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Ethiopian PM says peace agreement implementation promising 


Ethiopian PM optimistic about the implementation of the peace agreement. Opposition parties are yet to respond 

Ethiopian PM _ Peace Agreement _
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed during a meeting with cabinet members in his office, December 25, 2022. The meeting assessed implementation of the peace agreement (Photo : public domain)


The Ethiopian PM says implementation of the peace process is promising. He said so on Sunday after evaluating the meeting with his cabinet ministers which took place in the office of the Prime Minister.

The second meeting of the military commander of the TPLF and Ethiopian Defense Force chief of staff in Nairobi, earlier this week, is part of the evaluation and the prime minister seems to be optimistic about it. 

“Following Nairobi II we met today to review the progress of the Peace Agreement. The implementation is hopeful and we remain steadfast in our commitment to peace,” he wrote on his social media page. 

Abiy Ahmed, and his cabinet’s assessment of the implementation stage of the peace agreement runs counter to public opinion – especially opinion from politicized activists. 

The agreement between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF was signed in Pretoria, South Africa, on November 2, 2022. 

According to the agreement, the TPLF [the party that started the war when it attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force] was supposed to disarm within one month after the agreement in South Africa and the Ethiopian Defense Force was to take control of Mekelle. Also, the TPLF agreed to renounce its claim as governor of the Tigray region of Ethiopia.  But all this did not happen nearly two months after the agreement.

The military leaders from both parties met in Nairobi for the second time after the Pretoria agreement.  They reportedly agreed to establish a joint committee to monitor the implementation of the agreement. 

The committee will be drawn from the African Union, IGAD, the Ethiopian government and the TPLF. 

The Ethiopian Opposition has not yet remarked about the implementation of the peace process. PM Minister’s Abiy Ahmed’s government has been losing public trust following consistent failure to ensure the safety and right to live of Ethiopians. His administration has been giving different excuses. In the latest explanation, the Prime Minister linked the carnage in the Oromia region to forces who are disenchanted about his campaign against corruption.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government has reportedly expressed views about the importance of a human rights investigation team in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The TPLF has been accusing the Eritrean government and Amhara regional forces of committing human rights violations in the Tigray region and demanding their withdrawals. 

The United States has been pushing for the withdrawal of Amhara region special forces [first responders when the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Defense Force in the region in November 2020], from what it calls “Western Tigray.” 

“Western Tigray,” when used by the TPLF and western backers including the United States, means Humera and Wolkait areas which used to be part of Gondar before the TPLF annexed them with brute military forces and then later legalized its holdings with the constitution it masterminded.  


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  1. Promising ? Is that all the PM could meekly say in public,? Words like this is not comforting at all and shows either passivity, indifference or unforseen difficulties? How about emphatically saying it is working, it is on track, on right track, in full speed and so on? Because that is what people are expecting from the leadership to telll at this point. The longer the process drags on and the loger you tap dance with TPLFites , the more the leverage you got to force on the terms and it gets harder to sustain the course as they buy more time to acquire more resource and more external diplomatic support to further conflict and wage even more of the kind . Expect it would only get more dangerous as the precious time or the window of opportuinity passes by. There should never be room for an slightes error nor procrastination of any sort.

  2. Good news and good job! Peace nothing but people first and foremost for those upright people of Tigray, Afar and Amhara regions. Without peace all other critically needed material to help the survivors cannot be delivered efficiently and on timely basis. Peace will prevail! Insha’Allah!!!!

  3. There is another danger to that country that has become of a concern for me. The latest upsurge in the daily new cases of Covid from the country is worrying. With so many commies from Beijing coming into that country there could be another drastic uptick in new infections. Those demonic commies have now stopped reporting daily data to WHO because they want to hide the current out of control situation in daily new cases. More than 300 million Chinese are now said to have been infected in less than a month. That is what commies always do. They did the same during Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ and ‘Cultural Revolution’. Then Mao and his henchmen were saying nothing and even partying all nights while tens of millions were dying from starvation. In those times the two campaigns were supposed to rain milk and honey from the skies and this time the so-called ‘Zero COVID’ policy was touted to stop the pandemic in its tracks. Did it? Did it? No sir! What it brought has been misery, deaths and people going hungry. Commies, commies, commies! Do I have utter contempt for them!!!

  4. Obbo Ittu Aba Farda, and Plainview, supporter of shabiya

    Why are you pulling our leg here time and again. A person like you supporting Abiy , genocider, couldn’t stand up for the oppressed . While Abiy is massacring oromos and all those who remain resistant to his genocidal ideology , you were relentlessly showing yourself as an ardent fan of shabiya and PP.
    eritreans are stealing the resources of ethiopians and renting luxurious hotels and expensive accommodations while many ethiopians are expelled on their account of increasing renting prices. Eritreans out of ethipia, spies of Higdef should be arrested. Eritreans are stealing shops and stores and sending money to eritrea and dubai.
    It is time for you to get the reward, land and large some of money in Beshasha .What a loyal partisan you are !!!!

