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What Do Ethiopians Think of PM Abiy (Unscientific Survey)  

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed ( Photo : Public Domain/file)

Yonas Biru (PhD) 

On November 26, 2022, I posted an open and unscientific survey question on Twitter (@yonasbiru57) and Facebook (Koki Abesolome), asking people to “list four things they liked and four things they disliked about PM Abiy.” It was required that they provided both likes and dislikes with the aim to  discourage his blind supporters and blind critics from crowding out rational responses. 

In all, 88 people responded: 47 on Twitter and 41 on Facebook. The following are selected as examples from each. Although the survey was admittedly unscientific  and participation was limited, the consistency of  the views expressed on both Twitter and Facebook  provides some insight and reflects familiar views expressed by many across the social media. The first  column represents “What I Like” responses. The second column highlights “What I Dislike” responses.

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  1. To me this young and visionary PM is getting a bad rap in most cases. I don’t see too much flip flopping. His administrations main shortcoming has been in the diplomacy area. I don’t buy into this groundless accusation that he is a member or supporter of this or that separatist group. I am not also convinced that he harbors hatred to this or that ethnic group. I don’t think he actively plan and execute any one of these barbaric killing we hear a lot these days. No government in modern history has been able to eliminate mass killings. Hateful and deranged individuals exist everywhere. In countries like Ethiopia where centuries old social fabric has been shaken or shattered senseless killings are very common and huge in size. Someone may ask ‘how come such atrocities were not common place during the late emperor’s time?’ Well, social fabric that bound the country was still intact. When the fabric began shattering was after the introduction of the demonic philosophy of Marxism/Leninism at full throttle beginning the late 1960’s and early 70’s. In such devil’s scriptures you are either a friend/ally or lethal enemy. You either have to be organized or eradicated. You are either an oppressor or the oppressed and if you are the oppressed you should not think twice about eliminating your designated oppressor. When you combine this with a legitimate pride you will end up having a lethal concoction of stereotype about others. PM Abiy did not bring and preach this destructive ideology. First these hateful groups will give you derogatory name before they kill you. They call you ‘reactionary landlord, capitalist or any other pejoratives that they dream up in a given day. One poor farmer will be the oppressor of another poor farmer and one wretched urban dweller is now in the camp of oppressors of another equally wretched urban dweller. All Amharas are oppressors, all Oromos are Amhara haters, all Tigres are cruel creatures so on and on. Before was Neftegna and now another name calling Oromummaa is added to the Webster Dictionary of pejoratives of these faceless bigots. The jobless and hapless youth has fallen victims of these smart aleck bigots who are experts in feeding on the raw emotion of the gullible youth. In certain areas of that country the centuries old binding social fabric has been shattered. The youth is being told that when he kills innocent poor peasants he does not commit any crime/sin. In fact he is being told that by committing such heinous crimes he is defending himself and his loved ones/people. Let’s not forget the fact that no one is born a hater or murderer. He acquires that later in life in his adulthood. Nuff said about that.

    In regards to PM Abiy and his administration I have chosen to wait and see what he’s got under his sleeves about these vagabonds wreaking havoc in Oromia. It’s got to stop before it engulfs the whole region. For now I will keep that gem of the colored in my daily prayers and will never give up hope that peace and stability will return sooner if not later. Insha’Allah!!!

  2. Abiy Ahmed is the visible, waking and speaking devil.
    Worse than Mengisu and Meles Zenawi. All Ethiopians who believe in GOD should rise up, fight and oust the devil sitting in Arat Kilo out of Arat Kilo.

    Those Oromos who give priority to their ethnicity over their Creator, religion, faith and God given rights must examine deep into themselves and escape from the deceitful attraction of the devil. Devil will encourage you to sin and take you for short distance but abandon you before the judgment day.


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