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Segregation policy in Addis Ababa unacceptable, says NaMA 

As Addis Ababa Mayor makes an announcement on her social media page claiming that she had a “fruitful” meeting with “residents of Addis Ababa,” an Ethiopian opposition party is condemning what it calls segregation policy in the city 

Segregation Addis Ababa _ NaMA reaction
NaMA leaders ( Photo : file/NaMA)


Many Ethiopians, including political activists, think that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration’s failure to stabilize the country has much to do with radical ethnic Oromo nationalist forces within the government in the Federal, Oromia region and Addis Ababa City levels of administration. 

Some opposition started to even openly talk about it.

The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) has added its voices emphasizing what it called the segregation policy to kill a generation by imposing ethnic politics whose movers are coordinating between the Federal government, Oromia region and Addis Ababa City administration.  

In a statement that it released on Sunday, it said despite the three-decades-old struggle to end apartheid and bring about democracy, equality and justice in Ethiopia, the situation is developing from bad to worse.

The party seems to think that the government [ Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government] has created an enabling environment. 

“The Ethiopian government does not have the will or determination to enforce law and order, and to bring about accountability,”  it said. 

NaMA also highlighted what it said are factors that contributed to the complication of the situation [political and security] in the country. 

It sees the development in Addis Ababa whereby Oromia regional forces attempted, through Addis Ababa city structure, to impose the region’s flag and anthem of schools in Addis Ababa as one of the manifestations of the problem. 

The attempt in schools itself brought instability in the city and disruption of classes – among other things. Students and teachers who opposed the move were attacked and arrested.  It is to be recalled that Addis Ababa Police this week said it has arrested 97 students and teachers. 

Government is unable to get the upper hand over “destructive forces” and terrorists. One of the reasons it cited is that these forces have made the government structure ( all levels) a hiding cave.  There is hesitancy to bring about equality and justice , it added. 

NaMA, a party whose chairman is now a member of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration as is the case with the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party leader, boldly said that destructive forces within the Federal government structure, Oromia regional state and Addis Ababa city administration structures are coordinating in pursuit of their ethnic nationalist policy.

It said that these forces are not only committing the vice of attempting to impose slavery but also segregating kids in school as Oromos and non-Oromos.  And NaMA sees that as an attempt to kill a generation.

The practice is unacceptable politically and legally – it said. 

The party also shared observations about the effort “to extend the problem to the lower strata of the population” in Addis Ababa outside of the school situation apparently.  As such it sees it as a provocative move to make Addis Ababa a center of violence by trying to impose the Oromia regional anthem and its flag on Addis Ababa. It also criticized the tendency to blame it on others.

“It is not acceptable that overt Shane structure within the government is trying to link the problem to elsewhere while they are the causes of the problem, ” it said. 

It also called on the House of Federation, Addis Ababa City Council and other stakeholders to deliberate on a government-supported effort to impose a single region flag and emblem on Addis Ababa. 

It demanded the release of arrested students and teachers too. 

Addis Ababa City Mayor shared a lengthy status update on her social media in Amharic and Oromigna. She said he had a productive meeting with “residents of Addis Ababa.” The key message she mentioned is that the changes in Addis Ababa schools were implemented “five years ago.” She added that an agreement has been reached.

Earlier this week, she linked the resistance to the imposition of the Oromia region flag on schools in Addis Ababa as an agenda of foreign actors and radical groups. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has refrained from remarking about the situation. His government is increasingly losing public trust. Meanwhile, the massacre of innocent civilians in the Wollega region of Ethiopia continued unabated. 


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  1. Adanche Abebe, is a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist who supports who is forcing Ethiopians who do not believe in her radical extemist Oromo flag. She is INSULTING ETHIOPIA!!

    Adanech Abebe and the Whole extremist Radical Oromo controlling Ethiopians government are all wrong persons for Addis Ababa and Ethiopia. Adanch is the biggest liar just like Abiy Ahmed who thinks she is smarter than Addis Ababans and Ethiopians when her sinister actions had already exposed her many times.

    Total dependence in ignorance, greed, savagery, massacre, snatching and stealing wealth from hard working people they did not work for including lies and deceits are the hallmark of Abiy and those radical ethnic Oromo nationalist surrounding him.

    After massacring Amhara and non-Oromo from areas outside of Addis Ababa their hope is to grab Addis Ababa land and homes and to massacre Addis Abababns so they can steal, loot and live in Addis Ababa they didn’t work for just like they did in Wollega, Shashemne, Nazrete areas.
    They are moving inch by inch, first the flag and language with the usual idiotic Orommuma style speeches thinking it will calm down and distract people afraid of a tsunami of Addis Ababans angry popular protest and unrest.

    Every Addis Ababan and Ethiopians will never accept or allow to be forced to sing the Extremist radical Oromo song that insults Ethiopia when they are Ethiopians.

  2. Dethrone the 7th king Abiy Ahmed and send him to ICC, in doing so you will succeed in imparting duly peace to every innocent civilian of all ethnic.

    Abiy , just as fano, is arsonist, Brandstifter, displaying his mania by burning churches ; mosques and private and public infrastructures. Above all Abiy is genocider whose co-genocidal partners are Esayas , eritrean army members and fanos!

    Fano and eritrean soldiers out of Tigray and Oromia!!

  3. That country is trying to prove itself to be a land of ‘eternal’ flame. Now peace has finally arrived in the Northern part of the nation but its violence prone miscreant children are itching to start another fire in areas at the center. It has produced children that have refused to grow straight up turning into bigots and monsters. In their sick and twisted mind an Oromo is their sworn enemy no matter what. In their cursed outlook an Amhara is always their unrepentant historic adversary. It was ‘neftegna’ before and now it is ‘Oromummaa’. These two mean death sentence over your head over there and it has proven to be true. Innocent citizens have been chopped up and their Allah meticulously created bodies were shown being thrown into a raging fire and their skulls put on display on spikes. I had said this right after the demise of EPRDF in 2018 and when things seem to be looking up after that. I had said it was it, the last pit stop at a cross road with one leading to The Promised Land where the rights of the individual are protected by the law of the land with no one allowed to be above it and the 2nd leading to irreversible abyss. All credit to its loose lipped and bigoted children it may descend into the 2nd route unless we clean our act altogether.

  4. Segregation? What segregation? Here are mindless talkers, hatemongers. Immediately they see some politician act a certain way they jump to a crazy conclusion.


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