    • Your other friend told me the other day I was pulling his leg and you are promising me land and large ‘some of money’. What do you mean by ‘some’ of money? When is the last time you heard some one speaking in English? Share this with your buddy.
      Pulling our leg’? Where did you see me dragging people by their legs?
      Hey Ittu! He is not telling you that you are pulling people by their legs literally. He is saying you are kidding people.
      Aha! I know why he is so riled up. He is jealous that I was able to organize a million man rally in Washington in support of Abiy which took place yesterday.
      I know I saw it yesterday. Good job Ittu!
      I had Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit and Ms. Piggy as honorary speakers.
      Yes I saw Ms. Piggy’s rousing speech. Why was she very upset at one point?
      Because someone yelled at her saying ‘you are pulling our leg’. You know Ms. Piggy. She does not like to be interrupted especially by a wino. She gave him a bolo punch right on the kisser. There were also thousands of drug addicts and winos still clutching bottles of hard khamrs in their hands with half already gone. Then suddenly somebody showed up and it was PM Abiy himself. He came to present me with a million US dollars award for always supporting him. The award also includes another million in monthly salary for the next 12 months.
      Anyway Ittu, he is not saying you are pulling his leg literally.
      O! I get it. Then he needs serious English language tutorials. I will ask all our websites to have a section to help people with serious deficit in basic English language like him.
      Good idea! Congratulations for the monetary award you received from PM Abiy!!!!
      Pulling our leg? ‘Some’ of money?
      Okay, okay, Ittu! Let’s move on!!!

      • Ittu Aba Farda ,

        Yesterday , I was at home watching EBC for 2 hours , and left to the nearby park to stretch my legs for a while.And I spotted a man wearing Oromo Traditional and Cultural Clothes . I asked my friends and they told man this is the man who work for Abiy Amhed , Ittu Aba Farda.

        Obbo Ittu Farda you comments here in borkena and all those propaganda mounted in favor of Abiy Amhed and his party costs an arm and leg. Since you are suceeding in throwing dust in our eyes. you are a successful embezzler. you are pull everyone’s leg , jocking and deceiving us into believing your lies as if you stand for oromos, amhara and gurage while endoring the genocide committed by Abiy. All those who support Abiy like Prof Hailemariam, Yonas biru and others support the genocide on Amhara, Oromos and Tigreans!!

  5. Sorry man, I’m proud to be supporter of holistic peace but not ther other way around. In any case, I’m afraid your basic comment in the previous topic didn’t change much even thought you assume new nick name in th ed s new thread ( Walkeit and Raya Is/ Was of Tigray …). Haven’t you some selfawarness a bit about what you are scribbling the other day?

  6. Sorry man, I’m proud to be supporter of holistic peace but not ther other way around. In any case, I’m afraid your basic comment in the previous topic didn’t change much even thought you assume new nick name in this new thread ( Walkeit and Raya Is/ Was of Tigray …) Haven’t you some selfawarness a bit about what you are scribbling the other day?

  7. Which part of the ‘Peace Accord’ did TPLF implement? TPLF’s White Supremacist West -WSW- masters are bleeding Ethiopia further by obliging Ethiopia to foot all the bills for everything TPLF destroyed – under the guise of ‘Restore Services to Tigray’.

    Ethiopians should be extremely vigilant. TPLF is a Crime Syndicate of Career Criminals with a rap sheet of over 50 years of Crime Spree. TPLF is being showered with supplies by Egypt and Egypt’s WSW Masters. So, Ethiopia should have a solid Plan-B in place!

    Besides, the ENDF should be extra careful lest it be a sitting duck all over again – like its Northern Command that was massacred in its sleep by TPLF. As we speak, over 250K well-armed TPLF Army – in civilian clothes – are lying in wait for the ENDF in Mekelle.

  8. After 4 years Abiy and the Orommuma PP barrage of lies, massacres and deceits which resulted in Amhara and humans sufferings and deaths Abiy still expects people are fools that will believe. While making all those secret meeting with TPLF in different countries and rushing to agreement without including the main Party, the Amhara People all he can say is it is promising?

    What is promising? Is that all Abiy has to say ?
    When informing the people of Ethiopia about their country situation is required Abiy hides and shuts his talkative mouth. When to spew frivolous lies and going on preemptive attack to justify his his sinister plan he came out of nowhere to label and trying to tarnish the disciplined Amhara Fanno’s reputation with the OLF/Shene PP savages who are loose on massacre spree any and every Amhara in Wellega his cannot shut his mouth. But that did not go well for the big mouth liar Abiy Ahmed.


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