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Ethiopia: the way forward (Gemechu Nemicho)

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By Gemechu Nemicho 
PhD Berkeley Univ.

Addis Ababa city administration’s corrupt practices, sentiments of  nasty primordial tribalism and parochialism has become PM Abiy’s Achilles hill. All his opponents are pointing fingers towards Abiy as though he is the architect of olf’s and Adanech’s project to oromize Addis Ababa.

Abiy’s regime apparently soft and seemingly indifferent and deceptively apologetic attitude towards the heinous crime being committed by the OLF has caused mistrust, disappointment and is inciting the youth to engage in open violent confrontation with the police and security forces. At this juncture, I heard at least hundreds, if not thousands, students and teachers are incarcerated. The crackdown on journalists and social media activists and the arrest of Meskerem Abera and Solomon Shumye depicts clearly and beyond doubt that olf is ruling Addis Ababa. Abanech Abiebe is merely the viceroy of the olf executing whatever order issued from the olf’s polit bureau. This woman shamelessly said, “Addis Ababa is the capital city of oromo and we keep on waving oromo banner and forcing kids to sing oromo regions song”

She speaks not as mayor of Addis. It seems she speaks on behalf of olf. It is outrageously disgusting.

Moreover, this is not healthy nor a good sign to the prosperity we have been aspiring for the last almost half a decade. Our challenges are plenty, but we shall overcome all if Abiy stops trying to win the hearts and minds of both the parochialists and the pro Ethiopia and anti tribalism forces. 

Oromo region’s encroachment on Addis Ababa and the blood thirsty fascist thug i.e; OLF’s venomonous agenda of cessation is becoming a real challenge to the Abiy’s administration. In my view, Abiy has failed to demonstrate statesmanship due to his futile and unrealistic attempt to stand in the middle. He has to step in and proactively respond to the olf’s blatant and unspeakable act of terrorism in wellega and elsewhere too. The 19 bank robberies by the OLF is jokingly dubbed by social media comedians as legal customers withdrawal of money with full cooperation of the bankers. Now OLF has stashed billions of Birr and dollars to finance its act of terrorism. The former opdo (now PP) officials and the rank and file are at least openly sympathizers, if not card holding members of OLF. 

Despite all these problems that call for a herculean effort to overcome them, we are as well advancing on the right direction in terms of infrastructural development, signing of peace agreement and diplomatic relationship and the rapprochement with the Biden administration. Above all, Abiy still deserves big credit for making Eritrea, declared a pariah state by the west, the best friend of Ethiopia. Our relationship is cemented by blood in our fight against the entire west powers and their running dogs at home, tplf and OLF. We owe Eritrea a hell lot that has to be paid back for long by the coming generation. Had it not been for the heroic and gallant fighters of Fano and Eritrea’s army’s selfless sacrifices, Ethiopia by now had been dismantled into unrecognizable tiny pieces wherein war lords reign as is the case in Syria, Libya and Somalia. The God of Ethiopia didn’t allow the anti Ethiopia Satans to prevail. 

“Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.”

  — Psalms 68፥31 (KJV)


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  1. Don’t waste our time Gemechu. Abiy is the same as Shimelis is the same as Adanech is the same as Jaal Maro is the same as quero the same as Jawar the butcher etc…..
    Take your PhD and join your brothers in the OSF OLF OPP. No one cares what your kind says anymore. Go protect Abiy on a planet who believes a word that comes out of your mouth not here not now not ever.

  2. However hard the ‘OLF-OLA-IFLO*’ Co. try, ‘Oromization of Addis Ababa – AA’ will be the most difficult task of their age-old Ethiopia-Destabilizing Career Spree!
    IFLO = Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia – that lodged itself in the ‘OLF-OLA’!

    1). The ‘Ethnic State’ crap is not working! All Ethiopia’s problems point to the TPLF Constitution. Why not scrap it or fix it before even neighbours turn against each other?

    2). ‘Oromuma Oromization’: It is a Misinformation Smear Campaign launched by the anti-Amaras ; anti-Oromos in Amara Activist Hats. The aim is to wreak havoc, drive a wedge between Amaras & Oromos, and present Ethiopia to its enemies on a silver platter.

    3). AA was Shewa’s capital. Shewa is/was the land of Shewa Amaras Shewa Oromos! Over half of the ≈ 6 million AA residents are Amaras. Shewa Amaras are a tiny fraction!

    i). Why didn’t they cry ‘Amarization of AA’ when Gojjamés Gonderés flooded AA?

    ii). Shewa Oromos form a ring around AA. AA doubled in size by evicting/displacing them and annexing their farmland. Where should these Oromos go? Gojjam? Gonder?

    iii). To offset the population dynamics Oromize AA, we need ≈ 3 million Oromos. AA is in a perpetual housing crisis! Where would you put the 3 million ‘imported’ Oromos?

    iv). With their land annexed, Oromo schools and Oromo students were ‘annexed’, too! Remember that they were under ‘Oromia’. That brought a Catch-22 & sparked flag issue!


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