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“It will be hard calm the people if a point of no return is reached” Abere Adamu


As radical ethnic Oromo nationalists in different levels of government, including Addis Ababa City Administration, are coordinating to exert maximum pressure on Ethiopia by way of imposing what they think are “Oromo values” including Oromo region flag and anthem, Ethiopians are expressing concern that the move could be one that is intended to break Ethiopia apart.

Manufactured tension in Addis Ababa is happening as Oromia region continues to fail non stop ethnic based attacks in the Wellega area. Skepticism towards the motives of government officials including in the Federal and Addis Ababa levels of government is running High. Adanech Abiebie, Addis Ababa Mayor, on Sunday already declared that the issue of flag and anthem that is imposed on Addis Ababa is resolved after she had a “fruitful” meeting with the residents of Addis Ababa – which remains to be seen.

Many Ethiopians tend to think that no one stands to benefit from full fledged war against one another if it happens.

Abere Adamu, who is in the legal profession and lives in the capital Addis Ababa, remarked that “it will be hard to calm down the people if the grievance is overflowing.”

Watch his interview with Yegna TV

Video : embedded from Yegna TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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