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Carnage targeting ethnic Amhara continues in Oromia 

Oromia region special police forces (Photo /file /Fana


At least 20 civilians are reportedly killed in Kiramu District of East Wollega in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

DW Amharic , on Friday, cited eyewitnesses to report that it happened in Haro Addis Alem Kebele of Kiramu district. 

There has been unceasing massacre of civilians in the region for over four years now and the primary targets are ethnic Amhara. 

The motive behind, as many politicized Ethiopians tend to believe, is to ethnic cleanse Amhara from the region.

As is the case most often, the Federal or the regional governments did not remark on the latest massacre. The story is not covered in state owned media either. 

The Militant Oromo nationalist group operating in the region, calling itself Oromo Liberation Army, is behind the massacres. It is now public knowledge that the group has enablers in the regional and federal levels of government structures. 

There are times when Oromia region special forces are directly involved in the massacre. 

Meanwhite, Enat Party, on Friday said Oromia region special forces opened an attack on tens of thousands of civilians who were displaced from Kiramu district of Wollega and staying in Addis Alem Kebele. 

The party said, citing sources from the area, that the attack was opened around 7:a.m. and the forces who launched the attack were heavily armed including heavy weaponry. 

Although the number of victims is unspecified, the party said a significant number of people were killed in the attack.

The displaced people have reportedly asked for Ethiopian Defense Force to be deployed in the area before the Oromia region special forces wreaks further havoc. 

The displaced ethnic Amhara who are in temporary makeshift shelters are said to be in a state of despair. 


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  1. It’s no-brainer that fanning Inter Ethnic Bloodshed requires no qualifications. That’s why we have many ‘Amara Specialists’ in this field who downplay the lives of Oromos killed.

    If these so called ‘Amara Activists’ really cared about Amara lives, then, more Amaras live in other Zones than the Amara Zone itself –over 15 million Amaras in Oromia alone!

    Mind you, most of these 15 million Amaras are from Gojam-Gonder. Yet, no Oromo lives in Gojam-Gonder. Worse, the Amaras who fled ኦነግ ሸኔ and sought refuge in the Amara Zone pleaded “ወለጋ መልሱን!” Doesn’t that speak tons about Amara Hospitality?

    When Abiy’s regime asked for trainees to join the armed forces, most Amaras turned a cold shoulder and some others even turned their guns against Abiy’s fledgling army!

    Q: Who do you want to get rid of first Abiy or ኦነግ ሸኔ? Some non-Ethiopian Citizen Amara Extremists who live abroad down play Ethiopian Elections that matters to the Ethiopians. So, renounce your foreign citizenship -go get elected –and- run Ethiopia.

    • የጀነራል ተፈራ ማሞ የጎንደር ጠላ ጠጥቶ ሰክሮ የሚወሸክተውን ሰምታቹ የተዋለዱ፥የተጋመዱና የተዛመዱ ወንድማማችና እህትማማች ትግራዋይና አምሓራን ወደ ጦርነት አትጋብዙ፥፥ታራክ ይቅር የማይለውን ልጆቻቹ የሚያፍሩበትን አሻራ ትታቹ አትሂዱ፤፤ጦርነት ውስጥ ገብቶ በጦርነት የማይጎዳ የሕብረተሰብ ክፍል የለም፤፤ዝናብ ዘነበዴ ቢለው ከደጅህ እየው እንዳለ ባለፈው ጦርነት ቤተሰባቸውን ያጡ፤መኖሪያቸውን ጥለው የተሰደዱና የፈረሱ የሕዝብ መዋቅሮችን ማየት በቂ ነው፥፥ስለሆነም ለተጨማሪ ዕልቂትና ጥፋት ሕዝባችሁን ከመዳረግ ተቆጠቡ፥፥ጎረቤቶቻችሁን ሕብረ ብሔራትን ሰላምን አትንፈጓቸው፥፥አቢይና የፓሪቲው አባላት ከሥልጣን ይውረዱ፥፥የኤርትራ ሠራዊት ከኢትዮጵያ ይውጣጣ፥፥

  2. Subject: “Carnage targeting ethnic Amhara continues in Oromia ,, December 24, 2022 ”

    Humble Short Commentary with Sadness
    What can be said if one of the ancient independent countries in the world fell into the so called ‘modern civilization’ of liquidating itself from the surface of the earth?

  3. White Europe and the West does not care if Amhara or any black people in Africa die of Genocide. While more people died in Ethiopia by Crime Monster Abiy Ahmed than in Ukraine, the US and Europe talks only about Ukrainians and deliberately ignoring Amharas Genocide.

    They are searching for ONE Greedy black African dictator that will open up the country door for looting of resource, So the math is give few Millions of Dollar to one ignorant greedy black tyrant that is willing to starve and kill his people to in exchange of billions of dollar worth resources and material that the tyrant has no clue of comprehending.

    The West and Europe eyes are stack on Ethiop ia, Congo and other African countries to loot resources and organic foods for their use. What that means for Ethiopia, Congo and other African countries is more war, Genocide, poverty, starvation and disease while whites will show up with sack of GMO wheat and flour as the kind creatures that care for destitute Africans that their country government does not care for them.

  4. The one controlling Ethiopian government Abiy Ahmed Ali is OLF Shene and in just few months alone 10000 Amharas have been massacred by Oromo OLF government force.

    For Amhara and those who called themselves Ethiopians, there is no legitimate government that is willing to rule in peace, protect and stop Amhara Genocide. Now everything is clear and proved Amhara Genocide is being committed by the Oromo OLF Abiy government, Oromo Zone Administrations Special Force and the One Abiy called Shene that is OLF itself. .

    OLF Abiy Ahmed Must STEP DOWN NOW!!!

  5. Thank God Amharas now are woken up and knew what is going on. They will never allow being hunted and massacred without putting a fight. Now coward OLF who is exploited and embolden by Amharas faith to not raise hand on their fellow men and loyalty to the country will no more receive the same treatment.

    Since the coming of OLF Shene Abiy Ahmed Amharas blood has been flowing, the massacre has never stopped and he is now falsely labeling the Noble humane Amharas as the notorious savage Amhara butcher OLF Shene.

    This is a clear sign Abiy is the mastermind of AmharA Genocide and is more hungry to massacre more Amharas. When people are looking for Government to intervein and stop the massacre, Monster Abiy keeps rolling to open the door to OLF and TPLF for a new wave of Amhara Genocide.

    The labeling is an excuse to massacre Amhara in Amhara land, Wolkait and Raya so he can get blood money from his white Europe and West masters.

    Wellega and Oromia Special force is OLF itself and those who are supporter of OLF or Abiy are tiring to deny and cover up for him. Today every Amhara has a friend or relative slaughtered by OLF government and no Abiy blood sucker supporter can connivence otherwise.


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