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Ethiopian government arrest Meskerem Abera for a second time 


It is unknown at this point in time if Meskerem Abera appeared in court in the Ethiopian capital, where she was arrested, although it has been nearly a week since she was arrested again 

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Meskerem Abera (Photo : SM/file)


The Ethiopian government early this week arrested Meskerem Abera for the second time in less than a year.  Meskerem is a college instructor and a journalist. 

She was working with her own cyber media, “Ethio Nikat Media,” on Youtube.

Ethiopian Security Forces have not yet disclosed the reason why she was arrested. 

All that is known so far is that she was arrested in the capital Addis Ababa this week and her spouse was with her when security forces identified themselves as Federal forces took her . 

In May 2022, Meskerem was arrested at Bole International Airport upon a return from Bahir Dar and was kept behind bars until she was released on bail in Mid January.  

Back then, she was arrested at a time during which the Ethiopian Federal government intensified its crackdown in the Amhara region of Ethiopia targeting what it called “illegally armed” FANO. 

Women in Journalism, an international advocacy group, has released a news update about the arrest, and it condemned it. 

“The Coalition For Women In Journalism strongly condemns the arrest of Meskerem Abera and calls for her immediate release. Journalists must be free to report without fear of government reprisal,” it said. 

Meskerem Abera has been a vocal critic of the government over the continuous massacre of ethnic Amhara farming communities in the Wollega area of the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

A loosely organized and highly armed militant group that is believed to have connections with government authorities, both at the regional and federal levels of government, has massacred tens of thousands of civilians since Abiy Ahmed took over office as Prime Minister of Ethiopia in 2018. 

Ethiopian government authorities have made another arrest this week. 

Solomon Shumeye, another journalist and analyst based in the capital Addis Ababa, was reportedly arrested a few days ago on unspecified grounds but he was released on the same day. 


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  1. Be prepared that oromuma will use the same technique of intimidation, hassling, gruesome killing, mob massacre and other intimidating methods to sybdue the Amhara and other Ethiopians from expressing disent about their domination. Haile Selassie used it, Derg used it, Woyane used it and now ODP-PP is using it. The end result will always be the same – truth will prevail, killers will be caught (or even killed like Abay Tsehaye and Seyoum Mesfin). the ethnic devils will disappear….


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