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Ethiopian gov’t, TPLF representative meeting in Nairobi again

Ethiopian government and TPLF representatives are seen with mediators of the peace agreement that was signed in Pretoria and US Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa (second from left) in Nairobi, December 21, 2022 (Photo : from the Twitter account of IGAD Spokesperson, Nuur Mohamud Sheekh


Ethiopian government and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) representatives are reportedly having a  “consultative meeting” in Nairobi. It started on Wednesday and is expected to last three days. 

Nuur Mohamud Sheekh, Spokesperson for the IGAD Executive Secretary, tweeted : 

“IGAD is honored to be at the consultative meeting of the senior commanders from the Gov’t of Ethiopia & the TPLF underway in Nairobi.  IGAD is working actively with the parties, the AU & partners to ensure smooth & unhindered implementation of the Agreement signed in Pretoria!”

Images tweeted by the spokesperson show , among others, U.S. Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa (Mike Hammer),  (  Field Marshal Berhanu Jula ( Ethiopian Defense Chief of Staff),  TPLF military commander (Tadesse Worede), African Union Chairperson (Moussa Faki), Former Nigerian President (Olusegun Obasanjo), Former Kenyan President (Uhuru Kenyatta), and IGAD Secretary (Worqeneh Gebehehu) 

Other sources say the third round of the meeting underway in Nairobi is closed, but a statement will be released in three days. 

Tigray regional council, as TPLF calls it,  earlier this week selected an 11 members committee as the “Peace Committee,” to participate in the ongoing negotiations. 

According to the Pretoria Peace agreement, the TPLF was to fully disarm all its forces and the Ethiopian Defense Force was to take over Mekelle city which is currently under the TPLF’s control. 

Military experts for the Ethiopian government and rebels side had a meeting in Shire early this month and it reportedly discussed ways of implementing disarming the rebel army.  

The Tigray regional government was not recognized as a legitimate entity in the Pretoria peace agreement due to what the Ethiopian government said was an illegal election that the organization conducted.  However, the TPLF continued to function as “Tigray’s government” – against the spirit of the peace agreement. 

Earlier this week, Debrestion Gebremical, TPLF chairman, presented a report to  “The Tigray region council”  in which it accused the Ethiopian government of not fully implementing the peace agreement.  

It said the Eritrean and Amhara region forces are not withdrawing from the region.  No response is given to the TPLF allegations from any of the sides. 

In a similar development, there are reports about signs that the TPLF is preparing for war again. Preparation of battle trenches and arming TPLF combatants in the Alamata area are said to be some of the activities that the TPLF is engaged in.

The Ethiopian government did not make any allegations against the TPLF but it said this week it is implementing the agreement. Social services have been restored in the parts of the Tigray region that are under the Ethiopian government control and humanitarian aid is distributed. 


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  1. I just read a news article that tells how much money will be needed to rebuild just one of the regions affected by the senseless conflict. A study by experts estimates that it will require 700 billion in the local currency to rebuild just the Amhara region alone. That is about 13 billion in US dollars. Add the other two regions Tigray and Afar the total may top 60 billion in US dollars. There were also close a million people that lost their lives with millions more displaced. That makes any observer’s blood boil. It was reckless and total madness nobody should be proud of..

  2. Trusting TPLF ‘a words and expect it would abide by whatever agreed upon or by any other rule under the sun is like believing and getting into agreement with the Jack the Ripper. It is delusional. TPLFites see everything as potential political and military game that can subverted and backtracked an opportune moment

    • True, but the same with Abiy Ahmed and the Oromia PP/OLF that us born out off the deceitful TPLF wombs. The OLF learned all the evil tricks and became the worse in outwitting TPLF in the who is the worse evil party game.

  3. TPLF is a Petty Career Criminal with over 50 years of Crime Spree rap sheet. TPLF & Co. belong in a Max Security Jail like Guantanamo Bay!

    Each day the TPLF evades justice is an injustice and a travesty of justice to the millions it killed and used as cannon fodder. Enough!

  4. It is now reported that Brother Uhuru is heading to Mekele to see it himself what has been achieved according to the truce signed in Pretoria last month. AU has just announced that a lot has been accomplished so far and the two sides will meet in Mekele before in a week before the end of this month/year 2022. Claims of ‘ownership’ of this or that territory should be put back in the burner for now. First thing first! Peace and stability are and must be of the highest priority. Going back to the destructive fighting shouldn’t even exist in the thought process of the two sides; not in Debre’s or Abiy’s head. Peace now in place in Tigray, Afar and Amhara region shall be maintained. Insha’Allah!!!!


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