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Worabe Hospital alleged grand corruption, Shukrala Shifa tells the story


The Ethiopian government has been telling Ethiopians about prevalent corruption. The Anti-Corruption commission was established several years ago. But it was not up to the challenge apparently.

Days after his latest appearance at the Ethiopian Parliament, Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed announced that he has established anti-corruption committee that is led by Temesgen Tiruneh, intelligence chief in the country.

The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed also called on Ethiopian to help support the fight against corruption.

Shukrala Shifa , a senior policy officer at Worabe Hospital, came forward with a determination to fight corruption in his professional turf and workplace. He is alleging that there has been a grand corruption in Worabe Hospital.

Based on Shukrala Shifa’s narrative, he does not seem to be getting the attention he deserves.

He sent borkena detailed video footage he prepared. Since borkena is short-staffed, we were unable to deploy an investigative team and reach out to relevant government authorities to find out why the story was overlooked. If you think you can report it to relevant government authorities, please share this post. 

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