incessant murder .

      Shokaka nefesededay; Any one who support Abiy at this time stand in favor of amhara , & oromo genocide!!


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